Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who do they think they are fooling?

 by Howl Pillai

We are now being told that there is tolerable repression and there is intolerable repression. Like good cholesterol and bad cholesterol not all repression is bad.
Libyan repression is intolerable. Bahraini repression is tolerable. The US Fifth Fleet using Bahrain as its base is purely co-incidental. Syrian repression is intolerable and a sufficient cause for regime change but Yemeni repression is tolerable and a sufficient reason to give them time to work things out themselves.
Likewise the Egyptian fight for democracy is a cry for freedom but Saudian protests against repression being stamped out harshly is all about ‘maintaining stability in a key region of the world’. Yes the world relies on Wahhabi repression to crush dissent in the Gulf so that oil can keep flowing to the industrialised World. That such repression is carried out by the very guardians of the Holy Places of Islam is never put under the microscope. Surely The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia more than any other country, has a moral responsibility to be a force for good in the region given its religious credentials.
Clearly then, first comes oil and then comes morals. And then comes the Arab League. The shameless Arab League! Gaddafi is now being saddamised and Libya will soon be iraqised. Surely the Arab League is not daft enough to believe that a no fly zone can be established without the violence of arms. No race with any self respect or dignity should condone the violent killing of its civilians by inviting others to do the job. And that brings us closer to home. First come votes and then come morals. And then comes the dirty tricks department. Someone has been invited by our ‘Arab League’, whoever that may be, to carry out a political assassination. Our version of domestic regime change.
No air strikes needed here. Just sex please. We are Malaysians. And everyone now already an expert on the anatomy of the arse. It started with “Sodomy”and then came its unexpected sequel “The Return Of Sodomy”. The one-man Anwar regime refused to lie down and die. Then strangely, two weeks ago excerpts from the doctor’s memoirs mentioned with pusillanimity that four women were offered and Anwar picked two. That was some turn around if you know what I mean. At about the same time the judge in “The Return of Sodomy” throws out DNA evidence obtained unlawfully. Then the Sarawak state elections. And that which is unlawful can be procured! Both call-girls and elections!
There are good sex shows and there are bad sex shows. Or more accurately there are well-intentioned sex shows and there are ill-intentioned sex shows. We had an MCA good sex show with good intentions a year or two ago. And now  a bad one with ill-intentions  like in Sri Carcosa yesterday. My! My! We are a liberal lot indeed. No one will be persecuted for screening pornography.
And mystery too! A shy Datuk! An Omega watch! The procured services of an East Asian lady of the night who is capable of operating in the morning as well! At least as reported in the Press. Notice that Mongolians are not generally referred to as East Asians even though they look like Japanese, Chinese or Koreans. The mystery deepens. Keeps the Rakyat engrossed and titillated. Distracted even. Meanwhile millions are pumped into Sarawak.  
Then very quickly, in the days ahead she will become Chinese. The message to the Malay masses: Now watch this Opposition Melayu give away an expensive Omega to this Ah Moi....He will sell out the Malays to the Chinese. The bastard!
And to the Chinese voter, the message: See this Melayu. He pays for sex using our hard earned money. You can’t afford an Omega. How come he can? The bastard!
And to the Indian voter, the message : See the Melayus and Chinese are enjoying. Only 21 minutes and she can get Omega watch.You  work all day for nothing. The bastard!
Very clever! Like the Arab League. If they get Gaddafi,  it is not us Arabs who did it. So what is next?
Sex always sells. Like sex with a minor. He gave her imported chocolates.
What a shame!
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