Monday, April 22, 2013

Stop Barisan Nasional or............

Scandals galore - remember these when you go to vote, it is unceasing under Barisan rule and believe me it will never cease unless you put a stop to Barisan.

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First the Bank Bumi scandal in Hong Kong where i ti si now long forgotten that a bank officer by the name of Jalil Ibrahim was murdered in connection with that scandal, if you see the number of deaths and murders associated  with this government of Malaysia in one way or another it is unimaginable, I think they'll come out tops when  compared to the likes of the Mossad, the CIA and the KGB.

"In July of 1983, what was then the biggest banking scandal in world history erupted in Hong Kong, when it was discovered that Bumiputra Malaysia Finance (BMF), a unit of Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Bhd, had lost as much as US$1 billion which had been siphoned off by prominent public figures into private bank accounts."

"Mak Foon Tan, the murderer of Jalil Ibraim, a Bank Bumi assistant manager who was sent to Hong Kong to investigate the disappearance of the money, was given the death sentence, and Malaysian businessman George Tan who had participated in looting most of the funds, was jailed after his Carrian Group collapsed in what was then Hong Kong’s biggest bankruptcy, and a handful of others were charged."

According to the Anwar Ibrahim blog, "That was just the first Bank Bumi scandal. The government-owned bank had to be rescued twice more with additional losses of nearly US$600 million in today’s dollars."

"Ultimately government officials gave up and the bank was absorbed into CIMB Group, currently headed by Nazir Razak, the sitting prime minister’s brother." 

Then the  Bank Negara losses of 30 Billion ringgit that were lost in foreign exchange trading a form of gambling when Mahathir allowed his close "adviser" to advise him to play that game, and lost 20 billion of our ringgit, as a result of this loss the Govenor of bank Negara and Jaafar Hussein and its head of forex trading were sacked.

The head of Forex trading was then Noor Mohammed Yaacob who would later become mahathir Mohammed's second finance Minister and with that all hell broke loose, Mahathir had the man he needed in the finance Ministry and so did Badawi, and Najib all had him as second finance minster he would be the fall guy if anything went wrong.

This was not all,   Biliions in the PKFZ scandal, and then millions to use  cows to buy condos so much so if we put all the money we needlessly lost in all these government scandals the corruption that made them and their children multi billionaires and millionaires overnight without some even holding a single job, owning huge chunks of shares in Petronas etc. we will be fools, we will be mad to vote this party into power.

Nothing can match these scandals so many more that you may require at least  ten volumes if you go into every scandal that involves this government and each volume will be as thick of three volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica so you can imagine and that is no exaggeration it is the truth, the details are so horrifying how they swindle simple people, how so many cronies are involved, and how many more are awaiting their chance so this government does not have the ability to change, they must fed the hungry in their flock these are the cronies who have been promised wealth for their support.

This nation is on  on the verge of Bankruptcy, I hope Mahathir never returns from Margaret Thatchers funeral, he does not deserve to, this country does not need him and his name should be erased from the history of this,  my beautiful country. If hereturn he should have a place in Tanjung Rambutan mental hospital specially reserved for him.

As Malaysians we have to remain focused a lot will happen between now and the elections, a lot of spin stories will emerge, all these will come about because the people in this government have a lot to lose out of their corrupt earnings, murders and other criminal happenings, we have to remove them now - this time or we shall be forever be  silenced.

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