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The EC and BN set cheat at next elections - Bersih 4 a must

The EC and BN  set to cheat

The recent Election Offences Act Amendment Bill, which was rushed through at the last Parliament sitting in early April  is a sure way for the elections commission to aid the BN to cheat at the next elections, it removes the check and balance we so desperately need in this country to ensure free and fair elections. 

At election after election it has been alleged that the BN cheated  in one constituency or another now this move looks like they are going all out to cheat.

This time it looks like the BN is set to cheat in all if not almost all.

In any contest there are checks and balances to ensure the exercise is free and fair, and we had that in place all this while till latest Elections Offences Act  amendment bill came along and took it away.

 The proof that  this is a move to cheat is that the propaganda machinery which comprise Bernama, and all the print  media did not mention what specifically the amendments were about and as a result people are ignorant about it, the opposition MPs were kicked out of Parliament when they raised objections to this bill and that was reported, but all the papers talked about was the"minority report" that the opposition talked about without mentioning the specifics.Do you know what this minority report is all about?

 This was done deliberately to misinform the general public. Do you Know what this minority report contains?

Under the new amendments an agent of the candidates cannot be present at the electoral booths.

In the past it has always been practice for an agent of the candidate to be in the place where the elections booths were set up to ensure that there was no foul play.

This is to ensure that everything that happens in the booth was in order and that there is no foul play, that the ballot boxes were properly sealed and not tampered with or exchanged or anything removed from the same, and in the recent amendment without any prior explanation this has been changed, and these agents are now excluded from the job, they will not be allowed in,  and those who will now man these stations will be only from the elections commission.

We all know that both the head and the Deputy of the Malaysian Elections Commission "were" that is what they tell us now UMNO members, that was only after it was revealed that they were UMNO members, so we can be sure that if not all at least the great majority of the people who will man these stations will be from UMNO and other BN parties, or people who sympathize with their cause,  so where is the check and balance.

Now you see why it so easy (EC) to cheat at the coming general elections and that is exactly what they intend to do.

The speaker of Parliament was a disgrace on that day he did not even let the house debate the bill and instead threw  Opposition MPs R. Sivarasah of PKR Subang, Azmin Ali PKR MP of Gombak and Dr. Zulkefly Ahmad of PAS Kuala Selangor out of the house.

This commission is set to help the BN cheat at the next elections although it comprised an MP each from DAP, PKR and PAS none of their views were taken into account.

They have learned from the Philippine elections where Ferdinand Marcos lost, when  those tabulating votes stopped tabulating them as Marcos' agents tried to cheat in the ballot count, by taking votes from the party that opposed him and passing them off as his votes.

Well that may not be able to happen here as the agents will be in the counting centres, but before the ballot box leaves the polling station or before the count begins anything can happen including the change of the ballot box stuffing the box with more votes BN votes,removing votes etc.

Is this the what is being planned in Malaysia, I  dare say that this is what is  happening .

No sane person can accept the excuse given by some BN candidates that this had to happen as there was trouble in some centres before, how insane can these people be?

There has been no proper explanation as to why this has been revoked, that is the presence of  agents in the polling stations, explaining this  contentious amendment, Khairy  Jamaluddin said he voted for the removal of candidates’ polling agents from the Election Commission (EC) registration booths "because the commission had complained of trouble."

Of course there is bound to be trouble if you cheat, and that is what we have been saying elections in and elections out, there is the postal vote, there is the switching of ballot boxes, there is the addition of votes what more and if there are observers who see this they are bound to raise objections, that is the only trouble one can see,   we cannot allow for this to happen they have to repeal that part of the act, and to repeal it we need to go for bersih 4 urgently.

If that is what they call trouble it explains all.

They do not want trouble when they cheat is that what they are trying to say?

We  achieved very little in Bersih 1, in Bersih 2 we created some waves, in bersih 3 we awoke a lot of Malaysians, now if we call on Berish 4, 5 and six and schedule them hastily one after the other we will awake many more Malaysians, we need to do that.

Almost all surveys show the Barisan lagging behind the opposition in winning the next elections, but if we do not take action they are out to steal that from us and that is a foregone conclusion, we can't allow them to do that to us not now not ever, so the sound for Bersih 4 must resonate now across the land the issues must be explained, so that people are aware of the issues and we can then take this government and its puppet commission to task.

In Pantai,  Nurul Anwar's  seat suddenly there are 2000 police voters, how did this come about? Pantai was a closely fought seat, and now to remove Nurul they have brought in the phantoms.

Bersih 4 is a must, the need is urgent, Ambiga please stop thinking - give us a call and this time we will have one million people in KL, yes one million and that is no exaggeration, many more will come - we need it we need to force  this government to play fair and not cheat us.

Undi Lah Pakatan.

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