Saturday, June 29, 2013

Jonker Wlak No surprise

Now that UMNO has indeed started it s invasion of Jonker Walk is it any surprise, this blog highlighted the issue way back in December of 2011.

An UMNO invasion of Jonker walk is a reality, the writer had even highlighted this to some of the Jonker street businessmen and as UMNO begins to crawl in the businesses of Jonker street has to be vary of their designs.

Jonker street is not just a tourist attraction, it is not just a business street it is heritage, it was heritage and no quarter int he country shoudl be allowed to just march in and do what they like with what is after all heritage.

The beginnings of the invasion were witnessed with the establishment of UMNO related investments in the area,  whilst it was not seen as an obvious threat it were the first indications that there were designs for that area.

Jonker street does not enjoy the privileges of Jalan Tengku Kelana in Klang, traffic in Tengku Kelana seems to have absolute immunity from the authorities, it is seen as a, "fixed deposit" zone by umno so traffic can take up an entire lane for parking although it is a main road leading to one of the main bridges in town connecting one part of Klang to the other, illegal parking is the order of the day in Tengku Kelana and it is becoming so again in Brickfields another "fixed deposit" enclave right at the doorstep of Kuala Lumpur Sentral.

All three Tengku Kelana, Brickfields and Jonker walk are indeed Malaysian icons, the tolerance practiced in one must be accorded to the other, as these areas iconic, they represent the country Malaysia.

To rob Jonker street of what  has already been established, an to take away the glamour of the district that has already been created just as political revenge is nothing less than mere gangsterism.

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