Tuesday, February 7, 2017

If he could, Najib will hold the elections yesterday

 By Kartika Embun

Some of Najib's closest aides are complaining at how jittery the PM has become of late.
A Clueless Najib
He is impatient with MCA, with MIC all the Barisan partners in Sarawak and Sabah and most of all with his closest confidantes.

The financial situation the country is going from bad to worse, it is at crisis point but Najib refuses to accept it, no matter what the government claims the Ringgit is likely to dip to RM5.3 to the US$ by August this year, that will lead to petrol price hikes and prices of essential commodities spiraling upward according to local financial experts.

The national coffers  has hardly anything to support the people with, subsidies have been withdrawn  and Najib knows that it is the rakyat who are now earning less then they did some 5 years ago in real terms are bearing the burden of all his lack of good financial management.

To add to that misery Malaysians are losing their jobs in large numbers, many have been made redundant, many more are just waiting their turn to be laid off as Najib looks at ways of making money from the people.

Najib's advisers have told him raise GST to 9% or face the serious consequence of running out of cash, whilst all this is happening and whilst we are running out of cash, our pilots on MAS and other commercial flights have seen our Government owned plane in the skies off Sri Lanka, at  times when  Najib was in Malaysia, I wonder what the cost for these flights will be,  and if there were shopping
goodies on board the plane  what would have been the overall travel experience considering GST of articles bought abroad, what is the state plane doing abroad when Najib is here in Malaysia who is it ferrying and for what. We must accept the fact that in the middle east, Najib's family members will be accorded all the privacy they require and places like Dubai are shopping havens, os I think we can guess who was on board.

Top economic advisers to he government have recommended an increase of GST to at least 9 percent followed by a gradual increase to at least 15% by 2020 and Najib knows that he can't do it before he first goes to the polls.

You can count on  GST increase immediately after the next General Elections if the BN wins, that is already on the cards and that is why Najib is racing for time to hold the next GE.

The opposition parties I believe  have all these facts in place  to pounce on the BN when the campaigning begins, and we can be sure that Najib will lie to the electorate again like he did in the run up to the last elections where he pledged not to raise petrol prices and toll, he even promised to scrap the toll in may areas, but only went on to raise oil prices which he now blames on the Ringgit, a slide caused mainly by him, and the continuous raising of toll on the toll roads of Malaysia.

Will the Rakyat believe this man anymore???

In the  kampungs it is already been asked; why is that Najib has not made a request for the extradition of the murderer of Altantuya  Shaaribu, Sirul Azahar, and what has happened to the conviction of Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri, the kampung folk seem to be wising up to the lies that have been told to them over and over again.

Most Malaysians do not believe that it was these two individuals who killed Altantuya, but the court cases were so designed to protect the real perpetrators of the crime, an abuse of our judicial system. It has been 10 long years since the murder and still nothing has come out of this incident, and the murderers are walking free.

Of course Najib went and took an Oath in a mosque and was thus not even questioned about this murder by the police,  and one wonders how many other murder investigations were handled similarly.

In the last elections there was a lot of pressure on Muhyiddin to take on Najib, but Muhyiddin decided to play it cool, "he got his entire strategy wrong," says one of the UMNO rebels still within the party, there are many like him both in Johor and Melaka and their numbers are growing the UMNO rebels I mean.

 "I am glad he got that wrong, because he is no material fo a PM," said Daud the spokesman for the group. I asked him if his real name is Daud, that is the name he introduced himself to me as, they do not reveal names, he said,  "well it was David who slew Goliath, and Daud is David," smiling. He looks more like  Goliath than a David though judging from his size.

Najib has a lot of baggage he has to get rid of, if  he intends to do better at the next GE, one is to get rid of Sharizat, as she does not have the confidence of the grass roots, the other is to deny MCA and
Worried being kept out of the loop
Gerakan any Malay majority seat, they will never win if they stand in these constituencies and these are the very things he is pondering, even the MIC is likely not to get any seats this time around as he fights for his life.

Najib is now depending more on the advice of foreign specialists to help him at these elections, professionals who are studying everything from constituencies to pay outs, and promised projects unlike before he will kick start his campaign in the east with his empty promises, the people will be bribed for twopence again and then he will come west  with a whirlwind tour of the entire country before elections.

Muhyiddin was a seasoned campaigner for Najib, although not a very good one he was the best in the BN camp,  now that he has gone Najib is wondering who to replace Muhyiddin with as a campaigner, his current deputy Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is clown extraordinaire,   he can't rely on him, Khairy Jamaluddin is of course a shade better than Jamal Yunos,  Najib has no choice but to use him and many of his innumerable clowns, Jamal Yunos may still have a role to disrupt opposition rallies, so watch if he gets nabbed, all that is happening to him now is the usual sandiwara we are so used to witnessing with this scoundrel.

From PAS he will get the support of Hadi Awang who will campaign together with  Najib nationwide
I scratch your back you scratch mine
towards the close  and this has left many UMNO and BN faithful worried. Hehas promised Hadi the postion of DPM should Hadi help him him win the elections, and it is now rumored that Hadi will be made DPM1 with 2 DPM's in the next cabinet.

Many UMNO members are aware of this including deputy PM Ahmad Zahid Hamid, but he is remaining quiet as he knows the consequences should he oppose Najib, his supporters have also come to know about this truce with Hadi and are nto too happy with the agreement. In the meantime Hadi is denying that he will join forces with BN, in fact he is not supposed to, according to his understanding with Najib he should continue as an opposition party within the Pakatan or go it alone and then join forces with Najib to form the government after the elections. In fact that agreement is already in place as he constantly supports the government's moves.

The Battle is on, the BN have begun their campaign on the low key, PAS have started theirs too, on the advice of Najib.

The MCA and Gerakan suspect something amiss as they have not been informed, Najib suspects that MCA members will leak the information to the opposition, so MCA has been kept out with the finer details of the impending General Elections, however the two parties are getting ready too suspecting something amiss.

Let us all prepare for a huge electoral battle, thsi time to make the rural electorate know what is at stake.

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