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Will the Keris vanish if Zahid wins.

Khairy Jamaluddin the son in law of the 5th Prime Minister of Malaysia could be starring at a permanent knock out of UMNO if he does not take his chances and join in the fray for race to the Presidency of the party.,
Fortune favours the brave - Is he Brave enough?

"Fortune only favours the brave" and this guy is trying to play his father in law's passive strategy, stay quiet, keep a  low profile and win the spoils that is what Badawi did in UMNO and despite backing Tengku Razaleigh in his bid to oust Mahathir he was the only one who survived that elections and came out a VP with the highest amount of votes.

Razaleigh then quit to form Semangat 46, and Badawi  from then on played and maintained a low profile only to begin making his voice heard once Anwar was sacked  becoming Deputy head of UMNO and eventually Deputy PM and PM when Mahathir resigned.

Now Razaleigh the born loser in UMNO or rather the man born to lose in UMNO is attempting a last bite at the Cherry.

The Kuli who was born to lose

Khairy must realise that much has changed since then, his father in law was easily moved aside, he was nothing but a stop gap PM and a stop gap UMNO head and Khairy will be lucky if he can achieve even that by trying this passive game today, much has changed not all UMNO members are
At Best an also ran
stupid, many intellectuals walk the corridors of UMNO observing and biding their time, they will serve when gentlemen lead.

Is Khairy a gentleman? At least even if it was late he was brave enough to openly declare that it was the decision to remain quiet and not warn Najib about Najib's on standing that cost he party the elections, the oldder generation and the UMNO Stupids chose to remain quiet even then and are all in  a state of denial to this day.

This is the Golden opportunity for Khairy to join in the fray, the "oldies" and not all mind you,  will go out to support Kuli,  then you'll have the "stupids" who will back Zahid and that will leave Khairy with the young  and the levelled headed who are dying to rid UMNO of the menace caused by the "Old" and "Stupid" schools from within UMNO, the type who believed the idiotic statements of their leaders when they said Kit Siang would become PM if UMNO lost, this window of opportunity is ipened only if Khairy himself is not one of the many stupids in UMNO>

There are the young turks  and although I am familiar with a few of these professionals from Johor and Melaka their support is most certainly not for the old or even for the stupid, they seem to have a strong influence behind the curtains of UMNO, they have foretold today's  UMNO predicament over and over again and worked tirelessly for it and I have written about it in  since the 2013 elections.

At the 2013elections they told me and I reported that the solid wall that BN and UMNO had in Johor was crumbling, during this elections they told me again and they said the loss will be significant and there is a huge possibility of Johor falling and it fell.

These are patriotic UMNO members, in fact prior to 2013 if you look at toffeesturn reports they even said they do not mind losing the elections and allowing Anwar to become PM, because that would give them the opportunity of purging UMNO of all these corrupt leaders at every level.

All these came to pass, and they are watching they want this old guard to go ahead and destroy themselves for  good before they come in with a "vengeance' to take it over>

"Khairy can be part of the solution if he is proactively involved and takes a firm stand now, talking after the failures like he did after the Malays tsunami is  of no use, it will only prove he is an opportunist with no regard for UMNO and the future of the Malays as is with Zahid., Razaleigh and the rest, till today even after all that exposure they still back Najib and term  all that is being exposed about him 'fitnah'  whichthey know the "stupid" part of the party will buy, they have no sense of responsibility or ownership, they  have been part of the problem and we see it very clearly now more clearly than ever before," said Daud the Johor UMNO member a professional from the private sector he only tells me to refer to him as Daud and that is the only name I know him by.

"We'll give Khairy Jsmaluddin the benefit of the doubt when he says, he regrets not having given Najib the real picture, even though we really think he is a coward, we like to think he is an intellectual although we have our doubts, we can work with him and give him all our support if he declares his stand to contest these two imbeciles right now, because right now UMNO requires a face the party is  familiar with and Khairy is such a person, if he is willing to commit and really come out to start anew to put the party straight we are with him, if he does not take this opportunity he will be deemed in the enemy camp and we are out to get him and the rest, now we have the time, as we know that after the scandals are all revealed, Najib and Rosmah jailed and more ex-UMNO ministers, including leaders from the various BN parties too suffer the same fate for corrupt practices we can move in and clean up the act with relative ease and rebuild a reputable UMNO,a party in which my father was founder member, a party my father travelled the country in a Morris Minor to tell the Malays then what UMNO was all about, a job he was so proud of having done although at the end of it he was a nobody but an ordinary member when Merdeka came.."

"We'd like to do it now and believe that Khairy can help UMNO and the Malays do it, but if he chooses to stay out he does so at his own peril,' said Daud.

In the run up to the 2018 elections I received many  comments some threatening others abusive from what was probably BN supporters.

The comments the blog received were that I was talking nonsense, were threats all from anonymous readers, except for one from the BN in Sabah.

Everything that the Johor young turks said prior to the elections were spot on, and now if Khairy loses this opportunity he will lose everything he has in UMNO for good, because after this they'll come out in full force to create a showdown and and go for every Zahid, Kuli and Hisham including Khairy if he is not willing to break ranks now and show that he is committed to change.

So this looks like Khairy Jamaluddin's last chance to make a career for himself in politics,  he will certainly not be wanted in Pribumi or PKR and the only avenue left to him maybe PAS or even probably the thought of forming his own party.

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