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Where is our  Pastor Raymond???

The brother of the North Korean President was murdered at KLIA in what is suspected to be an assassination carried out by North Korean agents.

The North Korean Government is really not concerned with the murder, they are only concerned that they are not implicated, although they are the biggest suspects in the case
Does the  dead Korean takes precedence over Pastor Raymond?
and all investigations carried out by the Malaysian Police force seems to point in that direction.

In the Backdrop of this case a senior and respected Malaysian pastor, Pastor Raymond Koh who is himself an evangelist was kidnapped in broad daylight by masked men and  the entire kidnap process was filmed by the kidnappers themselves.

 Pastor Raymond Koh founded Harapan Komuniti, a ministry that holds free tuition classes for children and English lessons for adults irrespective of race or creed.  

In 2011, the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) raided a fundraising dinner at the Damansara Utama Methodist Church and accused him of proselytizing Muslims.  That case was eventually dropped for lack of evidence, now the question is has that raid by JAIS anything to dow with this kidnapping???

What is mind boggling is that in the case of the assassination of Kim Jong-nam the half brother of the North Korean supreme leader,  the police have moved so fast with a degree of efficiency not seen for more than two decades by our police force.

They have managed to find out that the entire assassination was rehearsed to pin point precision in supermarkets in Malaysia, and they know that some of the suspects are now in Korea, and that two are are here in Malaysia presumably holed up in the Korean embassy.

The Inspector General of Police has even ask the North Korean embassy to cooperate and get the two to hand themselves in or that the police will issue a warrant of arrest for the two. The Police have in such a short time managed to piece up almost the whole case.

This is a case involving  one of the worlds foremost  espionage agencies, the North Koreans are notorious for this and have been for years, they have kidnapped Japanese women and taken them to North Korea for years, and their spies are in almost all the largest cities of the world, and yet our Police force got on top of this situation with almost lightening speed whilst there has been little or no progress with its own citizen the well respected Pastor Raymond Koh.

The silence over Pastor Koh's kidnapping is deafening

Is it because he is a Christian that the police are dragging their feet in this case, because they see  the Kim Jong-nam case as more high profile. A case where  the police feel that utilising their best resources to solve it  will improve their more than tarnished image, with custodial deaths, want of arrest and prosecution persons in the mould of Jamal Yunos, and many more cases where prosecution and arrests have been selective. 

Does the PM care about Malaysians?

The PM has commended the Police about the Kim Jong-nam case, he has come out and made statements about the North Korean Ambassador's actions and rightly so too, but why is he so quiet when a Pastor, a minister of the Church, a religious leader has been kidnapped? Why the silence.

Who is more important??? A Korean the brother of the North Korean President who himself seems implicated in the murder and who odes not care about his own citizen leave alone his brother, 

or Pastor Raymond Koh a Malaysian Citizen  - one of us?

Why is the family too finding it hard to believe that there is no news about the kidnap, they are being forced in desperation to to offer rewards for information of the kidnapping.

Are these kidnappers better than the espionage agents or North Korea that our Police force a stumped for clues about this case or are there some sensitivities over which the Police are negotiating with the kidnappers?

That begs the question, have the police made contact with the kidnappers?

Do the Police know who the kidnappers are?

Is Malaysia now infiltrated by ISIL and were these ISIL agents that kidnapped the pastor?

As as a Malaysian and  Christian I am duty bound to ask these questions, as Malaysians we are all entitled to ask these questions, and more without fear of favour and the Police force has a duty to let us know what is happening.

If not us at least the family and the Church of course  after which we can be told that they are being kept abreast with the latest developments. The country needs assurances that we and more so the Pastor is secure.

The Inspector General of Police has a duty to step forward and the Prime Minister must assure the Christians that they are safe as I, and I feel many of my Christian brethren feel that this kidnapping may have sinister religious motives considering the timing.

The Prime Minister has to come out too and reassure Malaysians that he is aware and has been briefed in this case.

This kidnap of a man of good standing, an upright citizen and a God fearing Pastor is an act terror  by persons we must  classify terrorists and nothing less.



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