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The Hishamuddin Hussein Report Card

  Looks like Muhyiddin is more popular then Najib as a PM choice among BN followers.

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A Brief Summary of  
The Hishamuddin Hussein Onn Report Card

Hishamuddin Hussein Onn Background

UMNO's founder and Grandfather to Hisham
A fourth Generation politician, his grandfather was the founder of UMNO and later  got disillusioned by the very party he founded because it was racist from its inception and refused to open its doors to other races. His grandfather Datuk Onn bin Jaffar then formed another party called Party Negara the rest is history. 

However the son of Onn Jaffar, Tun Hussein Onn joined UMNO  stayed in UMNO became its President and was methodically ousted or for that matter removed  by Mahathir bin Mohammed.

Though an upright man of impeccable integrity Hussein Onn was not much of a leader, and facing the likes of Mahahtir Mohammed he was forced to give way after Mahathir literally cleared his desk after he returned from a by pass in London, stating that he was medically unfit to continue, and doing so as though he was indeed very concerned as a doctor about his boss - the fact being Mahathir was only waiting for the first opportunity to sit on the PM's desk.
Now his son and the grandson of Onn bin Jaffar is our Minister of Home Affairs, a far cry from his esteemed father and grandfather. 

It was his father who once said "If I am trusted to serve, if the country wants me, I will not refuse at whatever cost to me, but to scramble for office at whatever cost, no!."

As his own son Hishamuddin put it, "he was there when the nation needed him most," it was he who authorised the arrest and trial of Dato Harun Idris the all powerful UMNO youth head of the time and the Menteri Besar of Selangor, that act of his was something every other PM and even his son shied away from in the face of bigger corruption scandals.

His son as  the Minister of home affairs who has the authority to do so, who controls both the MACC and the Police force did not have the courage to do what his father did, and why? I'll leave you to draw the conclusions.

If we had a man of Tun Hussein Onn's integrity this nation would not have been cheated of the billions it has by all the corrupt scandals.

All cabinet members have a report card, and Hishamuddin Hussein Onn is no exception,

Tun Hussein Onn the father
Well of course that is the one report card written by him and his cousin, and who do they think they are trying to fool?

It can't be a report for  his father, because this is not a school report card, and his father is not around,  the report card is meant for the rakyat, the rakyat put him there to work and that is precisely what he is supposed to do, so let us as Rakyat,  look at some of the aspects of his work and let him and the nation know how he has performed.

Let us give him a report card.

Before going into some of the details of Hishamuddin's report card, we must understand that Najibs' predecessors preferred to have low performing ministers in their cabinet, this trend was of course started by Mahathir Mohammed and that is why he moved anyone who was more intelligent than him out of cabinet and phased them out.

Now whilst Abdullah Badawi did not have a clue of whom he chose for his cabinet, Najib was even worse and as a result we have the world's least intelligent Minister of Home Affairs, but then how can we complain, Najib is in the same category when we compare him with other Prime Ministers.

A face of incompetence
Now Hishamuddin Husssein Onn the once UMNO Youth Chief who drew out a Keris and threatened to draw blood of what can only be seen to have been directed to only the Chinese is certainly not the material for Home Minsiter, that will go down in Najib's report card for choices Najib has failed. So Najib scores a  (D) a D means job performance well below expectations.

For starters let us begin with his handling of the Teoh Beng Hock case.

Teoh Beng Hock Case
If he had even the minimal amount of intelligence he would have used it to gain the confidence of all Malaysians.

As minister of Home Affairs he should have immediately ordered a thorough investigation into the case,a special police task force should  have been brought in to investigate and the truth without frills should have been exposed.

If that was done he would have come out with flying colours instead he chose to hide behind the Attorney Generals' Chambers and allow the Police and the MACC to work hand in hand in what apparently looked like a massive cover up. 

Score (D). In a system that has been riddled by corruption, where it has gone to its core,  this is what that can be expected, it is only apparent from this reaction that the system is so corrupt everything was compromised. It is seemingly  a case of you cover my back and I'll cover yours, or you tell on me and I'll tell on you and remember the higher you are on the pecking order there is so much more to tell.

The Handling Of Bersih
In the handling of the  Bersih cases.

He accused Bersih of being political when it was an NGO only looking to ensure free and fair elections, clean elections and thus the name "Bersih," remaining neutral, and encouraging everyone including UMNO to join the rallies.

Had he jumped the Band wagon and gone on with the "Bersih" plan both him and the party would l have been looked on in a more positive light, but he did not.

The Elections commissioner is supposed to be free of any obligations to,  and interference from  the political parties including the government, with so much irregularity exposed in their registration exercise UMNO should have been the most interested  party in the  cleaning the rolls, instead they defended the  Elections Commission.

Hishamuddin declared the rallies illegal, refused to give the venues they had requested although the venues were available and instead used the Police force under his control to brutally attack and assault those participating, the police even went to the extent to attack a Hospital, which he so vigorously denied when  even the daughter of Mahathir  testified in the press that the hospital was attacked, , he passed it off as lies, one demonstrator died as a result of suffocation from tear gas fired on the crowd by the police, the Court was shocked at his behaviour and it is quite clear he did not intervene because he had an interest not to interfere with the Elections commissions unclean records. It is suspect he was was working hand in glove with the commission.(See Immigration)  

Score (D-) {D- denotes extremely poor performance, incapable of performing this aspect of his work.}
He did not see the opportunity of gaining the trust of Malaysians, by allowing the rally and in fact participating in it, he did not use the police force to protect citizens in peaceful assembly a Constitutional  right, he failed terribly in his role as Minster of Home Affairs. 

This man failed to even stop the men from his own party, behaving like thugs harassing, threatening  and blockading Ambiga's home. (Ambiga as the chairperson of  Bersih 2.) and even though threats to her life were made the Police refused to act and as Minister of Home affairs internal security was his responsibility, and yet he refused to act.

UMNO supporters doing Butt exercises outside Ambiga's home
He took her organisation of Bersih campaigns to the personal level, he lacked the professionalism in seeing that as a citizen she was entitled to security, a function he is responsible for as Minister of Home Affairs, he could not allow thugs to take the law into their own hands that would only result in anarchy if others decided to react, as a lawyer by training he did not see the implications of his inaction,  he refused to get the Police to act - a gross dereliction of duty, and as Home  Minster this was not acceptable at all.

His silence in the affair only made him a party of what was going on by members of his own political party.

He allowed his personal interest to override national interests, and this is totally unbecoming of a  member of Parliament who has to act responsibly , leave alone the Minister of Home affairs.

This is conduct we'd not expect from even the Junior officers of the ministry entrusted with such roles.  

Score (D-) {incapable of performing this major aspect of his work. Seems to lack the mental capacity to carry on. }

His attitude to Ambiga Sreenivasen  a former President of the  Malaysian Bar Council with a record of remarkable achievements, internationally recognized,  the receipant of the International Women of Courage Award  was careless, he did not recognise the implications of his actions and how it would affect the credibility of the Malaysian  government internationally as it was clearly a reaction on his part having taken the issue to a personal level. 
His professionalism especially being a trained lawyer is now brought into question by these acts. Was it even legal that he should turn a blind eye on people who have gone to threaten Ambiga no matter what the provocation, being a lawyer he must be one of the first persons to have recognised that, his failure point only to a gross dereliction of duty.

The Sabah Attack
A show of incompetence again, grossly irresponsible behaviour it was not his role to get involved here, it is a foreign invasion by any account when the Army of a Foreign Sultanate lands on our shores fully armed to claim territory as theirs,and states  its intention to keep that territory.

Hishamuddin  allows his Police Chief in the district to "negotiate" with the armed intruders, his police force who spotted these intruders should have immediately called in the army, this was not their job it was an act of war,  and this group of invaders should have been dealt with severely.

This was an act of war, no quarter to ask for,  no quarter to be given, if it needed to  be, the entire band of intruders should have been shot dead, if it was not possible to get them to surrender or if it was impossible to capture them.

What has resulted is that these men are still in lurking  in the jungles of Sabah, or taking refuge with local Suluks who have been given stay in Malaysia by Mahathir Mohammed,  and only after sacrificing the precious lives of some of our Policemen did he realise the job was too big for him, but not before going to pose with press photographers a safe distance away from the danger scene.

All this because he gave them the time they required to infiltrate and take control.

A total failure.

Score (D-) He does not have a grasp of his functions, does not know and understand the boundaries within  which his authority lies, lacks total   understanding of all his job functions incapable of performing important tasks, lacks strategic mindset, dangerous for this  role,should not have been placed in the ministry in the first place,  his actions prove that for his own personal reasons of trying to look good he will sacrifice the security of the nation. 

Certainly unfit for any post of responsibility, not the material required for being custodian of internal security, in fact not even the material for member of parliament.

Has brought shame to the country, to himself and his esteemed family but does not seem to realise it.

Had been more involved in petty political squabbles, fighting shadows, creating problems, that he has ignored this all important aspect of his work.

Illegal foreign population seems to be on the rise by the day.

Hishamuddin  is suspected to have reached a deal with foreign illegals to be given stay in the country, and some sort of legal status, maybe even citizenship if they if vote the BN.

Evidence supporting  such happenings seemed to have surfaced in the Klang valley in that illegals have been registered as voters, there have been cases where Malaysian studying abroad have been registered here without their consent fueling speculation that the immigration department a department under his ministry would have provided such details to local assistant registrars as it is impossible for  the EC to know who is "out" and "in" form this country, to get another person to register on his/her behalf.

In a statement to Malaysiakini, Klang MP Charles Santiago asked , "How can they be registered when they claimed they have not done so. The EC claims that the electoral rolls are clean."

"I state otherwise - that this will be the dirtiest election of all. To make matters worse, we cannot challenge the rolls because of Section 9A of the Election Act, where gazetted electoral rolls cannot be challenged.

"For those residing overseas, how could people register for them unless they have been informed by the Immigration Department," he told Malaysiakini.

The Selangor EC chief has allegedly admitted to a DAP Parliamentarian that an UMNO assistant registrar had registered many such voters.

Coming in light of the fact that this has been highlighted by Bersih way back and his complete refusal to take the complaints seriously and  nip this in the bud, places the integrity of the GE13 in question.

Score (D-) Hishamuddin does not have the mindset nor the intelligence to handle the function of Member of Parliament leave alone the function of Minster of Home affairs.

There were indications of this whilst he was deputy minster and head of UMNO youth. 

The Triad
The choice of this less intelligent person to head the all important ministry of home affairs brings the competence of the Prime Minister himself into  question, this was  a grievous error of judgement, the continuation of Hishamuddin as Minister of Home affairs only goes to show that the Prime Minister was careless and unconcerned with Hishamuddin's performance the security of the nation was allowed to be compromised, and the PM allowed the situation to deteriorate without taking any serious action. A new minister should have been put in his place, someone who understood the issues and the implications of actions, but this was not the case.

What is worrying is that the Police have been warning about troubles during the next elections, is this because various parties have resolved to check on illegals going to cast their vote? Are the police going to go out there to protect these illegals, where a situation cloud arise that would deem the people trying to stop the illegals as "trouble causers?"

Will we get a lesson from Mahahtirism, where this government of Najib Tun Razak will in the even they lose ask the courts to declare the elections null and void, as was the case with UMNO under Mahathir?

It's not only this Minister who is a misfit, but the Prime Minster himself. 

Under these circumstances it is dangerous if   people decide to retain this PM and his cabinet.We have no choice but to make a change an Urgent change.                                                      



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