Sunday, March 2, 2014

Time To Bury Zaid - Bury His Backside Strategy

After a sandiwara in UMNO this man "left" UMNO to join PKR and was very welcomed. 

As usual for a man who does not understand strategy but who accumulated his riches as an UMNO crony he went in expecting to make it to the top immediately from where he could destroy PKR.

UMNO's  Trojan Horse 
His plans failed and he was a PKR discard, his antiquated "Trojan Horse" strategy did not work and so he decided to start another party to neutralise PKR, that is and has been the UMNO strategy  - to destroy or neutralise the PKR.

When he moved out he announced to all and sundry that they should back him,  the call was BackZaid, and so he initiated what was then mockingly called the Backside Party, from which he resigned after he found out that the  Backside was not so appropriate.

He made subtle overtures to return but the PKR were not UMNO and they could read through him the message he recevied was, "Thanks but no Thanks."

He is an UMNO man through and through. A crony who amassed riches via UMNO based projects.  

His presence in Kajang is at the request of Najib who is desperately trying to use him to reduce the PKR minority, not even to win, if he wins Najib will consider it a bonus, for that matter if he wins MCA should close shop or pull out of BN as this is after all the UMNO strategy from the Najib faction.

Najib requires him to garner Malay votes which are mostly slanted to PKR in the Kajang constituency, and is hoping the MCA will able able to deliver  better results then it did the last time around. That way Najib will claim that the electorate are turning towards him and neutralise any call for him to vacate the Prime Ministership at the expense of the MCA losing the UMNO vote to Zaid. he is setting up MCA to fail.

This truly is a backside strategy, it is full of Sai.

Anwar is seen by UMNO and its leadership, especially Mahathir Mohammed and Najib Tun Razak as a dangerous man. Anwar is also seen as dangerous to the former UMNO strong man Rahim Tamby Cik and many more who have dirty linen in the closet, that is why that UMNO Tamby plotted a sex scandal against Anwar before the last elections.

Does not look too happy
Have you ever noticed  how everytime an elections is looming Anwar is in the centre of an UMNO sex scam?

UMNO was seen by Malays as a staunch Muslim, it was he who was responsible for an "Islamic Renaissance," of a kind here in Malaysia, and so he was well respected among the Malays and the Muslims.

Anwar had actually neutralised PAS at that time but had not done it on purpose although as Deputy PM and UMNO member he maintained a close relationship with PAS.

The Malays did not see a need for PAS with Anwar at the helm, so Anwar was actually the strongest Malay leader of the time and he proved it when he went and ousted Gaffar Baba the DPM and the Deputy President of UMNO without even obtaining Mahathir's and when he announced he was taking on Gaffar every minster in the Mahathir cabinet except for Rafidah Aziz  and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, was there at the meeting of the press vocally backing  him, that was the power in UMNO Anwar wielded at that time.

This made Mahathir sit up and take notice, the writing was on the wall and he knew Anwar had bigger plans because Anwar began distancing himself with Mahathir especially on the crony projects.

Anwar had to move and he had to move fast, he had to do it in view of the excesses practiced by his mentor Mahathir Muhammed, for whilst he respected Mahathir he loved and respected the nation even more.

The next move was to get rid of Mahathir and that is when he began to publicly speak about,  Nepotism, Cronyism and Corruption. That phrase in Malaysian politics was coined by Anwar and it was directed at Mahathir during his days as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.

Mahathir read the writing on the wall, his protege was bent on changing the status quo, and he was all out to get him.
Battle Hardy Patriot
The first sign that things were not right was after  the opening of Police Mosque in Penang, that is where the fight came out in the open, the then IGP was there and Anwar walked out of the meeting.

A week or two later Anwar was sacked and charged with Sodomy.

Why sodomy?

Because if it was adultery or another sex scandal,  many a Malay leader some  much bigger than Anwar would have been guilty of the same thing so why pick on Anwar?

Sodomy so that they could attack and tarnish his Islamic credentials, and make him a nobody  in the eyes of the Malays and Muslims in this country - the backbone of UMNO.

And so it was,  they conspired, and charged him with sodomy  and incarcerated Anwar, the plan was to use Azmin, by shaking him up and to give doctored evidence, Azmin stood firm and refused to bear false witness against his boss for whatever gain UMNO was willing to give him in return.

Now does that explain why Najib concocted  another Sodomy case?

After first claiming that Saiful went to see him for a Scholarship and all those lies that followed, he coolly washed his hands off pretending he was not involved.

Najib has been implicated in an adultery case in Port Doickson, it was Mahathir who saved him there, and so to get Anwar it could not be a sexual case that would ahve been too ordinary in UMNO,  the Malays will not buy it so the Saiful case really a shit full case, a miserable and shameful attempt to discredit an Islamic leader with good values, by people who call themselves Muslims.

Malaysia needs a lot of soul searching, the Muslims in Malaysia need a lot of soul searching in this particular case, if they can stomach this nonsense something is terribly wrong with the value system in Malaysia, and the people of Kajang both Muslims and non Muslims must send a very strong message to Najib and the rest of the establishment. 

Enough is Enough we've had just enough in fact too much.

Vote Anwar in, send Najib out!!!!!!  and bury the likes of Zaid Ibrahim once and for all.

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