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PASTOR KOH, AMRI, JOSHUA AND RUTH DEAD OR ALIVE's related to the retraction of the Rome statute.

I'd like to apologise for what might seem to be a thoughtless  question , devoid of feeling for  the affected families and loved ones, but it is the very thought of what these the families are undergoing that has driven me to ask this question crudely so the authorities will sit up and realise that we need an answer, more so the families of  these missing persons, and for us Malaysians who are so often laid back to sit up awake from our slumber and take notice of what is happening to us.

Pastor  Raymond Koh, Amri Che Mat, Joshua Hilmy and Ruth are us, They represent every Mat, Kow, Muniandy, John, they represent all of us, and what has happened to them can happen to any one of us.

Malaysians of all races should brace themselves for the serious implications of the retraction of the Rome statute, and the only ones to gain anything out of this will be the radical right wing religious bigots in our society who seem to be the driving the force in putting pressure on the government to retract it in the light of what has happened to the missing  Pastor Raymond Koh, Amri Che Mat., Pastor Joshua Hilmy and his wife Ruth

Picture from the Malay  Mail

We must take note that the police had ordered Suhakam to cease their inquiry after it began, why this Police decision only the Police can explain.


The findings of the Suhakam Commission  just fuels the need for Malaysian s to be fearful of  the governments retraction of the signing of the Rome Statute, did our government of the day do it out of fear for themselves too?

It seems that these forces that objected to the Rome statute are so powerful they can even dictate terms to the government of the day, this has been demonstrated in tow cases that actually are concerned with the Basic Human Rights of all Malaysians - ICERD  and the Rome Statute.

The Suhakam inquiry has pointed the finger at the Police force and more specifically to the Special Branch of the Police Force.

The President of the Malaysian Bar  "Abdul Fareed Abdul Gafoor responding to the findings of the Suhakam Inquiry said, the Bar was appalled that Suhakam came to the conclusion that both men were victims of “enforced disappearance” at the hands of Bukit Aman’s Special Branch.

 He went on further to say, "the findings were proof of the Special Branch’s privileged position that was protected from scrutiny and accountability, and also highlighted the various “fake alternative explanations” made to shift attention away from the Special Branch and to pin the responsibility for the disappearances on other groups or individuals."

The above damming statement coming from the President of the Malaysian Bar gives us cause for concern.

 There were conclusions arrived at by the Inquiry Panel concerning dubious and contradictory testimony by various police personnel, including by former inspector-general of police, Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar; possible fabrication of evidence by the police; and even a concerted effort to derail the proceedings by charging an individual and claiming that, as a result, Suhakam no longer had any jurisdiction to proceed with the inquiry.

“More worrying still was the thread of actual testimony and circumstantial evidence that interwove this operation by the Special Branch with the abuse of power by certain individuals within the state Islamic religious authorities, to seek to highlight the threat of Shia Islam,” he said.

Now with these special  powers of impunity of this branch of the police force led by fanatics now it is time for us to take serious attention to what could happen to them in their daily life, their basic freedoms and the freedom of religion.

Abdul Fareed the President of the Malaysian Bar also issued a warning saying, “more worrying still was the thread of actual testimony and circumstantial evidence that interwove this operation by the Special Branch with the abuse of power by certain individuals within the state Islamic religious authorities, to seek to highlight the threat of Shia Islam.

Now in light of all this and the statement of the IGP who was the then Special Branch Head wh only very recently told us that all leads in the cases have run dry, I ask;


The Malaysian Bar has strongly urged the government to adopt the recommendations of the inquiry to  clearly demarcate the powers of the police and state Islamic religious authorities; reform the standard operating procedures of the police, to make the police more cooperative, open and transparent, less suppressive and avoid concealing of evidence; deal with cases of missing persons more quickly; and establish the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission, as an independent oversight body to investigate complaints about the police force.

There seems to be an obvious link now between the Special Branch and the Islamic extremists in this country and the question of who infiltrated the other is of no importance but that we Malaysians  have protection form this state owned secret societies is,  and from whom if not the Rome Statute.

It is clear that it  is these bodies that  are the driving force behind the prevention of  the government from signing the Rome statute, for that their criminal interests will be curtailed and they'll be responsible to the International Criminal Court.

The crimes described in the Rome Statute are brutal in nature and capable of being committed only by a leader or a command structure of any given state.

In the case of the missing four and the findings of the Inquiry it was carried out there seems to have been a command structure and it was a command structure of the state, and the more serious question is;

If it is it is the duty of every responsible Malaysian to rise up to the occasion and demand we sign the Rome Statute  less this beastly terror organisation  takes over the state - our beautiful Malaysia

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