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MH370 - When tyranny is allowed to take its course.

The world is now seeing the results  of its indifference to a corrupt and wicked regime that it allowed to carry on unabated, it sees how secretive this regime can be, it also shows how it tries to deceive the entire world.
An MAS Boeing 777

Now I hope the realisation will come of  the world  especially to the powers that be (China in particular), how dangerous it is to allow such repressive regimes to continue to suppress, persecute and even torture its citizens, for if it can be done to its own children what more foreigners?

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Do Malaysian officials' reports add up?
Brian Todd examines the conflicting reports given by Malaysian officials in regards to the investigation into Flight 370.

The system of governance in Malaysia is apartheid it  so blatant, you have first and second class citizens. First class citizens can say anything bout second class citizens and get away scot free, it is not dangerous, it is alright, it is accepted. In fact these people who do so are backed by this government.

Fourth and fifth generation Malaysians are second class citizens when first generation citizens (recent immigrants)  can become first class citizens based only on religion, and the ability to speak Malay and follow what it calls Malay customs which can mean so many things.

Each time the minorities take up an issue and the UMNO -  the most dominant party in government does not like it, these minorities are told they  are insensitive and are threatening Malay rights even to the extent of asking them if they want another May 13.
Ibrahim Ali with Mahathir Mohammed
with threats of physical violence.

Malaysia has now become the first country in the world to have such a big and sophisticated plane disappear into thin air. Yes disappear. What an achievement?  That is how they look at it.

A review of the world news at large including now China's CCTV shows that most of the countries participating  in this  effort to try and locate this plane do not trust the Malaysian Government.

Aren't we as Malaysians  familiar with this?

Lies, lies and lies, was it not Hishamuddin the then Home Minister  the man who blatantly lied about Police violence in Berseh two?

Why is this man a proven incompetent minister been put to put us to shame in eyes of the world?

It is  time for the Chief secretary to the government to act,  sack those who have been giving misleading information which Hishamuddin denies we have done. Sack those who have in the eyes of the world shown their incompetence,  I will not name the many I think if the Chief secretary can't get that right then he as to be sacked as well.

Was it not the head of the DCA who said that five passengers checked in for the flight and did not board the plane?

Was he not the one who also said that their baggage were all unloaded in accordance with  security procedures where the tags on the bags were checked to ensure it was their baggage?

Did this story not change the day after this blog  asked the question;  how could the plane take off on time if that was the case, the blog said it would have taken the airline at least twenty minutes to do that.

Was it also not him who told the press rather curtly that we do not have to review our security as we have  been audited and nothing was found wrong?

Why  are there conflicting reports of the time the plane went out of the radar screen?

This incompetence is mainly due to this country's rejection of a system of meritocracy, when the thrid best or even the worst is given the opportunity and the best left to emigrate.

Why is it Hishamuddin made a statement to the effect that the Chinese have said that the satellite picture was not of debris and that he was told that the picture was a mistake?

Why is it the Chinese press are after him even insulting him by asking how much do "we know" about satellites? This is immediately after his statement on the Satellite pictures and we are now told the Chinese ships are heading in that direction. Why is it the Chinese PM has been reported by the Government backed media as having said China will continue to investigate that debris or what looked like debris form the satellite imagery?

Have we not been shamed sufficiently? Do we need this over and over again? Are we going to destine our country to the dogs?

Are we numb to all this, or shall I ask are we so thick skinned that national pride  is worth nothing to us?

I feel so much like a fool, I feel like a confounded idiot, each time I hear our authorities making statements about MH370 to the world,  I feel shy and I feel like turning off the TV, when I heard the BBC report in a pub in KL yesterday where there were foreigners I felt like creeping under the table and hiding and I ask myself why.

This is plainly because many Malaysians have no shame they have no sense of national pride, this is  because  even though  they know how crooked this government is they stll back them for their own selfish interests.

I am talking about the UMNO members, I am talking about  the bankrupt MCA and its entire membership, I am talking about MIC and Palinivel, I am talking about the Gerakan if it still exists, I am talking about Pairin Kitingan and the Sabah government, I am talking about Sarawak BN members what shame, and what a shameful situation we have been put into.

This government is so arrogant  that world opinion does not matter, expert opinion does not matter because expert opinion will only reveal the incompetency and the l;level of intelligence of  imbeciles put in positions of authority have.

The Chinese Prime Minister has come out time and again about this crash, how many times has our PM done that? Is this not a Malaysian Airline?

Is this not our National Airline?

Does it not carry our flag as part of its logo?
Najib Where is he?

Then where is Najib?

Why is he hiding?

What is there to hide?

The world really believes there is something to hide and that we are hiding it.

Now it makes sense to me for it was Najib who told the people at a press conference not to listen to others and that they will keep everyone informed.

Now does that not make sense to Malaysians, that is how he is going to ensure that the UMNO supporter still gets his news, after all in the  rural areas and with those who can't understand English it is  only the Malay, the Tamil and the Chinese News that is available, the news that is controlled by the government, the news which is actually information from the Government to the people for the government, this government the UMNO led BN government.

My first reaction to this  crash was, I this an UMNO diversion tactic? Remember just the day before the Parti Keadillan (Justice Party) had called for the launch of Reformasi ll after the court of appeal overturned Anwar's acquittal on grounds brought by the a bounty hunter type of public prosecutor without evenooking into or considering   Ram Karpal Singh's arguments.

A case in which our incompetent Attorney General had to get another lawyer  to come and handle the appeal for the prosecution. That was how desperate they were to get Anwar in jail for an offense that the whole of Malaysia thinks is a farce.

In the final analysis it is our fault we voted this government in, we allowed it to happen by our indifference by refusing to speak up to our friends and neighbors it is our indifference that has cost this.

“Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear." ......... Harry S Truman

victims of our judicial system
Have we  reached this stage? I suspect we have? And I suspect that all of us me included live in fear of this repressive regime. If we have not reached this stage, are we going to allow it to happen?

If your answer is "No," then it is time to send a message out to this government  and the opportunity you have is in Kajang.

Call your friends, post in face book, tweet what more have you send it to Kajang make sure people there get it,   tell them how important their vote is,  to kick this stupid and useless bunch of BN people out with a better majority then they had in the last elections.

"THERE ARE SOME THINGS I CAN TELL YOU AND SOMETHINGS I CAN'T"..........Hishmuddin Hussein Onn Malaysia's acting Minister of transport and Minister of defense

Therein lies the answer to this litany of lies and half truths (lies) there is something being hidden, something that this government knows, something Najib knows it has a huge political twist I suspect but he isn't sayign and neither is anyone else.

For Malaysia, missing airplane propels chaotic and confusing step onto world stage

Malaysia Airliner Disappearance Possibly 'Done Intentionally'

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