Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 13 - Boycott Pro Government Print Media Day

 It is about time we begin taking action, and let us begin with the Government's Propaganda Machinery.

Let us begin with a boycott of  the pro government  print media - your daily newspapers. 

We pay for nothing but rubbish, so let us just not take delivery for one day first and if that does not force the papers to make changes let us expand it even further.

I have suggested May 13 please pass this message around before the pro government media  wrecks more havoc with their lies, we must shut down these dailies because they are responsible in a way for making our  young ignorant - a specialty of this government, they do not allow our young to see other points of view, they want only their corrupted views and opinions to be thrust on the people to make them ignorant, and that is why we are fast becoming a backward nation of ill informed people.

Mark this date:

Boycott Pro government Print Media Day  - 13th May 2012

We have a  record number of graduates who are unemployed or underemployed, we have  people who think Malaysia is doing very well when in fact we aren't, we are told lies after lies, and when faced by the  the truth it  is made to look like a lie, do we want to remain ill  informed, in this information age?

We do not have to read this rubbish these papers make us pay for, why pay for rubbish when you can get good reliable news and it is  for free on the net.

Read as many papers as you wish on line, there is Malaysiakini, there is the Malaysian Chronicle, there is the Malaysian insider, for international news  you can read the New York Times, The Washington Post, if you like to read English tabloids they are are on on line and most are for free, so why pay money for rubbish.

Once you stop reading people will advertise elsewhere, in Malaysiakini, in the Malaysia Chronicle, The Malaysian Insider,  these are  the alternative media you have, you pay for Malaysiakini, but the others are free.

If you need to know about the lies the pro-government media releases see what they say about Bersih 3 and ask those of your friends who were there, they'll give you a completely different story.

Take a look at my earlier posting of  ASTRO doctoring the BBC news by censoring it, I posted it yesterday in my piece "Government in denial as calls for Bersih 4 resonate" if Astro can do it so can the rest.

How many of our papers reported about the Bersih 3 worldwide rallies take a look at this site and see for yourself it was held almost the world over. Visit this link (Global Bersih 3.0 from around the world)

How many more Lynas type projects are we going to allow this government to bulldoze on us and then get us all suffering with the media remaining silent and not proactive as it should be, they should be the source that provides true and accurate information,  they are our source for that and just that, but see how they  bend to whims and fancies of this government.

Our press has wantonly refused to give us real information on Lynas they are afraid of the Barisan, the Barisan owns these papers, and then Chua Soi Lek comes out and tries to be the hero, he demands the government stops the Lynas project, but when told he must not only demand but if the government refuses to scrap it he must pull the MCA out of the BN by Guan Eng he sends once of his henchmen to say Guan Eng is irresponsible, that is how effective the MCA is. If the BN does not listen to MCA why remain in the BN in the first place?

How many of you are aware that there has been an amendment in Election procedures that do not allow the agents of the candidates in voting booths, this means that only the Elections Commission personnel are allowed in the booth and we all know the credibility of this Elections commission, it has been discovered that both the Chief and  his deputy are UMNO members, now can we trust the elections. UMNO men will appoint the so called people from the Elections Commission  to sit in the booths.

Why has the press not highlighted this issue it is something really big and we have to take note of that, it is an issue, and a very big one at that.

The STAR is MCA controlled, the Utusan, the NST and Berita Harian are all UMNO controlled, you need to know,  so the news you receive is designed to make you ignorant of any truth that affects these parties.
Newspaper licenses are controlled by KDN you just can't publish, even political papers like the Rocket and Pas' Harkah are refused permission to sell their papers in new stands, they can only restrict sales to their respective members.

If we sit down idly and not take action it may not be us who will regret it, but our children and their children too, is it worth it? So please please take action.

Why pay for items that retard you, demand change and change now.

As a first step keep the date tell you newspaper man not to deliver your daily paper on Sunday 13 May 2012

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