Thursday, May 31, 2012

Time for Najib to call elections but will he?

It is time for Najib to call for elections. This country has not been governed since the last General Elections, because we do not have a Prime Minister who was really elected for the position, he was just a successor and that is what I guess he wanted because he, more then anyone else suspects that this will be his first and last term.

To call for elections will be like a call for Hara Kiri, the rakyat are sure to throw him and UMNO into the dustbins of history, the time for a Malaysian Renaissance has arrived and the old has just got to give way to the new. The old has become irrelevant, UMNO and its BN members have become irrelevant, the nation is one.

UMNO and its cronies in the BN can't really hang on to power anymore, they know that their story does not hold any good any more.Their credibility has never been so low, the lowest since 1957, no one trusts the Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak  anymore, I doubt even those closest to him trust him anymore, he has failed to live up to expectations, he has failed to give Malaysians reasons to trust him on the contrary he has given us reason not to trust him.                              

There is the Scorpene case and its revelations that have implicated him, if he was indeed clean he should have gone to Paris and attended the hearing to give his side of the story, he has refused to.

The Paris inquiry would  have been the best forum for him to clear his name, it would  have been on neutral ground and no one could say that he fixed the judges there,  that would  have been the perfect  platform for the Prime Minister of Malaysia to clear his name and then go to the people for a mandate and if he is clean the people I am sure will back  him up.

Alas he has decided not to go to Paris, he has decided not to defend himself although it has been reported that he has been implicated, it has been reported that the countries defence secrets were given away for money, that is treason, and all in the process of purchasing these submarines and  the PM of Malaysia who was the the defence minister of the country and the man implicated here has refused to come forward and clear his name.

His absence and refusal to give any evidence in the case can result in the inquiry drawing adverse inferences agaisnt him. I am sure he is aware of  that, his lawyers must have briefed him on that issue, and yet he has chosen to remain silent.

He holds the highest elected office in the land, he must realise that to hold such office his integrity and character must be without blemish.

In the Scorpene case alone amongst all the allegations made out agaisnt him and his wife there is so much going agaisnt the office of the Prime Minister of Malaysia, there is a murder of a woman, a foreigner, a Mongolian to be precise, whom the PM has claimed he does not know, but who was killed by his very own personal guards, and they have been found guilty of that murder.