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Ambiga and Irene - A case of selective bullying of Indians

The  UMNO led government is now selectively targeting Indians to demonstrate their powers and try and create a significant divide in an effort to force Malay unity, it has always been the cornerstone of UMNO to  portray a race as the bogeyman and then try and get the rest to unite under their radical racialist  banner so that they can win elections, rule the nation and rob the rakyat.

The selection of Ambiga and Irene are significant cases, why use the sedition act against Irene and not against Ibrahim Ali?

The reason is so obvious Irene does not serve their purpose, Irene makes things rather difficult for them, in fact extremely difficult, it is hard to face the truth and when faced by the truth, this UMNO led politicians just can't accept it.

How can they anyway? When UMNO  thrives on cheating, cheats are always against the truth so Irene is seen as sabotaging their cheating activities and that is what it is all about with almost everyone who points out their wrongdoings even people in their own camp and Ong Tee Keat is a classic example.

On the other hand Ibrahim Ali is serves their purpose he does just what they want, he is the main driver of the  so called, "Ketuanan Melayu" which is actually, "Ketuanan Umnoputra."

With Ambiga it is because she is an Indian as well, if they  take on the Malays leaders and supporters or berish they will face the wrath of all the Malays, and they are already threatened by loss of Malay support, the pen they say is mightier than the sword, so to take on Pa Samad will be political suicide, he is respected by aqll quarters of Malays his literary works are respected by the whole cross section of Malaysians, he is an icon of pride to the Malays, and none of the present day living UMNO leaders can match him in that depratment.

Having said that I am not saying they should take on  the Malay leaders of Bersih, they have no case  against these people, again here it is a case of feeling terribly uncomfortable with the  exposition of  the truth, so to make an example to stifle any further revelations from any party  they pick on Ambiga  and Irene both Indians, because they know that neither the MIC or the HINDRAF will dare raise the issue, these tow parties are literally fed by UMNO and let me now go into the details.

MIC of course as we all have known for a very long time works under the direction of UMNO, it has no voice, no voice at all, if it seems to have a voice it is UMNO's voice echoed by Indian men who are supposedly Indian leaders clad in White Vaishtees who claim to represent the Indians.

In the case of HINDRAF we have to dig a little further to understand the issue.

Everyone knew that Samy's days were coming to an end, every Indian also knew that whoever succeeds Samy would come from the MIC aqnd he would literally be nominated and elected by Samy, that was the extent of Samy Veloo's control on MIC.

Anyone else hoping to take control of the Indians via MIC had sub zero chances, and that is no exaggeration
so the best way to do it was to demonstrate to the government that they indeed had the support if the Indians in the country, and that is what set the HINDRAF machinery into action.

In the pipe dream was a plan to push Samy and his supporter aside and fill that vacuum with  their ranks.
HINDRAF was responsible in a very big way for the poor showing by the BN at the last elections, it exposed Badawi, it made many people believe  that the Indians were the only marginalised community in this country without even realizing that the real natives who are termed "Bumiputra" were more marginalised then the Indians.

Look at the natives of East Malaysia, look at the Senoi, the Orang Laut and the rest they are significantly marginalized and when you compare them with the Indians no one can really and honestly claim that the Indians are marginalised in this country, that there are segments of Indians who are marginalised is true but this marginalisation is due to the Indians themselves and their representation in the Barisan Nasional.

Look at rural Malays in Kelantan, Kedah and many other states who choose to differ with this government and you'll see the Malay marginalised as well.

In ratio of population if one were to consider professionals in Malaysian societym  the Indians are equal if not better off than all the the other races, look at the doctors, engineers, lawyers, CEO's of Companies Indians stand out.

There are pressing needs in this community that no can cares a damn about, Tamil schools being the most glaring of all, it is  the cradle of Indian marginalisation,  and who is it that wants it there?

I have dealt enough with this topic on this blog, I'll not go into the details, except to ask if HINDRAF or MIC has the ability to turn at least fifty percent of the Tamil Schools into independent schools going up to upper secondary level like the Chinese schools.

Are there sufficient Tamils in this country willing to walk the talk?

That is not the solution anyway, it will only breed division amongst the races closing the schools down will be the best option, concentrating on teaching Tamil in regular schools will be the best option for the Tamils who feel so much about the language.

The Tamils in this country must realise that the sooner they become more Malaysian and less Tamil the better it will be for them and the nation as a whole.

Najib has read the HINDRAF plan,he very well coudl have been behindthe plan all this while, now he  is wooing HINDRAF, as soon as its members applied to register a political party it was registered, the 'Makal Sakthy Party," dubbed by it's leadership as the, "only Indian based multiracial party," it was apporved.

Indian based "multiracial party?

Today with that registration of  the Makal Sakthy party, parliamentary seats are the objective of the party.

HINDRAF's  big plan to get the British to compensate the children of Indian indentured labourers one million ringgit per head as long been cast aside, that was the magic that brought the Indians to HINDRAF, it has served it's purpose, the leadership has won the confidence of that sector of Indians and now they are using it for the political mileage - using that support to blackmail Pakatan into political suicide by demanding Parliamentary seats.

To get into favour of UMNO and the BN they are now being used by Najib as the spoiler for the Pakaktan vote, this excercise is clearly a BN strategy, as the HINDRA leadership calls on Anwar to meet  the Indians to demand seats.

Their demand of seats not one or two but much more that 10 from Anwar is a clear indication of their intent- sabotage.

How do they expect to win on the ticket of an "Indian" party? There is not one single constituency in the entire country with an Indian majority and at the last elections the number of Indians who secured both Parliamentary and state seats in Parliament set a record since Independence, not because they were Indians but because they were Malaysians, they stood on as members of multiracial parties.

Whilst the Pakatan is talking about a multiracial platform the HINDRAF pretending to align itself with the Pakatan is coming in on  a racial platform, they should not be welcome.

Now leaving all that aside these champions of Indian marginalization have been very quiet in the wake of what has happened to Ambiga, and the selling of Beef burgers at her doorstep, the Police tacitly supported this act of intimidation so too did the Prime Minsiter  by his very silence.

The Kuala Lumpur CID chief's statement that Irene Fernandez may be probed under the  Sedition Act, when everything else said by the likes of Ibrahim Ali, and even others in government that could have easily fallen under this category when unnoticed proves this selective intimidation and bullying of Indians by the Police and the government.

There is selective  Indian bashing practiced by UMNO and that is no joke and almost every Indian in politics today knows that, but what happened to the the two parties who are supposed to represent the Indians.

Would UMNO have been quiet if  Indian's went in front of Najib's house and started preparing hamburgers? Incidentally "ham" is pork? 


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