Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Kajang issues, the real ones.

If anyone things there is no problem between these two they are wrong, both men want to serve and both men think they can do better.

Fight now together for party then  to fight each other later for Party as well
They will allow the membership to decide that and that is the democratic process, there will be an election for the deputy in PKR.

PKR is not UMNO where there have not seen elections in a long  while now, and anyone who dares to stand against the leadership is out even if he wins. Remember Khairy's win over Mukhriz?

In PKR the membership   seems to think  the other way,  they are encouraging Khalid to stand against Azmin,  and that encouragement is coming from all sides, they feel it will strengthen the party whichever way the party elections go, the party has no plugs to pull to stop him too, it's let the best man win as it should be.

Anwar's entry into the State assembly has a lot to do with this and there is no denying it, but he is also there to ensure that the UMNO plan to drop Najib works, and that is in full steam.

Remember after the last elections he tried to rally the people together agaisnt Najib in what was after all a rigged elections where the Keadillan lost due to irregularities in all the processes, including the indelible ink, the other parties in Pakaatan did not give him their support and he was forced to call it off.

Now he knows about the UMNO plot, Anwar knows more about the happenings in UMNO than UMNO knows about PKR and that is why Najib called all the diplomats together to warn them about what they say, he knows that even in his own office there is no such thing as a secret.

Now notice the conciliatory attitude of both Muhyiddin and Liow that they will not attack personalities, that is because if the MCA a Chinese based party discarded by the Chinese as was seen at the last elections  can't afford to attack Anwar personally - A Malay leader although its former President has been doing so for a long time.
"No personal attacks in this campaign"

Chua Soi Lek is by his own admission a sex offender and the government let him off Scot free, whereas we have had UMNO men accuse Anwar about a lot of sex offenses and even though it was found to be false they have gone off Scot free.

Anwar has been acquitted by the courts time and time again for alleged sexual offenses and the government goes after him over and over again, why waste our money on what the rakyat now firmly believe are trumped up charges and which the rakyat will not give the courts any credibility if they found otherwise. Moreover they have to dbring in an outside lawyer to help their case, it only proves the incompetence of our Attorney General.

If MCA goes on the offensive using these frivolous charges against Anwar the Malay vote will experience an extreme swing towards Anwar, he already has the confidence of the majority of the Malays in the constituency but the remaining Malays being Malays will not stomach a Chinese insulting a Malay, and Anwar has UMNO to thaank for that attitude.

The job of getting at Anwar and making all kinds of noise about the Saiful case is now the job of Zaid Ibrahim, planted in Kajang by Najib himself to do just that nd reduce the majority of the PJR vote this time around. He needs that to justify his staying in power, as he know the plots being htched behind his back to get him out.

MAC's offering on the UMNO alter
One may want to ask why Zaid,  and not another UMNO man, the answer is very simple, Muhyiddin and the Mahahtir camp want the BN to lose Kajang, it is in their own personal interests, an UMNO candidaate is bound to fail in Kajang too, and so put an MCA candidate and when they lose Najib can ask again, "Apa lagi Cina mau?" Well not Kangkung for sure, neither do the Malays of Kajang want Kangkung. 

So you do not put a Malay in Kajang,it will backfire on you not an UMNO Malay, but you need a Maly for Kajang to steal the Malay vote and for that he has the famous Trojan Horse - Zaid Ibrahim, now a hopeless decoy.

Liow is fully aware of this UMNO plan, but MCA as MCA always is and as it  always will be are servants of UMNO. What UMNO demands MCA gives in to, including offering a sacrificial offering of Chew Mei Fun.

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