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Tee Keat come down from the fence at once!!!!

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Ong Tee Keat can't expect to sit on the fence and expect too much respect for that, his popularity will wane and he will be the cause of his own downfall.

When his good friend Dr. Chua Jui Meng left the MCA for PKR he had nothing but good words, in fact he did say he understood why Chua had to leave.

Ong Tee Keat  has branded himself as a man with integrity, he took on the Port Klang Free Trade Zone scandal  by the horns much to the annoyance of Najib and other MCA top brass both present and past, and with his departure from the MCA presidency the issue has cooled down, in fact it is in deep freeze.

It is said that the "third force" that worked against him during the last MCA elections  were  people who had an interest in one way or another with the PKFZ scandal.

I have met MCA members who attend General Assemblies, they were annoyed with Ong Tee Keat for exposing the scandal, one of them told me he can't do this, if he want's to he should do it behind closed doors. Transparency I guess is a bard word and practice in the MCA.

The majority of the Chinese do not belong to the MCA, only some opportunistic people do and they'll do anything to wrest power. Previous MCA elections for presidents have stood testimony to this, and almost all MCA Presidents as do the other BN heads inevitably become big millionaires if not billionaires, there certainly must be lot to fight for.

As a strategist, I take off my hat to Dr. Chua Soi Lek, he managed to be caught on video committing a sexual act which is deemed a crime in accordance with our laws, admitted that it was indeed him in that video and  resigned from his position as MCA president and managed to avoid  avoided prosecution, the law went blind.

An UMNO Deputy President was sacked from his position as Deputy Prime Minister and charged in court and jailed without sufficient evidence and is again being hounded by this government on similar charges, and yet although he vehemently denies all the charges, has been dragged to court and his case has drawn the interest of the international community.

What an UMNO Deputy president, a former Deputy Prime Minster and the heir apparent, could not do, an MCA President could, no charges were made against those who filmed him in action either, he was the Minsiter of health,  that was a huge national security risk as he was a senior member of the cabinet. One can imagine what would have happened if the maker of the film belonged to a terrorist organisation, or even a huge Pharmaceutical giant, or was interested in the goings of the cabinet, or even if the film fell on their hands first.

(That could be the reason why Mahathir is telling us he tried to abolish the ISA, people who did nothing were caught and locked up as National Security risks under the ISA, some were even locked up under the ISA for what one stupid fellow told us was for their own safety.)

He, Chua Soi Lek,  is back today as President of the MCA, yes the MCA please take note, my hats off to this chap, not only is he president, his son is now an Member of Parliament how do you like that?

He has been rewarded, that is BN justice. A strange case of, "loser take it all, " probably the first in the world.

Back to Ong Tee Keat, he has to take a stand, the people still respect him but he can't expect to stand on the and MCA ticket now that we all know what it is worth.

History has taught us that the predicament of the non Malays in this country is mainly because of the MCA, we can't equate the MIC with it although they are just as guilty, the MCA has so many seats in Parliament when compared to the MIC and their jobhas been to sit in Government and rubber stamp UMNO policies. When they don't they'll get wiped out, erased, like taking the pencileraser and erasing out what you have written on paper.

Tee Keat is one such case, there were many more before him, so now one wonders if he is actually waiting for a big BN golden handshake to go out gleefully and leave the rakyat sucking thumb.

Tee Keat you have to show your intentions, don't play this cat and mouse game, you can't sit on the fence and expect us to say you are a good guy, stop playing games come down from that fence at once and tell us where you belong, it does not really matter.

Being a Chinese I'll take your word for it,  although I am not a Chinese, but it is the Chinese who have a saying, "A gentleman's promise is stronger then ten wild horses." How strong is yours?

As the rakyat we need to know, since it is us who we  may vote for,  are you a gentleman? I really think you are, but you have to take that stand for us to be sure,since right now you are in MCA, and as a result in the BN.

So Ong Tee Keat get down from that fence at once, no more fooling around.
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  1. how can a clean man work with thieves n crooks n plunderers as in PKFZ where billions are involvede n EX MCA guys are charged