Saturday, July 20, 2019


 The present PKR "Retreat" in Port Dickson looks like it was originally planned to pass a resolution to remove Azmin Ali. 
It looks like Anwar took a change of course with the latest developments where his political secretary has been detained in connection with the production and distribution of the video implicating Azmin and the statement by the IGP that the leader of a Political Party was behind this move in which hundreds of thousands of ringgit were spent.
A conspiracy and who can the political leader be?
Anwar is the leader of PKR


In the face of the current crisis in the party which Anwar Ibrahim will deny is a crisis and has been in denial on since it began even before the last party elections, the PKR leaders hav to come out and make their stand clear on the future of the party one way or the other.

No one and absolutely no one is bigger than the party not even Anwar Ibrahim, it is not his party nor is it Azmin's it belongs to the people - it is the Peoples Justice Party and justice begins at home.      

Strangely enough, the silence of the Deputy PM, Nurul Izzah and Rafizi is deafening to say the least, have they decided to remain quiet to give  an impression of neutrality - that they prefer to remain neutral and allow this crisis  to solve itself, or are they fanning the crisis from behind closed doors.

Anwar comes out hitting like a guerilla in guerilla warfare campaign,  he comes looking like he is supporting Azmin one time and yet at another he comes out with messages implying that Azzmin should go.

The worst was immediately after his political secretary was arrested and the police made a statement that some people higher up in the PKR hierarchy could be involved, was he hoping  make a quick fix so the investigations could cease and the case closed?

It got to boiling point when the IGP said a leader of a political party was involved and  that looked like a direct hit. The leader of a political party can only be one person, and if one looks at the people arrested so far in this conspiracy there can be only one.

What is even more damaging is that hundreds of thousands of ringgit have been spent on this conspiracy and we need to know where this money came from, did it come from our donations to the party and individuals in the party during the run up to the last elections- God forbid.

It is time for Rafizi to come clean and give us an account of  where the
donations he received went to. It was given by the people for specific causes and to date he has not given us an account of those funds, in his own interest he must and he must do it soon. With his background as an accountant he should have those figures properly accounted for and up to date, these were donations for specific purposes.

We voted for a government free from gutter politics and corruption, we asked for good governance, and transparency. Rafizi himself was in the forefront of these calls and he was the man so many of us - the rakyat trusted, it is time for him to come out and be accountable about those monies, transparent about the present crisis, what he knows  about the gutter politics currently and if any corrupt practices were involved in the making of this tape, he should not hide, he should tell us everything he knows he must be transparent, he owes that to the rakyat.

Extremely quiet and Nurul not to be seen
To Rafzi, Nurul Izzah and Puan Azizah this is what I have to tell you three,
"Hell's hottest spots are reserved for those who in the face of crisis declare neutrality" and may I add who play, " I dohno lah," to which I say don't be bodoh la.

It is not about any individual we are talking about, it is about our nation, our people and our children and if you are to be leaders come out as leaders do, do not just sit back and watch, this saga, it is destroying the entire party and the government as a whole, and you are looking like crooks who conspire and lie and are breaking this up for reasons of your own.

Peoples justice Party - not the Anwar Families Party
I am rather certain that if Anwar is implicated here for being the mastermind as circumstances would have us belief, he will fight Mahathir Mohaammed tooth and nail and suggest this is a conspiracy again, well crying wolf again may not be the best idea.

To the PKR leadership get out there and tell the party exactly what you think, do not sit back and say nothing.

It is shocking that even the likes of Tien Chua,  Xavier Jayakumar seem to be fence sitters, at the most they make very diplomatic calls and for good reason I presume, they are both Anwar supporters and staunch ones too.

For them and other leaders now is the time for a call on what is right, they have to  come out and make that call loud and clear, don't just sit there and watch, make that call regardless of personalities and your past relationships or  PKR burn by your own folly.

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