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Muhyiddin uses 30 buses to attack Sri Andalas

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My Kampung was under BN attack and we did not feel a thing.

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By Toffee
The Deputy Prime Minister came to Sri Andalas in Klang (my Kampung) with 30 busses of which 14 were from Perak, a couple form Melaka, another two from Johor, one from Kedah, the Victoria Institution bus a Special Bus for UITM, many from Kuala Lumpur and two from Klang, they were all charted for a function he held during schooling hours in the Tamil Primary School in Taman Sri Andalas in Klang.

At least 300 cars some from as far as Negeri Sembilan and Melaka, the rest from Lower Perak, and Selangor, many from Kuala Lumpur were also at the scene.

I talked to a couple who had just alighted from their car, parked in the residential area of Taman Sri Andalas, they were from Seramban, I asked them what was going on they said they were going to the school for a function, but there were BN workers all around in blue BN shirts, support Najib shirts etc, and so I asked, "is it a school function or a Barisan Nasional function," and the well dressed Indian lady in heels and Sari said very excitedly, "yes, yes BN function." Imagine a BN function (political) held during school hours in a primary school, a primary Tamil school in Taman Sri Andalas.

Anybody from BN will know that if Muhyddin had come hoping to get the people of Sri Andalas there to attend his function there would  have been more Barisan flags then people there to greet him, as Sri Andalas is known as "Kubu Pembangkang," it is indeed a PAS/PKR fortress and I am sure he was warned about it too so he got bus loads of MIC members and all the MIC members in Selangor many form Negri, and Perak to join in too.

 There were also vehicles belonging to the Ministry of Education  in the area and at a time this man Muhyiddin is only a caretaker, we probably have to tell him he is now only a big time school jaga and has no authority to use government funds or for facilities especially if it is for campaigning purposes, the next government must actually charge these people personally for these expenses.

A School jaga taking over the school for political purposes during school hours, looks like the Gurus Besar  have lost their  authority to run their schools to UMNO, even Samy Velu never did this.


In light of this heavy campaigning by the BN the elections commission seems to be playing along , Najib seems to have told them when they should call the elections, and there is no denying that, no announcement of the date has been made although parliament has already been dissolved, in the past it was almost instant to prevent the opposition form campaigning, now he is taking his time to give Najib his time to finish his work in preparing the electoral list.

Latest reports coming from inside UMNO is, Hishamuddin, Khairy, Nazri, Rais Yatim, and Chuah Soi Lek will not be fielded, and looks like Chua has to submit his papers to the MCA as Ong Tee Keat is to be retained at Pandan - a  slap on the face for the MCA chief. The seat was offered to Chuah to give to his son but he refused he feels the constituency will send his son the the dustbins of Malaysian political history and it is very possible that his son will get no seat too, his son looks a sure loser and the BN can't afford it.

Mahathir is doing a lot behind the scenes, demanding that  Ibrahim Ali be fielded or that UMNO should not contest him if he stands as an independent. The stage is set for Mukhriz to be lined up for the position of Deputy Minister of Home Affairs if the BN wins, that will be the position to give out illegal Identity cards.

The minister of defence is looking quite safe, he seems to have won Najib's confidence he has steered clear of controversy and successfully shielded Najib from the Scorpene inquiry in France. The PM is rather comfortable with Ahmad Zahidi who for now seems to be the most secure of UMNO candidates so far.

Najib's decision to sacrifice Hishamuddin is an attempt to prove to Malaysians that he does not practice nepotism, but of course he is now training his son, and has his brothers holding high offices by virtue of his prime Ministership after all Hisam is only a cousin and he is going to be the sacrificial cow.

Talking about cows, Najib may field the cow lady in Kuala Kangsar, and get Rafidah to support her candidacy, but then if we remember well Rafidah almost lost that seat at the last General Elections.She narrowly won the contest against Khairuddin Abdul Malik of PAS obtainign only 52 percent of the votes cast.

The cow lady  is however vying something more comfortable, she has told Najib that, she claims that being the leader of the Wanita wing she deserves that, but is that what the leader of the the Wanita leader is worth that she knows if she goes to Pantai she will again lose to a little girl so she sends a male bully to bully that little girl instead and asks for a safer seat. Where can she be safe? I'd suggest to Najib to send her to Penang, after all that is her home.

That little girl Nurul Izzah Anwar is no pushover, she has invited Raja Nong Cik to come out and have debate with her, but that man is too much of a coward and  chooses to use money to buy over the voters instead.

The sickness of UMNO money politics has now moved one level lower, it has moved to the extent that now they do not only bribe the party members but the voters - the general public, the electorate, and this is the surest way to bankrupt the country.

Najib's and UMNOs' game is to bankrupt the nation before the elections, then to use taxes to reap everything back from the people if they win, or to blame the opposition of bad governance if they lose.

The GST will be introduced with brutal force so that almost everything we purchase will be subject to tax, you'll be taxed for buying school uniforms, shoes, water purification units, food, and for services too, so you'll be taxed for garbage collection that is you pay over what you are already paying, for water so they do not have to blame the privatised companies, you'll be taxed to kingdon=m come and yet you'll have to pay higher income taxes.

Income tax will be higher for the lower earners, medical treatment will be expensive for everyone, the country will suffer most becuse the cash we earn from agencies like Petronas goes to feed a select few and they are not prepared to give it up, and what is even more disturbing is they are now using Petronas to steal workers savings.

We are heading into hard times very hard times, we'll be worse off than we were in the sixties and all because we have a corrupt and responsible Government, who will even go to the extent of bribing you to win, and why, because there is so much more of corrupt dollars to earn at your expense.

In a just announced move Petronas has upped the suffering MISC shares by 20 sen taking it from RM5.30 to RM5.50 and EPF would be silly to put its money on that ailing Company, Mahathir's dream that went sour.

If this Government had any moral sense at all it should allocate  Petronas shares to EPF and it should be given at an extremely reasonable price as Petronas is after all the peoples Company and not Mahathir's, that way the peoples money will be saved.

This and more is what BN is setting up the stage for,  but a few things for certain, petrol prices are going up after the elections if BN wins, more toll will be collected  and more imposed, electricity tarrifs will be increased, water will go up, more monopolies put in place to enrich the rich and the gap between rich and poor  is to be widened, that is the capitalism of today.

What is even more dangerous with imbeciles like Najib an Noor Yacob to look after our finances we are expected to go down the way of the Greeks, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, Ireland.

Are we ready for that? Do we really want that?  Or are we going to put a stop to it.

UMNO members who are real nationalists must realise that their party must lose this time around and allow for some cleansing, the young tuks in UMNO whom I have been following believe that too must be done to   allow UMNO to be cleansed to give the people of Malaysia a healthy choice in government.

So what is your choice? 

One vote for BN is two votes for Rosmah Mansor  

BN today stands for  Bini Najib.

Are you going to vote for Bini Najib? 

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 What say you now Mahathir?



The fleet of buses just outside Taman Rakyat  in Sri Andalas Klang

One of the Buses from Melaka

Even a Double Decker

13 Buses mostly from this one Company from Perak

One of the Perak Buses

From Muhyiddin's Home state

Johor Bus

Cameron Highlands

Negeri Sembilan

Langkawi - must have sailed via Port Klang

Government Bus

Ministry of Education MPV

Another Government Bus

From Victoria Institution


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