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 More and more UMNO members feel tht Najib should be sacked from the party without further delay to save the party, some have openly pronounced that the fall of UMNO at the last elections was all about 1MDB and nothing less, and Najib or MO1 represents 1MDB,  to have him in the party leave alone calling the shots, with his sidekick as President is not helping at all.
Who controls who?

If UMNO is to survive "Sack Najib now" are the words of a prominent UMNO man,  "and reconsider the positions of , Zahid and the Wanita Chief, we can do that by calling and EGM."

I was in Melaka over the weekend and met up with my UMNO friends, and they were delighted to meet up with me, they knew that I had tea with a senior UMNO man from the south and wanted to know more, there wasn't much to tell except for what I have said above my meeting with him was by chance and very short.

Three guys from Johor, one from Negeri Sembilan and two from Melaka and the first thing they asked me was, "hey Toffee what you got scared of the ICERD rally ke?"

Well I was in Melaka for other reasons not even politics and I decided to drop in on them as they were there, I am always in Melaka  at this time of the year.

As we were talking they told me what was going to happen in Sabah and I did not take them seriously, it sounded so untrue and quite unbelievable, the actual language used by this chap whom I know as Daud from Johor was, "UMNO will be sacked from Sabah," and yes that is the words he used were exactly that,  "UMNO will be sacked from Sabah." 

Harsh I thought extremely Harsh, "Sacked?"

Those were strong words and the Negeri Sembilan guy concurred so did the rest except for my friend from Masjid Tanah,  he was not too sure, what he said was,  "yes some may leave but to say 'Sacked'  is carrying it too far, that means completely defeated and crushed, not so drastic lah, the usual one or two only lah"

Ya,  but the events in Sabah have not resulted in one or two, even the likes of Said Keruak and Pandikar Amin Muliaand what is really an exodus seems to lend credit to Daud's statement.
The Sabah Exodus-Not just 1 or 2 but almost all

No doubt all are opportunists, but then this is politics one would say and really we are awfully lucky the likes of  Said Keruak and Pandikar Amin Mulia are not in Parliament, I guess they are trying to avoid prosecution, that is the game of political prostitutes and it has been so for a long time now.

Now to get to the subject matter what all my friends were in agreement about was the what they called "THE GEMPA BUMI OF 2019,"  where they claim UMNO will be left with less then 20 Members of Parliament and that is serious. One of them reckons it will be close to only 10, and if that is not shocking there are a few PAS members waiting to cross over to Amanah and PKR too.

The movement of UMNO members of Parliament and even state Assembly persons  will take place before February 11th they reckon and I am beginning to take that seriously now.

According to them Zahid is no leader at all, "he should have taken leadership rather then be Najib's sidekick as he now is," said the other Johor member. 

My friend from Masjid Tanah whose father was  a strong UMNO vetran, and who witnessed and knows the man  from UMNO who carried  RM50 million from KUBB in cash in two bags to Harris
Who's got plans?
Salleh prior to the fateful elections where he lost to Joseph Pairin said, " look it was because of Najib that UMNO lost, and lost so badly, we all know it everybody knows it, except the present day UMNO supreme council, so you know the kind of idiots we have in the UMNO Supreme Council." 

According to these chaps, Najib knows it too but he is only trying to save his own skin and is taking UMNO to hell but that is of least concern to him, he wants all these charges against him and Rosmah  to go away and  he is prepared to do anything even surrendering UMNO to PAS.

Is this UMNO or PAS?
What Najib and Zahid  does not realise is that  the great majority of UMNO members are not the type who buy into Hadi and Pas' agenda of an Islamic state, that is not compatible with UMNO and has never been party of the UMNO dream. Najib is taking the party away from its objectives to serve his own purpose and some UMNO people are beginning to see it, the ICERD rally was one, where UMNO discarded its  "Red" for the PAS "White."  Najib is willing to destroy UMNO if he gets out of this rut he is in now he will leave the country,  a rich man at that and that is exactly what he wants.

"Now with Najib still hemming  the UMNO leadership with a sidekick who has absolutely no clue of what is happening around him, the members are getting fed up and are trying to steer the party right but fail at each turn," continued my friend.

"As much as we disliked Khairy we are now seeing some sense in what he saying, UMNO needs to reinvent itself, we have been saying that to you all the time Toffee, since before the 2013 elections go look at your own articles. We still do not like Khairy he has to do more if we are to back him he has to come out strong, put Najib in his place after all Najib is a nobody today but a man who has been charged for many crimes and that is how many in the general membership see him, but dare not voice ou their opinions, they know that there is hidden treasures in UMNO and they are hoping for tpart of that loot, but if Khairy comes out strong and challenges the status quo in UMNO today and even exposes some of the wrong doings, demands Najib step aside and leave the party to carry on with its own course without his intervention things may change, but Khairy does not dare take such a big risk. Well to be honest if Khairy wants himself counted as a future leader he has to do just that, he has grass root support and would have done better if not for Kuli's intervention," said Daud

According to these friends of mine growing numbers in Kedah UMNO are beginning to see CheDet (Tun) as the better alternative, and they do not want PAS to take control of Kedah at any cost so they are willing to cross over. 

Najib's and Zahid's courtship of PAS has left many UMNO members not only in Kedah and Perak worried bu also UMNO members in Kelantan, Trengganu, Pahang, Johor, Melaka and Negeri Sembilan.

PAS is on a reverse takeover bid of UMNO it has always been on their agenda since they were sacked from Kelantan by Hussein Onn and Najib and Zahid are seen as their tools to do so.

Are UMNO's days numbered, yes I think so too, these UMNO friends of mine have hardly been wrong and this they say will happen before 11th February 2019, and Daud reiterated BEFORE 11th FEBRUARY !!!!!

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