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After today's election in Sarawak the whole history of Sarawak will be rewritten, rewritten for better or for worse and its the people of Sarawak who will determine this.

Sarawak can make the impossible happen, just like Selangor, Perak, Penang  and Kedah did at the last elections, and if they the Sarawakians do this they must ensure that the opposition comes in strong in Sarawak, or the BN will do a Perak in Sarawak, or rather a Sabah in Sarawak, that's more likely.

What's a Sabah?

A Sabah is when they hunt out turncoats in the opposition form a simple majority, go on a rotation system for chief minister, issue identity cards to illegal immigrants and in the process  wipe out the identity of the Sarawakian as they are now doing in Sabah?

They will encourage Filipinos to come in and settle in Sarawak and issue them with identity cards just like they have done in Sabah, these people will then take over the main cities and send native Sarawakians back to the longhouses in the forests of Sarawak , but the sad thing is their native villages have been taken away from them by the Taib Government,  and the forests have been cleared too, so the Sarawakian has to decide what he wants to do today. Still vote the Barisan Nasional?

Vote for change or be changed forever.

The whole country expects the opposition to break the stranglehold the BN   has on Sarawak, by denying them a two thirds majority, but is this enough considering the issues at hand?

The Christian Churches  have remained aloof all this time allowing the electorate to make their choices, but when it comes to an electorate that is ignorant of their rights, who are illiterate, who have been marginalized and fed only on government propaganda the Churches have a duty t  and a moral responsibility to educate these people and give them the right information.

Surely the Church can't expect its people to make any mistakes here especially considering the issues at hand, all Christian Churches must make an effort to keep its people informed.

An opposition victory can only spell progress as has been witnessed in Penang, Selangor and Kedah contrary to what the government controlled media has been saying. All these states have turned into the black, there has been no waste and misuse of government funds, no trips to Hollywood, no buying of expensive property abroad, no enriching of  children of Mentris  Besar with government funds,or funds derived out of corruption whilst holding high office and through the office.

PAS members of Parliament have been to Churches to ask Christians  to work with them, UMNO had always made PAS the bogeyman to non Muslims and the Chinese the bogeyman to the Muslims, this is the way UMNO divides and rules.

It's time Malaysia matured, its time we opted for a two party system, its time for the Barisan to take leave of us for good, let the the opposition be built out of the present coalition in the PKR, and that is because the Barisan is incorrigible a party and beyond salvation, it belongs to garbage of Malaysian History especially the UMNO Baru.

Sarawakians what happens today determines what happens to you and your heritage - Sarawak
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