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Did they know it was coming?

Ku li is trying very hard to make a come back as an advisor and caretaker of UMNO  as Zahid faces charges in the courts tomorrow.

Mohamad Hassan while seemingly playing it cool is vary of Tengky Razeleigh's plans and is keeping a keen eye in that direction while other hopefuls the likes of Umno vice-president Ismail Sabri Yaakob and others are are also in the fray waiting to see where they'll throw their support.
Opportunity beckons the habitual loser.

The reason some of the supreme council members do not want the deputy to take up the position of acting President is there is a great likelihood of  case against the Deputy as well as his very position as an MP is now in question and is being challenged in the courts.

Elections commission officers are now awaiting charges for many different criminal actions in trying to influence the results of GE 14 and his election victory is most one. If he is disqualified from his seat as MP then the Acting President will be out of Parliament and that will make hi ineffective.  

The whole party is in disarray, no capable people, the Malay elite intellectuals  have dissociated themselves with the party for fear of being looked down upon, UMNO's strongest grassroots base FELDA has been breached,  corruption seems to have gone into the very chore of the party and those still clinging to power are desperate and as usual they are now forming cliques to wrest that power for themselves and their self interests.  

Without real brain power UMNO's leadership is in the doldrums and looks doomed to continued failure.
May be another liability

Most  of the key members of the supreme council feel Zahid ( with ulterior motives of course) will have to step down,  and are even attempting to dictate what happens when Ahmad Zahid takes leave of his presidency  while some feel he does not have to take leave at all, and should only step down if found guilty and is convicted by the courts after seeking all avenues to prove his innocence.

The situation is so tense in UMNO a split is inevitable, the problem now is there are very few kingmakers and kings (Cash is King)  as the cash even if it is there can't be shown as it will be the downfall of those who use the cash, the MACC has a keen eye on UMNO and its war treasures at this time.

Even Zahid needs cash which he has  to save his position but is in no position to flout it as it will only lead to more investigations agaisnt him. 

In UMNO the winner is the highest pay master and it has been the case for a long time, and now since they do not have contracts to give out UMNO is straddled and so too are its members - the Division Chiefs and even some Branch heads, who  have huge war chests with them, but can't use it  at the present time readily for fear of repercussions as most of this are ill gotten wealth through corrupt practices.

 UMNO's secretary General Annuar Musa has no clout whatsoever and so too its treasurer Tengku Adnan. One UMNO source says  that Tengku Adnan and  Anuar Musa both have the capability of influencing the way the leadership struggle goes as they have the means and both may be vying for the support of Ismail Sabri in the game.
Desperate to be close to the top

The wanita in UMNO as usual are keeping  out of the loop till the battle heats up, they will support the strongest contender,.

Very ambitious but lacks grassroots support
 The top UMNO brass knows full well that Zahid will be charged and are expecting a conviction, they do not expect him to be acquitted and that has resulted in this intense power struggle among a field of unknowns all ambitious all hopeful.

Ismail Sabri Yaakob may have a key role here and he is outwardly backing Zahid to remain till he is found guilty that may take about two years or so and in the meantime he hopes to consolidate his own position.                                                                             

The outlook is  bleak as there is nothing Khairy can do at the moment, he is not in the Supreme Council and that is where the action is, he is not there  unlike Razaleigh who has been  been invited there for this serious decision maaking process.

He'll talk nonsense to please his boss
Razaleigh has been invited to the SC meeting and may be able to influence some outcomes but at the end  of the day who takes the role of the "caretaker" lefts to be seen, if it is Razaleigh then Khairy has a more legitimate claim to the position and that is the key for Mohamed Hasssan to lay his claim for the sposition of acting President,  after all it is the deputy that replaces the president, but the question on everyone"s lips is ; 

"Who the hell is Mohamad Hassan?"

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