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MCA en route to Self Destruction

Looks like Muhyiddin is more popular then Najib as a PM of  choice among BN followers.

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MCA - en route to Self Destruction!!!!
Sources have told us this before but it seemed too good to be true,that MCA woudl soon self destruct because of too much infighting, some said that MCA may be split before the next polls, and it has begun to happen now, the trouble is it is actually happening and the person who is causing all this   is  Chua Soi Lek.

It has a lot or rather all to do with Ong Tee Keats Parliamentary seat.

Chua is adamant that Ong does not be given the Pandan  seat or any at all, whilst Najib is in favour of  allowing him to defend his Pandan seat as  Ong is seen as the only MCA candidate who he (Najib)  is confident will win this time around.

Chua does not want Ong to stand, it will undermine his role as MCA chairman and be a direct challenge to his authority in MCA, he is even prepared to give the seat to UMNO without any conditions and without exchange just so that Ong is not fielded, he does not want Ong at all costs.
HELPFUL: Ong's service center in Pandan Indah. Pic: Ida Nadirah/ Malaysian Digest
MCA's most winnable candidate

Najib on the other hand feels his use of Chua is over, and now he needs Ong to create a new MCA for the Barisan, or should we say for UMNO.

Najib mooted the idea of getting Ong out of the MCA presidency, it was with his full blessings that Chua went to unseat Ong, and to Najib's delight it was successful, as Ong was meddling too much and exposing too much in the Port Klang Free Trade Zone Scandal, and Najib could not afford that or rather UMNO could not afford such an expose.

Ong had to be stopped, but Ong was working overtime like MCA's clean up crusader, he wanted to sweep MCA clean and give it a new face, he was in the process of re-branding MCA but at a cost Najib or rather UMNO  could not afford.

The expose would have smeared UMNO and the MCA  to the extent that it would have caused irrepairable damage to the BN if all were to be exposed, but at that time Ong ws adamant, he was not prepared to give in, he wanted a clean sheet to begin with in MCA, he wanted so much to resurrect the dying MCA, and everyone in both UMNO and MCA knew what he was up to, but to allow him that privilege would have meant irreversible  damage to the image of the BN especially the MCA and UMNO as it is believed very senior ministers from both parties were involved in sharing the spoils of the PKFZ scandal.

And so it was Chua and Leow got their act together and got rid of Ong with the full blessings of Najib, UMNO and past presidents of MCA.

Chua was waiting for this opportunity, a video sex scandal had deprived him of this position which was to be his but for  that scandal.

"I am the boss that is how it is, understand!!!"
Now however Najib is faced with a different problem - his own survival, and  his political survival he needs every Parliamentary seat he can win,  he is now putting his strategy in place, he knows that  if he does not field Ong in Pandan,  he will lose Pandan where Ong is immensely popular especially with the traders,   if he does there is a very good chance Ong  will win Pandan, the Chinese in Pandan have a great regard for Ong, for that matter even a prominent Indian in that constituency says, "it will be difficult not to vote for Ong if he is fielded, and that is the Tamil sentiment here, he has a ear for everyone, they seem to want to give him a chance too, that is how strong a candidate he is in Pandan, drop him and BN loses  Pandan."

UMNO sources tell us that Najib now wants Ong back as MCA President, it will be done after the GE13, Najib needs to revive BN's biggest partner and he feels only Ong has the credibility with the Chinese populace and that is what matters not the MCA faithful, they seem to be outcasts in their own society right now.

UMNO sources tell us that Najib has plans to re-brand  the BN and he feels  Ong will be the right person to do it for MCA  not Chua, the video scandal has more than just destroyed Chua it has tainted MCA.

The Chinese abhor traitors more than any other race, for them there is no forgiveness when it comes to dealing with traitors they have a zero tolerance level and looks like MCA is heading in that direction. 

The general Chinese populace see most of the MCA stalwarts as traitors, they have been aggrieved by the happenings at Lynas, at Raub and  Bukit Merah is still fresh in their memory, they feel let down by MCA, they feel the MCA is a party of self seeking cowards not prepared to take on the establishment when Chinese interests and rights are trampled upon, but the Chinese of Pandan at least,  where it matters now for the Barisan, they have a very different opinion of Ong, he took on the establishment during in the PKFZ scandal they are confident he will take on the establishment on other issues that involve their rights, , it looks like this Hainanese has made his mark among the populace - the Chinese populace,  as a fighter and that is what they want, not the self seeking groups that dominate the MCA today.

However they see a Chinese gentleman in  Ong, and Najib hopes by giving Ong this seat he can trade with Ong to be a little moderate in his quest to clean the MCA, he is prepared to allow Ong the privilege to bring down top MCA people without sacrificing the reputation of UMNO and he hopes that Ong will buy into his future long term plan of cosmetic cleaning up.

"No!! No!!! you listen!!, here I am boss."
How Ong thinks is not really known, but he is now only focused on one thing to see Chua suck thumb, whist he is nominated as MCA's candidate for Pandan, he is, and Chua himself has acknowledged it the winnable candidate for Pandan, but Chua does not want him there to the extent that Chua may be even prepared to severe ties with UMNO if that happens, a rumour that has even been picked up and published in the Sun daily of April 10. ( "There is even talk that MCA may threaten to leave BN if the prime minister does not accept the party's condition (for Ong to be dropped), but this cannot be confirmed," said the source.......The Sun daily on line)

The younger Chua, the green horn of Johor Labis, is believed to have offered his father a solution, ask Najib to field him as a Gerakan candidate, it will require him to resign from the MCA hastily and make an application to Gerakan and have it approved on the spot, but this stubborn  MCA man is not prepared as in so many cases in the past to take that route, he wants to be fielded as a MCA candidate and an MCA candidate only.

In the meantime it is learned that if Ong is not nominated, he is prepared to put in his papers as an independent, his chances as an independent will be weak as the BN vote will be split and the only beneficiary of such a move will be the Pakatan, that will mean one seat less for the BN and one more for Pakatan,  Najib can't afford that.

Ong wants to stay in BN, Ong wants to be a party chieftain and that is why a crossover has not crossed his mind yet, he wants to take the BN back to its place with at least fifty percent of Chinese seats that is his long term vision but will Chua and Leow allow him,   they have too much to loose as the MCA the president enjoys immense benefits from the generous hand outs of UMNO, and both Chua and Leow want that.

If Ong is fielded as many believe he will, Chua's days are numbered, Leow will come down like a true Chinese and leow will be given no quarter too,  Chinese abhor traitors, and Chua sees Leow as a traitor to him and MCA, the likes of Ng Yen Yen will be deposited in the dustbins of MCA history as the lady who shamed the MCA, the Prime Minister (No! No! No!!!! in Penang), and the Barisan (No!!!!!! NO!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!, NOOOOO!!!!!!! in Melaka) and the Barisan.

A do or die battle looms once again in the MCA and it is now being planned in the shadows of UMNO, will UMNO be able to yet again play the puppeteer in this the next battle?

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  1. Toffee, you read the Chinese Society quite accurately! I believe you do know the character Kuan Kong was so much respected by all strata of the Chinese Society!

    1. I grew up in the estates a Chinese village and a kampung, my mother taught in a Chinese school for about 30 years, I lived in the vicinity of that school for 2 years. My father was an active supporter of the MPAJA, rendering medical assistance in Sungei Siput to them, during the Japanese occupation.
      I worked with Chinese most of my life, but I am a Malaysian of Indian origin - Malaysian thru and thru, my children are half Chinese by virtue of the fact that my wife is Chinese and their first cousins are Malay.
      According to the way UMNO thinks their first cousins are superior to my Children - Note: their first cousins.
      What I learned from the Chinese is through my association with really fine Chinese gentlemen, Teachers, Businessmen,fellow professionals, even factory workers, sundry shop men, my Char Siew Pow vendor who stops by at night and the learning goes on.
      We are blessed by our people, I know as much about the Malays, who wouldn't when you know only one country as home and that is Malaysia? So Many cultures and as our TDC put it, "Malaysia Truly Asia." Are they bluffing?