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Underminig Najib it's all UMNO driven.

All the recent efforts to undermine Najib has not been the work of the opposition but rather a frantic and hectic effort of those within UMNO who want him out, to them it will create an opportunity, the vacuum will be filled from within their camps as they find him too much of a burden for the party, he is riddled with holes from which worms just keep flowing out non stop, or so they say.

We have seen in the past how his deputy has actually very deliberately undermined him, the 1 Malaysia was a classic case where when Najib asked everyone to think Malaysian first, he came out first and declared,  "I am Malay first and Malaysian second."

Of course having his origins in the Indonesian Islands he, Muhyudin  has rightfully placed himself as "Malay" first, for fear of being identified with the Orang Asli who are the only people who can rightfully claim to be sons of the soil. Malays as many of us too, are the offspring's of immigrant parents, grand parents,  great grandparents, and great great grandparents and if you ask  the Babas the Chittis and the Portuguese Eurasians they will trace their ancestries even further.

That Melaka was founded by a Hindu Prince is a fact and not fiction, and that it was a Hindu Kingdom till the ruler was converted to Islam is again a historical fact and cannot be rewritten. Why, till even 1973 Mandi Safar was a public holiday in Melaka, was it derived from Islam or Hinduism?. Mandi Safar was a typical Hindu ritualistic practiced carried on  by Muslim Malays in this country who as all other Malays in this country trace their heritage to their Hindu forefathers, now for some untold of reasons UMNO has decided that the Malaysian Malay must cast aside his Hindu Heritage and forget it totally although these practices are cultural,  as Mandi Safar was, part of the Malay cultural practices till at least 1973 maybe even later and was removed as were many other parts of the original ethnic Malay culture in this country.

The natives of Sarawak and Sabah, the Orang Asli of West Malaysia are the only ones who can rightfully call themselves sons of the soil in that context, for after all we are all Children of Malaysians and we are all Malaysian.

I have strayed a bit, and now to focus on the battle within UMNO.

My recent articles on the movement within the movement in UMNO in my article "Najib a Nero of sorts," also shows this trend, the game is subtle and it keeps surfacing day in day out and as the pressure keeps mounting Najib keeps fighting frantically to save his political life.

The only refuge he seems to have is in Mahathir, and Mahathir loves that role for from there he dictates his son Mukhriz' position in the party and that is no  secret, but is Mahathir himself so powerful?

In fact a careful  look at what is happening currently also indicates that Mahahtir himself is playing that subtle game of undermining Najib, he has to do it to elevate his son, and he is doing it the way he knows best,  for if there is a deceitful Maverick in UMNO for this sort of games it has to be him, we have seen how he outmaneuvered both Musa Hitam and Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah in the past.

You do not have to  a PhD in Physics to find out on whose side of the fence the former information minister Zainuddin Maidin is on, one look at his face an you'll know he is so identifiable he just can't hide unless he wears a veil to cover his face.

Zainuddin Maidin  man has of late begun to provoke the opposition and in the process is undermining Najib.

During the recent of the meeting between Suharto and Najib this man began his rhetoric to undermine Najib and his efforts to mend fences with the Indonesian government with whom Malaysia is experiencing a rather rough ride although Suharto had declared that he would bring the matter up with Najib.

In the not too distant past the  Indonesians have accused us of stealing their culture, and quite rightly so, as we do not acknowledge it's origins the way we  we do Indian and Chinese aspects of our culture, their songs, their dressing and so much more of what is ethnically Indonesian without giving it  due acknowledgement.

The Indonesians have accused us of having ill treating their maids and workers sent here to the extent that their  government has chosen to stop their maids from coming here.

And now a  "Malay" UMNO  past information minister (Zainuddin) who has his origins in South Asia (India) has come out to stir the hornets nest in complete defiance to the PM and at the  time the Indonesian President was complaining about his rhetoric and how it was hurting relationships.

The group of young UMNO people I talked about in my article "Najib a Nero of sorts" could not be contacted for comment on this Zainuddin Maidin plot, but I am sure it is not allied to their group although I think strategically they'd welcome anything that undermines Najib and the only direction one can point a  finger to is not at Muhyudin but at the master's camp, Zaidnuddin by looks and ancestry alone looks so terribly aligned as is Sharizat and the rest, I can't think of anyone else who is actually pulling the strings.

He has  even purposely attacked Anwar over an issue of missing RMAF planes only to be slammed by Anwar that it was the Minsitry of defence that was responsible for that,  this was done to implicate Najib once again and make things only worse for Najib.

Or is it that this former Information Minister is trying to align himself with the young elite or they with him, as an Information Minister would have all the know;ledge on how to disseminate information effectively especially amongst the UMNO members as this ministry has often used its services to serve UMNO, the trouble is that I can't get in touch with the young Johor group, as I refer to them.

There is the Muhyudin camp, there is the young UMNO elite, there is his  own Godfather the Mahahtir camp filled with Sharizat and the likes of her, and one wonders whatever happened to the once powerful UMNO youth, whose current leader has been silenced by Mahathir and his son Mukhriz.

The Mukhriz equation alone shows to what great extent Mahahthir holds sway over Najib, never in the history of UMNO has a winning candidate in the UMNO youth contest been sidelined in favour of the loser? It has happened this time around and this shows without doubt that  the "Malay" Mahahtir bin Mohammed holds on to the reins of power in UMNO.

The former PM can only hold a PM to task if he has something with which he can do so, and the belief is that it is the Altantuya Shaaribu case, if Najib tries to go it alone all hell will break lose and Altntuya Sharibu's case will be resurrected with different people in the dock, and that is one thing Najib does not want at all cost, he can be made to look like a confounded idiot but he shoudl never be brought to task to answer the case of Altantuya Shaaribu, and that is something Mahathir so gleefully knows.

How convenient for  Mahathir how uncomfortable for Najib, and how opportunistic for Muhyudin, who is playing his cards rather quietly on different fronts and very very carefully as he has to reckon with Mahathir too.

Khairy Jamaluddin knows he can't fight Mahathir or Najib on this score, because of favours and because anyone who goes agaisnt this pair will be sidelined they have  been able to curb dissent.

There is  no one in UMNO who is brave enough to come forward and fight Khairy's cause, not even the UMNO youth as there will be too much personally to lose and that is something no UMNO memberwill want to sacrifice. it is Khairy and Khairy alone who has to fight his own battle not after he has been ditched, in fact he already has been ditched but is hoping for better times and is therefore keeping a low profile  like his father in law Tun Abdullah Badawi.

What Khairy Jamaluddin fails to realise is that he is the leader of UMNO youth, the faction that will rise to his support if he is jantan enough, and if he manages to raise the right issues, it has to be controversial as is most UMNO youth issues, it has to challenge the establishment, it has to be sufficiently provocative and it has to lend the youth with an air of  importance and all the youth in UMNO will rally to his side.

UMNO's inability to attract the young has been caused by Mahathirism, the young have deserted UMNO because in Mahathirism he Mahathir undermined the youth by placing the likes of Najib of all people as head of the youth, it was the re-engineering of UMNO that caused all this dissent and drove the youth out of the party. The question is, is Khairy Jamaluddin jantan enough to lead the UMNO youth yet once again?

Now in desperation Najib is plugging the holes, notice Rosmah does not hog the limelight as she usually does, but given half a chance she  will and she uses every available opportunity, for that is Rosmah. In desperation he does what others have not done and tried winning over the Christians, it now seems to be "confusing" the UMNOputras and that does not auger too well for Najib too.

So if one takes a closer look it is UMNO itself that so confused, it is UMNO itself that is so terribly wrought with scandals after scandal and a murder included, that is giving UMNO all its troubles.

Can the people really and sincerely decide to choose such a government given,  that the Prime Minister himself by choosing to remain  quiet after all the accusations made out agaisnt him regarding all   the  issues involving the murder of Altantuya Sharibu and as a result has had  his integrity compromised, and in so doing has compromised the integrity of the sacred office he now holds - the office of the Prime Minster of Malaysia.

To elect such a government will be suicidal for all Malaysians, it will mean sacrificing our national integrity and allowing blackmailers to hold the government of Malaysia to ransom, and is that already the case?

For all the allegations made out agaisnt Najib in the statutory declaration made by the private investigator Bala, and that evidence being  corroborated by a close associate of the wife of the PM - Deepak,  who has admitted to being party to get Bala to forcefully retract his declaration, by signing another SD prepared by a prominent lawyer who now seems to look notorious, and who has confirmed the involvement of the Prime Minsiter brother in that event, and with all this, the failure of the Police force and or the MACC to investigate this case, has shed a dark cloud over our beautiful nation.

The people have only one choice, in fact it can't even be called a choice but a duty, a duty to kick out this Barisan Nasional Government.

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