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Najib making reservations of Hell's Hottest Spots for Malaysia.


By Toffee  Aug 5 2017

In today's Middle (Muddled) Eastern Crisis, Malaysia, a member of the OIC  and Najib and Rosmah  being so closely beholden to the Saudi Royals to the extent that those  Royals have been even  giving them (im)moral support in the 1MDB and other scandals have decided to declare neutrality.

Qatar in Pink

Malaysia's stance has not gone down well with the "House of Saud" to the extent that Saudi papers of late have become critical of the Malaysian leadership.

The Saudi Gazette has outdone the Malaysian dailies, "The Star, The Utusan, The New Straits
Times, The Malay Mail, a host of East Malaysian dailies, and the vernacular press, including the Tamil Nesan, the Nanyang Siang Pau and the Sin Chew,"  most of which are owned by the government through its political parties or cronies.  in the article titled, "Malaysia's 1MDB misses Abu Dhabi payment.

Saudi Arabia  is watching Malaysia to see if Malaysians  are playing game right, they are expecting more from Malaysia,  especially that Saudi Arabia has  intimate knowledge  about purported " donations" supposedly from their Kingdom, where claims were made by high ranking Malaysian ministers that it came from the Saudi King himself. That certainly compromises our stand if it is to be in Qatar's favour.
Was the right to host  World Cup obtained by fair means

Arabs do not take to games lightly, especially of the political kind and will go out to teach a lesson to the countries especially if those countries are ones who have been beneficiaries of the particular Arab  generosity.Malaysia's DPM says he has met Arab family who donated cash into PM Najib's bank account

Did he make any Donation?
In his interview with Al Jazeera, the CEO of Qatar Airways  Akbar Al' Bakar,  when he s asked what he had   to say about the allegations that Qatar is involved in supporting terrorists, his reply was, "you know if you are living in a glass house you should not be throwing stones," I read that as an implication that he is saying everybody in this dispute including the Qataris, Saudis and everybody in this crisis supports terrorism. listen  to the interview here and the relevant part at the point of 11.20 when you move your cursor on the recording.Talk to Al Jazeera- Akbar al-Baker: 'Qatar Airways has a robust plan B' 

Qatar has promised Malaysia huge investments and that could turn to naught if Malaysia takes a stand against them.

BERNAMA  Picture
In  the midst of this muddled eastern problems Malaysia is trying to broker a settlements, and to really get a view of what the Arabs think, try telling it to an Arab when you meet him overseas, he will only scoff at you. Arabs have absolutely no  regard for Malaysia - leave alone high regards.  

Whatever it is Malaysia must come out and take a stand and make a decision of who is right and who is wrong, they are committed to it, they did so by declaring themselves a Muslim Nation and getting involved in Islamic  regional politics, they can't  sit on the fence, the Arabs who are affected will never forget Malaysia's part  as I have quoted in the beginning, "Hell's hottest spots are reserved for those who in the face of crisis declare neutrality."\

We are yet to hear anything really credible on the issue from our Minister of Foreign Affairs, or is he
Malaysian Foreign minister - taken at teh meeting with Iranian FM
leaving middle east affairs to Rosmah Mansor whom Najib had once hailed as very effective as she has been reported to have secured the safe return of Malaysian students from Egypt during the Muslim Brotherhood troubles in Egypt by her good relations with the Arab rulers and ministers, she had acted as defacto Minister of Foreign Affairs whilst the foreign minster stood in the background then.

There is no point shouting and making noise about Israel when the Arabs can't put their own houses in order.

So where is the real problem with Malaysians taking a firm stand in this conflict?

Najib is busy,  he is extremely busy in "Operation cover up."

So does Najib's deputy have the mental  capacity to comprehend the magnitude of the Muddled Eastern Crisis and its implications on  Malaysia, Malaysian politics and the economic and political implications that may arise out of this dispute? 
Not fluent in Arabic or English. Speak in Javanese with  the Arabs.
 I think not, he does not even comprehend his role as the Deputy PM so how can he ever handle such a big problem, moreover his fluency in languages gives him very little room to manipulate in diplomatic circles. What will he do speak in Javanese?

Najib has also proved himself to be useless in the arena of politics, he is nothing but a  man who uses downward authority and that too by using his people never daring to come out in the opem to take a decision and say, "it is my decision."
Why  he can't even handle the press the international press leave alone a diplomatic initiative, he literally runs away from the International Press, press statements he makes are made prepared and mainly with Bernama or the local media, Najib can never stand up to the International Press, he has shown it time and time again - our Prime Minister,  gosh!!!


The Najib regime is now under fire like it has never been before, from all angles,  the entire government is compromised and  in complete denial that they decide what the Constitution must be. 

It is the law of the jungle that prevails right now, Constitutional procedures are of no consequence, anything they want just happens under total defiance to the rule of law and the Federal Constitution. 

This situation is called Anarchy,  just in case you do not know.

The DOJ has identified the wife of MO1 as the person who had done all those lavish purchases including the pink diamond, those super expensive handbags, clothing etc that ran up bills in the Millions of dollars,US dollars'  all allegedly taken from Malaysian Ringgit of a sovereign fund - money belonging to Malaysians.

It is really a awefull after spending millions of dollars of our money  we have yet to see her photographed in those pink diamonds, wherever she wears them. It is only reserved for the "High and Mighty"  of other countries and I guess she carefully avoids the photographers/paparazzi  at such events to ensure that she is not caught with the pink diamond in their midst or is it a piece just for her to own and keep in her showcase or Jewelry Box.

Now to  Rosmah. Did her early "diplomatic visits to the Middle East,   one of the world's most difficult regions  in the world to deal with (the Arabs) compromise any diplomatic clout we might have built over the years in the region? 

Were there any "donations" that went Rosmah's way during those early trips that now leaves the Najib and the Malaysian Government compromised? 

She has openly claimed that she received presents from foreign visits, those presents are not hers and if she is keeping it as her own, it is wrong it belongs to the state, ask her to check that out.

To add insult to injury his faithful minister Azalina Othman, who is famous for  speaking  before thinking has announced that Malaysia will not appoint legal officers to observe the proceedings of the
Is this person really as stupid?
latest 1MDB-related lawsuit filed by the United States Department of Justice (DoJ).

Will Najib then in his personal capacity and as the father of his adopted son be doing so?

Will his famed lawyer Mohaammed Shafie be going over?

The lawsuit involves alleged Malaysian Property, and the DOJ has emphatically said that it will be returned to Malaysia, although I feel it will not be returned whilst MO1 is in power, however if it is ours we have an interest and we have to be there.

This indifference is just plain stupid. Azalina  has to send qualified personnel from Malaysia to at least hold watch and appoint qualified American  lawyers to engage in protecting these  "Malaysian interests"  if they are indeed Malaysian interests. May I suggest Gerorge Varghese, and Gopal Sri Ram they seem most qualified, or is that we do not trust honest men, men of impeccable integrity.

Gobid Singh Deo has said he "respects"  her, but has said that her actions are irresponsible.

I will agree with the later part of Gobidn's statement, I may have some sympathy for her only  if she is stupid, but we are talking about a person who holds Diploma in Public Administration (DPA) (ITM), LLB Hons.(University of Malaya) and LLM (London School of Economics, butunlikr Gobinf I have absolutely no respect for Azalina.

Reading this woman's outbursts time and time again, and that of her colleagues or MPs in arms   brings to mind  some classic verses of Dante's inferno;

"This miserable way
is taken by the sorry souls of those
who lived without disgrace and without praise.

They now commingle with the coward angels,
the company of those who were not rebels
nor faithful to their God, but stood apart. 

The heavens, that their beauty not be lessened,
have cast them out, nor will deep Hell receive them -
even the wicked cannot glory in them." 

I suppose that is the reward that awaits them if they truly believe in God and the after life.

Sadly this is the stock of so many of the BN and PAS Parliamentarians today, even Judges and peoples of the various branches of  Government have fallen prey.

These are people so defeated by their own greed (pain as Dante puts it) that they do not see their real pain, so deplorable that even hell will reject them.

Any Malaysian who goes as far  as just sitting aback and allows this regime to continue through their indifference is equally  as guilty as the biggest rogue who sits therein in power - he/she  is complicit

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