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Umno is a party that can be very nasty,extremely nasty when it needs to inflict suffering on a member to force him to quit, and the President is no exception.
Pondering his choices?

UMNO members of "reputable standing" according to sources have lodged  reports with the MACC regarding corrupt practices by Zahid to buy his way into the UMNO Presidency. 

This allegation being leveled against the man who in the run up of party elections was reported to ave said, "party had to eradicate the culture of warlords and money politics", is now very likely to be investigated for what he seemingly deplored.

Senior UMNO representatives are now pondering party investigation against Najib although those still  inclined to Zahid are insisting that the party first receives a complaint or report on the issue.

One Supreme Council member who knows the people involved in making this report to the MACC, is of the opinion that, "to safeguard the integrity of the party the party has to initiate it's own investigation and if the person or persons who lodged the report with MACC come forward it will be a bonus, but UMNO has to initiate an investigation and there can be no 2 ways about it." 

Saying they must first have a report is to block the issue fro being investigated, this has been an UMNO practice for ages, because the person who comes forward is the one who will be fired and incarcerated as has been the habit in UMNO.

This  reason is the reason the report was made to the MACC instead of to UMNO. Previous whistle blowers have suffered incredibly that they are not willing to take a chance even though UMNO is not government today.

The people who are behind this report are said to come from both sides of the nation both East and West and they had hinted that Zahid goes on leave pending his trials and were very annoyed when he did not as they feel his staying on the Presidential seat with all these charges against him will be detrimental t the party and there is a lot of evidence even now to show that it is happening.

Sabah UMNO is totally against PAS, Sabah UMNO is extremely with the anti ICERD rally because they feel that it was actually initiated by PAS and not UMNO and the entire rally was orchestrated by PAS with UMNO playing second fiddle.

"Like all UMNO Divisions in Semananjung and Sabah we believe we are the masters of our own destiny and PAS ideology has not place in UMNO," said a Sabah UMNO member.

As it is Zahid is already facing 46 Charges of criminal breach of trust, money laundering, and graft.

According to the East Malaysian members, they had already believed Najib's role in 1MDB but were quite confident that Najib would balance the books  after GE 14, by returning some sums and getting the rest vial mega projects including projects in Sabah  as promised him.

Now with these charges against Zahid the Sabah UMNO members  strongly believe Zahid is involved in most charges and as such has to quit "not just take leave as suggested by other party members in semenanjung" said the East Malaysin member we were talking to.

"Najib has relinquished the Presidency that is not good enough, he must quit from the party or face the prospect of being expelled, his presence in the party is dangerous, and instead of getting him sacked we are still trying to pull wool over the eyes of UMNO members like we did when Najib was in power." 

"That is some of the prime reasons we lost the last elections,and we must face it and if we decide that was the cause we must sack Najib if he refuses to move out, similarly we must sack Zahid because it was he who capitalized on Muyhiddin's move to get Najib to answer the accusations and instead of assisting Najib he saw it as an opportunity to get Muhyiddin sacked and get elevated to the post of DPM." said this member complaining about Nazri and Khairy saying, " they dare  to say that UMNO lost because of 1MDB, but lack the guts of calling on Najib to quit or demanding the Supreme council sack Najib."

From the looks of it pressure is mounting on Zahid from all quarters to quit and if he does he may get off wit this charge of buying himself into the Presidency of UMNO, as UMNO will not cooperate with the MACC or for that matter even the police.

Zahid has to make up his mind be slapped with more charges with reprots coming from within  UMNO, or quit the party.

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