Monday, March 30, 2020


Government's management of lock down shoddy and careless.

 The government must extend the movement control order to end April, better safe than sorry, other exigencies must take second place, it is the lives of people wee are talking about.

 If you are hoping like most Malaysians to have this MOC lifted by April 14 I am asking you to hope otherwise because if it ends on April 14 we are in for dire consequences, many of us in the 60's and beyond age group will not be here come April 14 next year.

Smack right in the centre of the city enhanced lock down today with 17 cases recorded today 30 March

The Director General of Health has already warned that the worst is yet to come, there are other potential clusters, of people coming back from holidays overseas for one but I think the most potent is from those who come back after the "balek Kampung" on the first day of the MOC and the still to be tracked tabligh participants.

The balek kampung crowd would surely have included tabligh participant and knowing that was a possibility  which the Inspector General of Police allowed the crowd to control him and gave in allowing them to break the MOC on its first day. If he did not realise the consequences of his actions which are actually his fault having come on TV to tell people that they could cross state borders if they applied at the nearest police station which they did in droves and he caved in because of the inability of the police to handle the situation and waived the requirement to allow them all to go.

The actions of the IGP showed a man who was really ignorant of the Malaysian psyche, a person ignorant and unable to control  situations he gave them the excuse to run and they took that opportunity a senseless and irresponsible move for which he must either resign or be sacked.

A dangerously large gathering comprising participants from Korea and Japan
Those cross border movements on the first day of MOC sanctioned by the police has created a scattering of the virus  throughout the peninsular and to make matters worse there still are people from the tabligh gathering not accounted for, so is it surprising with what we are seeing in Kluang, and  parts of Selangor.

If the MOC is lifted workplaces and schools will become the next clusters and from there we will experience more deaths.

School children who are placed in the care of grandparents can bring the virus home  and infect the grandparents, children can also pass the virus from parents or vice versa from pick it from parents   who mix with workers who have contracted this from the tabligh cases or other clusters and the holiday returning schoolchildren and workers will in turn infect their classmates or coworkers who will bring it home to their parents and grandparents and a viscous circle will result a circle from which there is no escape. The possibilities of infection are just too complex.

This Government has messed it up, they have messed up the whole thing and are only making it worse without effective control.

I am not blaming any religion, but the authorities were stupid to allow with Tabligh gathering to take place,  sources are telling us it was the influence of one Preacher a controversial preacher that drew such a huge crowds to the tabligh gathering, this controversial preacher has been subject to much controversy in Malaysia, the story could nto be confirmed but from what is happening it looks very likely.

If it was not him why is he not coming forward to say something about it? He is treated as such an authority, he is given so much prominence, he can even take on Malaysian politicians, and has a train of body guards, so why did he not come out?

Why has he turned so quiet, in fact there are a number of them, who have in recent times preached hate,  the likes of Riduan Tee, the Zamri Vinoth and of course the Zakir Naik where are these people, there are infected people out there and they will infect others, who in turn will infect others, they may die from their own infections,  I have been saying it time an again to draw them in the government must grant some kind of immunity to those who are illegal immigrants to allow them to come in freely but to date there has been no sign of such amnesty.

Looking at the situation it is really deafening the silence of the likes of these people and that of Hadi Awang, where is he the self proclaimed champion of  Islam in the country.

The disease is being spread by the tabligh cluster and soon we eill lose track of it and it will be named other clusters, it is now in its fifth tier so we can imagine how far it has gone, have these people the leaders of this tabligh and the authorities who approved it, by their carelessness been complicit? If they have they should be there in the forefront calling on these people to turn themselves in, or these people will be as devastating as  the worst war machines in our society, they will turn the sityuation here to one worse than Italy it is already on that course.

The attendees of the tabligh  not reporting in  are walking time bombs already set off in our midst and in all honesty how can we really expect to contain this virus by April 14 it is almost impossible. When we went into lock down I predicted that by April 1 we will hit 3,000 cases and the figures as they now stand are not too far.

The Director General of Health is doing a fantastic job, the medical staff, doctors, nurses, attendants, mortuary workers and all the rest  are too, they are risking their lives  and  yet we are tolerating MOC violators, how can we? Have we no thought for those who are risking their lives in the front line and pleading and pleading to say at home? 

These are signs of a powerless government, it does not know its priorities, leave alone understand the gravity of the situation we now face, to force the lock down rigidly will make them lose votes they feel  it may drive people against the government but at the end of the day when we overcome this calamity it will be a different story. This government lacks will because it knows it is a government not formed by the will of the people, so their every move is to ensure it buys votes or so they think.

The DG of health can only recommend measures he is not the subject matter specialist in controlling the MOC tht is supposed to come from the Home Minister, his DG and the IGP, and that effectiveness will help the DG bring this under control. As it is it has been messed up, and this has reulted in the current situation the Police have failed in bringing all those who attended the tabligh to test even to this day and if we continue this way the pandemic will hit us even more violently than Italy and the US.

Our measurement must be done on a per capita basis not just mere numbers and we'll realise how really terrible our situation really is.

This government with half backed ministers all around are exactly like Chickens without a neck, running around aimlessly, they present a sham of an economic stimulus package just to win the hearts of people, that these packages will only turn some of them rich does not matter they want the weight taken off their shoulders, till they can make a run for it.

This Government has by its own volition acknowledged it is an illegitimate government, when the Prime Minister or should I say the illegitimate Prime Minister said, "we may not be the government you elected but we still care for you" 

The question is how can  there be a government in this country which is a Parliamentary Democracy a government other than the government that is elected by the people, if there is, then that government must be illegitimate, so it is abundantly clear that this is an illegitimate government, not "of the people nor by the people so how can it be for the people?"

The people are now run by a group of people who decided to choose themselves and place themselves in power via the back door  and govern even without the authority of Parliament.

The nation is void of leadership of any kind, the people are faced with a calamity  the likes of which we have never ever seen or experienced and it is run by self serving individuals who do not respect the sanctity of the ballot box, an who can say so too, and who sit there.

It is most likely that come  April 14 this government will begin its downfall and the downfall of the nation, economic conditions will force it to lift the MCO, it will succumb to economic pressures, its refusal to listen to industry who are also suffering and helping them survive will force to reopen economic activity to the fullest and in doing so set the corona virus Covid 19 free to roam and ravage the common people of this country.

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