Saturday, June 26, 2010

Who runs this Government - UMNO or BN?

The sports betting is off, but before you do anything, read the report from Malaysiakini, (below) and  discover  the irrevocable proof that the Parliamentarians in the other parties of the BN are nothing but rubber stamping idiots, who are fed by UMNO  to sell us and our rights lock stock and barrel to UMNO,
Najib and gang.

Malaysiakini report
'The ruling BN led by Najib had earlier approved the legalisation of sports betting with the licence awarded to Ascot Sports owned by tycoon Vincent Tan of conglomerate Berjaya Corporation.
However, Najib announced at a press conference held immediately after the Umno supreme council meeting at 11pm that the approval of the gambling licence has been withdrawn.
He said that the decision by the powerful supreme council - the party's highest decision-making body - was unanimous.

"Since the approval was decided in principle and a survey was carried out, although there were groups who supported as well those who did not support or opposed the decision, it was clear to the government that a majority of the people did not agree that the licence be issued to Ascot Sports.

"As such, I hereby announce that the government has decided that the licence will not be issued," said Najib, who is also Umno president and chaired tonight's supreme council meeting.'

Now examine the report.

The truth is the  BN took the decision to approve the license, and UMNO took the decision to withdraw the license. The BN forms the government, the BN government is supposed to be a consultative body, and now UMNO  has unilaterally decided, even without consulting  the remaining BN members, unilaterally to call it off.

Of course the decision to call it off is good, it is healthy but take a look at the approval in the first place and ask yourselves if it would have been approved if UMNO rejected it.

Why did these so called champions of Islam, who used the word Allah as a political tool, suddenly find it suitable to approve gambling.

And when rights of others are trodden on they shout it is sensitive and,  now all of a sudden you have the likes of Nazri and Mahathir, and even Khairy all joining forces to say they have to protect the rights of non Muslims. I was surprised Ibrahim Ali did not join the bandwagon, or wait a minute did he?

Gambling is not a right, at least in Malaysia, the right to allow us to gamble is provided by a decree by the government after  legislating gambling companies, like PMP, Sports Toto, Magnum four D, the Casinos and Genting and the thousands of legalized gambling machines almost all held in monopoly by one single man owning the various clubs. 

Permission to gamble is done by a decree of the government,  Muslims can't gamble that has been decreed, it is law,persons under the age of 18 can't gamble, it is law, so there is no freedom to gamble.

Whilst it is decreed that Muslim can't gamble, you'll find top UMNO brass and other "Muslims" beholden to UMNO  owning shares, and even sitting on the board of these gambling companies. 

Do we have to wonder why Muslims can't gamble but are allowed to own shares and sit on the board of such companies. The risks are the same, if they lose heavily they can go bust or are the results fixed so whichever side you are on gambling or sitting on the board or owning the shares you partake in gambling. So why is one allowed to and the other not.

Now to get back to the approval, it is a clear indication that the other members of the Barisan are nothing but running dogs who are fed with such corrupt monies, so that they'll sell their souls to UMNo and in the process sell their communities to UMNO. 

I thank God for this case, first we have got the government to stop issuing the sports gambling licence, it is victory to the people, well done.

Secondly it has exposed the truth we always knew, the Government does not run this country, UMNO does and they think they own it. They have hijacked our democracy and in the process robbed the Natives, Malays, Chinese, Indians and others of their rights and their wealth, by deceit and corruption.

If they had even the slightest amount of self respect these other MPs should quit and  the government will fall, but alas these are no self respecting people, they are scum, how can a party that does not have the majority rule, it only happens in Malaysia, because you have the BN made up such people.

Ascot, its over!!! Ascot will now continue to be the great horse race in England, the one we saw at, "My Fair Lady."

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