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Sabah and Sarawak Fixed, by what Najib calls Fixed Deposit

 In the lasts two elections the Malays responded. They saw and read the game, they know that it is the future of Malaysia that is important to them their children and their children's children, and not the enriching of certain segments of Malay society, via corruption, nepotism and cronyism.

The question now on the lips of all Malaysians is ;

In terms of natural resources Sarawak is the the richest Malaysian state, and yet after the rape of its oilfields, its lush green forests for high grade timber, its huge Palm Oil sector,   its pepper and the rest of its resources what have Sarawakians  to show for it?

How have the Sarawakians and for that Matter all East Malaysians benefited from this, the Billions and billions of Ringgit worth of Oil and Timber alone which was more than  sufficient to give Sarawak and in fact the entire East Malaysia world class infrastructure, with modern railways, highways, a Good education system which was a prerequisite before they joined Malaysia and better living standards.

What haas the BN Sarawak Government got to show about that except for the fact that BN politicians in those states  have enriched themselves at the expense of the Sarawak native population.
I dare say that the Indians in Malaysia who cried out that they were being marginalised are far better off than the Sarawak native population.

More than sixty years later what has East Malaysia to show or rather what has the Federal Government got to show the East Malaysians that htye have done for them except to write tehm off and make sure they do not take any important position in government especially if they aren't Muslim.

I used to know an old lady who'd always say "Dapat Kosong," after she receives nothing for her efforts, and yes that applies to East Malaysia very appropriately, they are a very clear example of Dapat Kosong.

Billions of Ringgit of Oil revenue has been plundered from Sarawak, much of it  to the benefit of the Peninusular Malays the UMNOputras in the form of dividends  from Amnah Saham Nasional, and what id the East Malaysians get from it?

The infrastructure is that of underdeveloped countries, not a developing nation and not even what they call the NIC or the Newly Industrialized Countries,  the people still live in poverty, their lands taken by UMNO stooges, and Sarawakians  taken for fools over and over again.

After 64 years of joining Malaysia has a Sarawakian ever become Prime Minister/
Has a Sarawakian even become a deputy Prime Minister?

No you have people like Anifah Aman who is sidestepped by the likes of Rosmah Mansor when she led her own diplomatic mission to the middle East, speaks volumes about what  the BN government really thinks of him.

You have apple polishers like Nancy Shukri who'd do anything to get the favour of the PM, we have seen it over and over again.

Tan Sri Richard Malanjum
Why was  Tan Sri Richard Malanjum bypassed from the post of  Chief Justice of Malaysia and why was Md Raus Sharif  re-appointed Chief Justice in total disregard of the Federal Constitution?

Richard Malanjum is a Senior judge and a man of honour and that is not something that goes well with UMNO, they can't have people with unblemished integrity helming the judiciary and we all know why.
Tan Sri Richard Malanjum - by passed

He is a firstly a Sarawakian, he is secondly a Christian and most importantly he  is a man with an record of unblemished integrity and that is dangerous for the BN.

There is a sudden panic in UMNO now that Mahathir has crossed over, the panic is real and there are hints being dropped all around that they may use other methods to wrest power.

Whoever it is and whatever position they hold in the nation they must be aware that the real power rests with the people.

It is not a challenge to the religion, we have lived with it and have accepted it as the religion of the land so to say that there is a threat ot the religion is not only frivolous, it is mischievous and it is seen as an attempt   to incite.

The Malays have become aware of this too,  the majority of them do not buy this, the PKR the Party Amanah and Bersatu have managed to bring the Malays together. Mahahthir himself has said that the DAP can't stand on a Bersatu ticket if they are legalized as may be the case and is very clear by the actions of the ROS, Bersatu will remain a Malay party, the Mlaysas are nmor united now than ever to kick ou tthe BN.

BN politicians describe that as an effort to overthrow the PM, what rubbish.

Theya re united to  vote against the BN and in so doing of course if they get  the majority they'll appoint a new PM and the BN PM, who is of course the defacto UMNO president, because he never got elected to that position will ahve to give way.

Probably the likes of KU Nan msut question on UMNO on thsi score.

Who in UMNO is so eager to kick out the PM that the PM does not dare  face an UMNO election. That is the person who is trying to unseat the PM so they have to search within UMNO and we all know that Zaid Hamidi had and I presume is still coveting that position. We know that this is a popular UMNO game so search within UMNO.

It is time for the people of East Malaysia to up the ante, you should have had enough by now, election after election you have faithfully given the mandate to the BN, you elected rogue politiicans who have enriched themselves at your expense,  and the time is now you have to save Sarawak and Sabah  for the sake of Malaysia.

Enough of being BN's "Fixed Deposit" what they actully mean is that  you are continually Fixed,


You will not only sell your rights but that of your children and their children's children. Don't let them blame you for the inaction that traded their lives for that is what will happen in less than 10 years from now, in fact that process of sliding down  has already begun.

We do not have the money to even service the interest of the 1MDB fiasco, leave alone pay the principal sum.
Some have been sold to cronies

PETRONAS has lost billions in a venture in Canada where they are now pulling out from even though they were advised not to go into it in the first place. According to Sarawak Report Sarawak Oil is being sold out and a top crony has acquired a good portion of wells belonging to Sarawak Oil.

Looks like our coffers are running dry, we have to collect taxes at almost every corner, GST, the Hotel Tax and the list will continue to build.

Toll charges that Najib promised will nto go up has gone up, petrol prices that he promised will not go up has gone up leaps and bounds even though we are a netoil exporting nation and the grade of our fuel that we export is far superior to the one we import, mot of it coming from your end of the country, is he at least even giving you cheaper petrol?

If you give the BN the mandate this time you are honestly as good as finished, you would  trade the future of your children and your children's children for some empty promises, empty promises made to you for 64 years in  a row  and you surely must have learned by now.

The name of the game will change, you'll never be able to wrest control of your state from the tyrants within, they will change everything to ensure that they can't be challenged, who will benefit from the spoils of the rape of your beautiful land. Not only will hornbills disappear, the opportunities of the people of Sarawak too  will go to the dogs and you will remain an underdeveloped state feeding the corrupt regime.

Your Chief Minister can say what he wants but does he really mean it or is it a vote buying ploy?
You have heard that kind of sweet talk over and over again, and why is he sounding even better?
Are you going to get hoodwinked? 
There were conditions set for Sarawak's acceptance of the idea of Malaysian Federation those rules do not apply today and one of them clearly was the education system go read your history.
You are now given substandard education it is the way the keep you under control, because if you get too educated you'll see the trickery, the deceit, and the corruption.

Today there is a certain unwarranted panic with subtle threats coming from people at the pinnacle  of power, threatening to undermine our democracy, and that is exactly what will be done if East Malaysia does not come out strong this time around, Sarawak must get out of that fixed deposit box and fix the people who have been playing games with you and your wealth,

Sabah has to respond accordingly, and do not allow this talk of threat to the religion and the race cloud your vision of what you are supposed to be and what you are, unfortunately the will of the people of Sabah has been undermined by the lies of Mustapha, Harris Saleh  Said Keruak. Illegal Filipinos were brought in to overwhelm the numbers f the indigenous people and these illegal Filipinos are Bumiputras today, yet today Sabah can defeat the BN and it must, there is no turning back. Pairin is out so the Kadazaans must really take stock, if Pairin has any honor he must rally his people.

Oil is losing its glamour as a big money earner. Petronas that has been raping your oilfields for nothing in return is running up huge losses by serving the interests of the federal Government that gives you back  a twopence, and by the time you realise the damage  it will be too late, till the next General Elections Najib will speak sweet words tto you, just like the white men did many generations ago, he will speak with a forked tongue. With alternate fule sources being developed everyday, with France and the UK pledging to baan all petrol and and Diesal cars in the next 40 years and the rest of Europe following suite, there is only way your petrol price can go and that is downward, so when  there is  still time to make money out of it for your own development kill that fixed deposit. It wil lnever go up to US100 per barrel and the likelihood of it dropping to US$30 in the next three years is realy very great considering the effects of climate change in Europe and the Americas.

How many times has Najib shamelessly and repeatedly lied to the people, take a look at the elections promises he made before the last elections, take a look at the promise that wages would rise and we would be a high wage earning nation, because of his 1MDB fiasco our ringgit plunged 30% so all the wage increases you have recevieed is really nothing, infact you are getting less wages.

Take a look at his promise albeit via his ministers that prices would actually go down after the implementation of the GST, now has it gone down????

See what the DOJ has said about him and his wife which he constantly denies and yet does not have the courage to challenge the DOJ.

Wht about the promises he has made to Sarawak has any of itt been fulfilled?

Why has the man with the white hair not been pulled in by the MACC for the blatant corruption that has made him a billionaire. Where did those Billions come from? And do you want to trust the BN again?

The ruels of the game have already  changed and it will change for the worse after the General Elecctions if East Malaysia gives him the mandate,  you will not be able to anything about it after that, the price of oil will fall drastically, Oil's attractiveness will diminish with time as it already is and there will be nothing left for Sarawakians and Sabahans, even if there is,  UMNO will grab it all you are just their Fixed Deposit and they can do with you as they please as they have always been doing.

Sarawakians must open up and let  other Sarawakians know, West Malaysians  with good intentions are not allowed into Sarawak to open the issues, we do not intend to meddle in your affairs, we do not want you to be cheated and taken advantage of, you are our brothers, we want you to enjoy the fruits of development that every Malaysian, Man, Woman and Child is entitled to, we have sat here long enough and watched helplessly as you elected tyrants who took  advantage of you,  it has to stop  they are a bad influence, now it is dependent on you -the people of Sarawak to  prevent and expose the rape of Sarawak. The Same applies to Sabah.

Pitifully and really sadly  the two states with the richest resources have allowed themselves to be repeatedly raped by the UMNO led governments year in and year out and now is the time Sarawak and Sabah have to put a stop to it and stop being their fixed deposit or really and honestly be doomed forever.

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