Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hi Datuk S.S. Subramanaim, Welcome!!

The MCA Chairman might be the next man to give up all and head for the PKR if “The Star” is to be believed.

Very few would want to put their own personal safety at risk especially if the hoodlums are people who belong to the rich and mighty, for judging from the PKFZ scandal I am sure the small “ma chais’ are not involved, here the stakes are big and to have warned him revealing the findings of Price Waterhouse report means there are big personalities and issues at stake.

I think Ong Tee Kiat should make everything public straight away and then cross over to the Pakatan Rakyat, he can choose his party and i am sure they will have him.

S.S. Subramanian was the latest crossover, he claims 2000 followers came along with him, and before him was Chua Jui Meng, and the nagging worry is does this crossover actually strengthen the PKR or does it weaken the party? I have very little doubt in his ability to secure that number, but am surprised he could not do better against such a party like the MIC of all parties, but then again this is not really a game of numbers.

What is worrying is the baggage in these numbers, when persons of such stature come in they normally come in with their, “followers” who can really create the trouble in the new parties they join, by making unreasonable demands of the new party they have joined.

The demands of seats will be aplenty, in PR seats are not many, as there is an alliance here as well, an alliance of non racial parties, the DAP, the PAS and the PKR, Anwar has the unenviable task to moderate and seek understanding amongst the three components’ for fair and equitable seat distribution, the necessity to park qualified and credible candidates and the delicate task of doing so without ruffling too many feathers are essential components in holding the coalition together.

The demands of Indian candidates in recent by elections is a indication of what goes on, the trouble between the MCA, the Gerakan and PPP over seats allocation in the BN will be carried over by such party hoppers when they come along.

I am not saying that we do not give Chua Jui Meng a seat, by all means do, in fact we must, the only other thing is the rest of those who crossover will require seats too, and those demands will froisser les plumes and in turn create problems for the Pakatan Rakyat.

All members crossing over have to be put on notice that, positions and seats are not their call, PR based parties will of course look for credible candidates who are well educated and experienced in delivering the best for Malaysians, and this could include those who cross over, but it will be taken from over a cross section of the membership with the view of using the best qualified candidates.

Whilst welcoming Mr. Subramaniam, who himself is a professional (Engineer) and a seasoned politician, I must bring to the notice of all concerned that what we are dealing with now is multi racialism, not the narrow domains where people start shouting and crying about racial representation, but where people call for quality in representation so that the needs of all Malaysians regardless of class or creed are best met.

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