Wednesday, May 23, 2012

HRP - An UMNO Trojan Horse Exposed

What I suspected since HINDRAF turned itself into a political party now is proven right, HINDRAF and especially Uthayakumar.

This blog   once penned "Uthaya save the Indians - go for  self immolation," that was in December of 2010,   now we see how right we really were even then, read that and then read this.

If he is real Hindu why has he allowed the Police and the UMNO backed hooligans go and sell beef in front of Ambiga's house without even a word of objection, it is only because he is a Najib stooge, awaiting the big day at the expense of the very people he says he champions.

Yes,  the HINDRAF  was formed so that the likes of Uthaykumar could lobby with UMNO and claim that they had the majority Indian support in the country,  and take over the role that would be vacated by Samy Veloo as at that time his time to vacate was nigh, and replace the MIC in the BN.
There was no other way for him to get into the MIC Samy would  have  made minced meat out of him so he had to get the Indians to rally behind him and HINDRAF, and now when you look at it, his plans become so glaringly apparent.

The best way to do it was to promise the Indians something that no one could ever give them and that was a million ringgit each, just imagine 1 million ringgit each what a windfall, many  of them never even held ten thousand ringgit in their hands at any one given time and  that was what they were asked to march to the British  High Commission for.

 Now  and for what did not concern this BN government in any way the Government of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi went bersek and attacked the Indians with water cannons, tear gas and all. That angered so many Malaysians that  in its aftermath - the last elections the government got  a huge bashing,  to a great extent on the sympathy of the way it treated the Indians at the HINDRAF rally, but if the HINDRAF thinks that was the main reason then they underestimate the intelligence of Malaysians, in the same way the BN did, after all they are partners now.

That HINDRAF with its rally and nothing else won so much sympathy of the Malaysians which cannot be denied, but if they are expecting this same sympathy from the government they are in for a bashing this time from the rakyat.

It is very clear now that HINDRAF is out there to reinstate UMNO as the kingpin in the state assembly in Selangor through its political vehicle the Hindu Rights Party (HRP) , their decision to stand in Selangor is a clear indication that all they want to do is to deliver Selangor to UMNO and then Uthaykumar will get what he wants, he will become a minister and the next Samy Veloo a minister through the back door, via the senate although it is very certain that the HRP will not win a single seat at the elections and Uthaya himself knows that and has secretly acknowledged it.

The only thing the Indians in this country have to realise is that these self seeking  individuals  who claim to champion their cause actually use these Indians (the Tamillians in particular)  for their very own purposes and Uthaykumar is no exception, he is almost going to pull out a masterstroke and the Indians are going to receive another MIC like party in the government of the BN who will then dance according to the tune of the UMNO at the expense of ignorant Indian support.

HINDRAF may not come outright and join the BN that will be very difficult, but they will be what will be known as a BN friendly party just like the independents in the  Perak state assembly today.

Never in the history of Malaysia have the Indians had better representation in government than they have today and yet when they have achieved it their very own people the HRP and the HINDRAF the movements that claim to champion their cause  come to destroy it, claiming that the government of the State has done nothing for them, and they may be right.

It is only one term, the government cannot be looking at only one community, it has to look at the whole big picture,  and that is what is important. To say that the government has not provided enough land for Hindu temples but instead took it and gave it to the Chinese is racial and typical of BN politics, HINDRAF is playing the racial card to confuse the issue just like the MCA and MIC have done for ages.

Indians will have to fight back, there is no future in being Indian first, it will not offer their children anything in the future, they have to think Malaysian first.

Pakatan has ruled Selangor for only one term, they have not desecrated or destroyed a single temple, on the other hand the Barisan and especially UMNO folk have,  they have desecrated so many Hindu temples all over the country. Ask DP Vijandrean what the Attorney General of the time in the Kerling case  accused him of when he defended a few Indians, DP was then an upcoming MIC star.

Today the Indians who are on the brink of a new era have to make a choice, go the Indian  way and like Ostriches believe that it is only them with problems in the country or rise up and discard racist parties and come together under a Malaysian banner and as Malaysians stand up and fight this evil regime, and once and for all claim this, our nation back from cheats and self seeking individuals.

If the Indians make the choice to go the HINDRAF way there is only one result they can hope to achieve, continue to be the street sweepers, the office cleaners, the one ton truck lorry drivers and remain ignorant - the specialisation of the BN.

On the other hand they can join the mainstream Malaysians defeat this government  as one people  and prosper.


  1. If HINDRAF is UMNO Trojan Horse then why HINDRAF openly announce not to vote UMNO/BN? HINDRAF have already made statement that UMNO rule in Putrajaya must end. It's simple Anwar/PR don't want top answer HINDRAF 18 Point Demands and divert the issue they said HINDRAF is UMNO Trojan Horse.

  2. Exactly my thoughts about Hindraf. Always believe that Uthaya is a conman using indians for his own agenda.

  3. Yes, they will be the street sweepers, office cleaners, lorry drivers, besi burok collectors and Uttar will be the mandor.

  4. An aside: In your poll as to whom one will vote for, you have only BN, PKR, and Hindraf. How come there is no DAP or PAS?

  5. I believe Uthaya bit off much more than he could chew. He probably never imagined the movement he started would grow so big in so short a time. But he was also outmanouvred by the UMNO government which had decades of experience in dirty politics. In the end by the time he was released from Kamunting he was completely out of touch with the vastly changed political scene and didn't adapt his ideology and tactics to suit the new circumstances. He could have done this without sacrificing his core ideals but he failed to make this transition. As a result it didn't take much and it didn't take long for his party to disintegrate.

    Other than that I wouldn't label him as a traitor nor would it be just to call Hindraf an UMNO trojan horse. You can easily read on the internet about Uthaya's contributions before Hindraf was even formed and what were the events that led him to his path of destiny. No one can ever PRETEND to have the kind of passion and commitment to his cause that he had.

  6. funny right blaming government/BN for them becoming street sweepers,office cleaners,lorry drivers and so on of low class jobs...what abt those indians who became lawyers (Mr Karpal one of em) doctors engineers or millionaires so they have to be really thankful to the government/BN??? right?? right??
    what a lame excuse...

  7. "...what abt those indians who became lawyers (Mr Karpal one of em) doctors engineers or millionaires"

    That is a stupid comment.
    Indians who made it on their own have done it MOSTLY on their own, (and BN did not finance Karpal) except for Samy Vellu etc. who are found in MICe

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