Saturday, March 22, 2014

Were the Lion batteries shipped in Contravention of IATA/ICAO guidlenes?


To our Honourable Minister of Transport, 
Dato Seri Hishamuddin Hussein Onn, 

Please Dato Seri clarify this for the families of those on board MH370, and all concerned peoples who have not stopped praying to find out what happened.

It has been stated over and over again by the chief of MAS that the Lithium batteries were packed and sent "according to procedures," but after having gone through the IATA Lithium Battery Guidance document I see one very glaring item that is of grave concern regarding the shipment of these batteries.

If that was a mistake we should admit it and move on if it isn't and if it was alright to ship these batteries then the MAS chief should lend clarity to his statements, not justt say we packed it according procedures set by IATA/ICAO, as this question has been asked severla times and I am of the opinion it is being followed by the press.

The Malaysiakini reported in its article 

"Australians upbeat search will yield results" 
reported as follows;
"MAS in a statement says the lithium-ion batteries that were part of the flight's cargo complied with standards.
"The lithium-ion batteries carried onboard MH370 on March 8 were in compliance with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) requirements where it is classified as Non Dangerous Goods," it said."

Now let us view what the regulations says;  Please note what is in red, below in the regulations quoted.

Transport Conditions
The following information is a summary of the conditions
that apply to various sizes
of batteries for air transport. More details on the exceptions are found in the next
section of this document.
(a) dangerous goods training (DGR 1.5);
(b) classification (DGR;
(c) limits on the net quantity of lithium batteries per package (DGR 4.2 and
applicable packing instruction);
(d) UN specification packaging(applicable packing instruction, see also DGRSection 6);
UN specification packaging does not apply to PI 967 and PI 970
(e)marking and labelling of packages (DGR Section 7)
packages must not bear the lithium battery handling label, only the
Class 9 hazard label and Cargo Aircraft Only label, when applicable, must be
applied. If packages are assembled into an overpack the requirements for
overpacks in DGR 7.1.4 and 7.2.7 apply
The only when applicable needs the clarification.
Why was this cargo put on a passenger plane if not, because from my understanding this was not cargo that is applicable? 
Was it subject to any waivers or exceptions if so what were these  and where in this document can we find it?
Can we have a copy of the airway bill to clarify other items that re relevant to this information?

If it was it would fall under the certain categories provided for in this document (a copy of the full Lithium Battery Guidance Document is available by clicking on the link below) so please tell us what and where in the regulations it can be found.



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