Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ba Najib Pusing !!!! Yeaa!!!! Betull

PM Pusing

"Da lama da, Pa Najib ni pusing, yeea!!! betuul, say tak pernah bohong," says one of the Indonesian maids. She seems very worried Najib  is going mad. ( To  the Indonesians I found "pusing" does not mean twist and turn or anything  like that. "Pusing" in Bahasa Indonesia means crazy.)

Who wouldn't, with problems of the election line up where he has agreed to drop Khairy and where Khairy has already smelt the blood and is now demanding to know the line up.

Preparing to take over soon
Najib is really going mad, yes the  Indonesian maid is right "Ba Najib pusing."

Najib swore to Abdullah that he would take care of Khairy if Abdullah vacated the premiership, and so he can't afford now to drop Khairy, but Khairy has to realise this is Najib. So what is a promise worth?

Moreover Khairy is the youth chief, elected by the youth and that may be a direct sign that he does not care for the youth, the youth will not take it lightly, now with the news that Khairy will be dropped, Najib's credibility is on the line, Dollah's and Khairy's supporters will not take this lightly too, some  say Najib will defy Mahathir and field Khairy but, whichever way it goes it is concern - Najib will pusing more.

He want's to drop Nazri, but he can't Muhyiddin wants him there, there are calls to drop his cousin and on the other end Chua Soi Lek is now making his demands too,  the Gerakan, the MIC and even that little 3 peas (PPP) all demanding seats and that too safe seats, (safe seats are Malay majority seats with huge UMNO Malay backing) Najib is in a fix, as the maid put it, "dia pusing."

He's got over one headache or so he thinks,  he has  dissolved Parliament, and he can't get his line up straight, there is a tremendous amount of infighting, Muhyiddin is not concerned with Khairy and Shaarizat, to him  Sharizat has served her purpose although both heads of separate wings and  Muhyiddin is the Deputy president of UMNO, he is only worried about seats for his followers, he is not even bothered with Mahathir.

His Fixed Deposit Working
The vacuum HINDRAF has been vying to fill
HRP has agreed to go it alone and split the votes for which Najib is promising them a big bounty, the bounty is for Uthaykumar and Waythamoorthy his brother to share  between both of them.

It is said amongst HINDRAF circles that both the brothers  have pocketed the balance of the 2 million pounds collected for Waythamoorthy when he was in self imposed holiday (exile) in Britain . They know now if they successfully play spoiler to to the PKR Najib has prepared a bounty for them to collect.

Najib's promise does not have to be honoured by anyone else, and  there is a great chance that Najib himself may lose his Pekan seat, so what Najib promises,  the Malay first candidate does not have to honour, this is something the brothers did not take into consideration.

MIC is only too aware that their very existence is in doubt, if they successfully play spoiler, there may noMIC elected in government, because all seats where there is a substantial Indian minority are the seats HRP will be vying for, so where is MIC to stand in Chinese majority seats? After this election Najib will do something never done before, replace one of the original members of the Barisan - the MIC with HRP, or force the MIC to take in the HINDRAF brothers into top positions in the MIC and maybe even the presidency, that is why Samy Veloo came out and said he is a winnable candidate. Is the MIC heading for doom?

The One million Ringgit Tamil Story

The RM1 million Tamil Story
It is known to the MIC that Najib will replace the MIC if it does  not  give into  the HRP, that is precisely what HINDRAF wanted all along, Uthaykumar wanted to replace Samy as the representatives of the Indians in Parliament on the Barisan side.

To do that he planned a master strategy with his brother, they told all the Indians or rather the Tamils the million Ringgit story.

They claimed that  they were going to get the  British to  compensate every Indian with one million ringgit, for having brought them here, it was a huge buy, just imagine one million ringgit per head, and the Indians came out to march to the office of the high Commissioner of the UK to present a petition, claiming this.

Badawi outlawed the March, he supported Samy,  then Malaysians witnessed a huge Indian gathering, all who had come with hopes to collect one million dollars they braved the brutal Police water cannons, beatings, and tear gas, all for one million ringgit, they did not get it, but Uthaykumar and Waythamoorthy are sure looking like multi-millionaires in the making, mark what is said in this blog.

The one million talk has ceased, it was a red herring thrown on the ignorant Indians, now they have played it down, now it is for the two brothers to deliver the Indian vote to Najib and with that they'll make probably a 100 million or more, and that we know  is not impossible, especially  with BN strategies.

Now with all this confusion Najib is trying to create scenes that they will use for  the elections campaign, a few days ago at the Shah Alam courts lawyers witnessed court staff being asked to carry pre prepared  hate  placards agaisnt the Pakatan, a camera crew was brought in, these people were lined up and after the filming and photography session the staff went back to work and camera crew disappeared, this must be for some election ceramah I suspect it may be used in Shah Alam.

His Petty Cash is Disarray

Same Objectives Different Strokes
Petty cash because the Chinese do not buy his lies, in fact they do not trust him, they know who his father was, they know his  father's pivotal part in the May 13 1969 incident, the older ones remember him, the younger ones have been told about it, "forgive yes but never forget," as on of Malaysia's most prominent Chinese Businessman, and outwardly an MCA supporter but not necessarily an MCA member I'll have to check that out and  community leader put it to me a few months ago.  Today this same son of Tun Razakhe comes out with a movie blaming the Chinese for May 13 trying to absolve himself of everything his father did in that bloody massacare - typical way of rewriting Malaysian History BN style.

With all this Najib is  very confused, he does not know who is with him and who is agaisnt. Soi Lek may be agaisnt him if he fields Ong Tee Keat, Koh Tsu Khoon is asking for Gerakan to be given back its seats which are all loseable,  andof course  MCA are demanding they be given the opportunity to lose those seats.

The maid passes by again, "Amboi!! kesian ba Najib, dia  pusing, slealu pusing,  betul dia pusing, selalu mara lah,"  then she says "aku nak pulang ke Indon selepas undi,  ngah boleh tahan ni lagi."

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  1. TOFFEE, you must have spent some good time tracing the behaviour of HINDRAF, I thought when they started to put pressure on PR instead of on Najib and BN, they have already settled and received their personal demands. Paying a million or two to try to get back Selangor is cheap. No wonder Temoc wrote in Malaytsiakini about the billions these jokers have been asking and they kept a few of their cybertroopers to condemn everyone who doubted HINDRAF intention. My only hope is the rest of the community is not misled by them!