Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Taib Najib launch Sarawak attack

Flag of Malaysian state of Sarawak.SARAWAK

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Yesterday this blog carried the report of the
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, on Sarawak Report, today Malaysiakini has become victim to the same attack.

You can still get on tho these websites by going through the alternate sites by clicking on the links below;

The Sarawak Attack is on, it is designed to deprive Sarawakians and other Malaysians of  the truth so that you do not get the whole picture.

We are dealing with confounded liars here. 
Najib is personally going to Sarawak, snub him, boo him and ditch him Sarawakians.

Come on  Sarawak !!!!! launch the counter attack and send him packing to Pekan.

Medieval justice Woman Caned

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  1. Failure to come out with a credible and readable blog or webpage of their own, they resort to attacking the others. Its a shame on the Malaysian government, this will be seen by a government attacking a legitimate alternative news supplier on the web,it seems the Malaysian government has decided to go cyber attacking.