Saturday, August 1, 2009


Its time to March, come make it a rally to be reckoned with!!! Come March with the organisers, I'll be there I want to support them, I want to save my country.

I am headed for Sogo in Jalan Tengku Abdul Rahman this morning, I am headed there to save the nation, and you ought to be there too, so pack what you need to bring along, a National flag, maybe a raincoat and head for Sogo with me.
Take the train, or the busses, they can't block the railway line, come there because your presence counts, rain hail or shine be there.
Reject Najib's 'why march' call, because we are not asking for a review of this draconian peice of legislation, one with which all our freedom can and has be curtailed without even being given a chance to be heard.
Innocent men have died udner the ISA, this government has trodden on people at will with this law, and they will continue to to do so under the guise that it is here to preserve the security of the nation.
The biggest threat to the the security of this nation is this BN govcernment. The so called Silat groups that are to assemble to oppose this move is made up of UMNO die hards, there is'nt a single PAS or PKR memebr in its midst, it is the face of UMNO threatining people who want to make a statement in peace, this is the way UMNO and the BN works, this gigvernment is a threat to the peace, security and progress of this nation.
The ISA and the OSA have been successfully used to arrest and detain ayone who dares to expose their worng doings, it has been done in past, it is being done in the present and it will continue to be done in the future, the ISA is their only safeguard to continue to plunder the nation at will.
So if you want to rid ths country of a corrupt and criminal police force/MACC, corrupt members of our judiciary, corrupt politicians, and have a nation that is once again respected throughout the world join me today in Kuala Lumpur as we march to the Palalce of our King to hand him a memorandum to abolish, yes ABOLISH!!!!!! and not review the ISA


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  1. that is just the beginning...many more to come..
    we will march till we get rid of the scumbags!