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What happened in Sarawak?

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What really happened in Sarawak?

Did the opposition suffer big losses  in Sarawak? Not really so, yes, they did not manage to form the State Government they are far off that mark, they failed to break the two third's majority they are far off that mark too, but they made great gains into the  Sarawak State Assembly and that is a recognisable fact.

The DAP did extremely well, and that is good for starters, PKR has three seats and that too is good for starters, but most seats taken were in the urban constituencies and should be cause for concern, because it is the illiterate  that are still in the grips of the BN. Money politics rules the day, and the ordinary Sarawakian native is not really aware of what and how much he has lost since independence.

Even as the elections were going on in Sarawak, in  Kuala Lumpur we had people protesting on what Najib had promised the rural Sarawakian, on the Bible and Christian issues. Will Najib have the strength and determination to carry out what was promised or will he go back on his words in the face of pressure from the UMNO led NGOs and UMNO grassroots themeselves?

Will the development projects that were  promised to the rural Sarawakian time and time again be fulfilled this time at least, the new highways, the schools, the hospitals and the land issues?

Will Sarawak as Najib promised become the "richest state in the Federation,"  we all know it is already the richest in terms of what the state earns, but will the earnings go back to the state in form of development and the Sarawak Dayak be given the benefits that have been given to the Malay and even the "marginalised Indian"  in West Malaysia?

Will Najib make  another whirl wind tour of Sarawak to thank the people and assure them of what he intends to do? Will he now produce  the the road map of what development projects this Barisan Government will undertake to ensure that Sarawak becomes the richest state in the federation? And  will that road map have a time frame?

Going on record none of this  will be done, Najib will be busy  preparing for the greater lies he can tell the people between now and the next General elections, what are they issues they can create to discredit the opposition, as we can be sure that he will now be seriously planning to call the next General elections, expect it this year by October the latest.

How long will the "Silver haired Daddy" of  Mahmud Abu Bakar Taib, be wanting to cling to power, this blog had predicted even before he made it clear that it will be at least three years, and that even that three years will be more like eternity.

The opposition has been voted to do its part, between now and  the next general elections they must exercise sufficient pressure both within the country and if necessary with the aid of international agencies to allow for independent foreign observers during our next general elections.

Allegations and video proof about irregularities and even provocation of the electorate, and possible vote rigging, closing polling stations before scheduled times etc. that have been made  are cause of serious concern.

What is even more of  a concern are the allegations made out agaisnt the elections commission officers themselves, and if what the opposition is saying is true then the opposition has a duty to put enough pressure on this government to allow independent international  observers appointed by the UN to supervise the next general elections, so that Malaysians can for once after 1969  have truly fair general election void of allegations of malpractice.

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