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Time for a Sarawakian Response & Time to say it Loud!!

Sarawakians do you know that if it was not for you and revenue streaming from your rich state, the richest in Malaysia, we may not have been so developed in the Peninsular?

Yes, how much do you know about your Oil revenue, how much have you contributed to the national purse in terms of oil revenue alone, leave aside, the timber that was raped from your forests, together with your ladies who were raped, and discount revenue from Palm Oil and pepper, which put together makes you the biggest revenue earner of the nation, and yet what have you got to show for it?

Do you know that the money form this revenue has been used to fund the building of the classic infrastructure that adorns the Peninsular at your expense.

The highways built in  the west were financed in part or greatly with your money directly or indirectly as it had to come from the national purse, and the rewards are extracted by UMNO led companies like UEM, and the toll concessionaires, and you in the East do not have a decent highway you can actually call a road.

Do you know that the same was not done for you because development in your state would have made Sarawakians more aware of their rights and their entitlements and that would have deprived UMNO of the opportunity to exploit you?
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You are not better today then under the colonial government of Britain, only that today the colonialist is UMNO and their  lackeys in the East who are your present day political leaders, who continue to exploit you and your people, of your heritage.

The Indians of West Malaysia made a huge hue and cry about their status as marginalised people in Malaysia, yes they are, but not as badly as you.
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Even the Indians in West Malaysia have a greater proportion of professionals then any community in the country, some of the nations best doctors, lawyers engineers and other professionals come from their ranks, and yet they are a marginalised people. Amongst you I can only think of a name like Idris Jala, who else? There may be sprinkling, but the poorest people come from the natives of both the eastern states of Sabah and Sarawak. You would have heard of the recent starvation of people in Sarawak, and one can only wonder how such a thing could occur in Malaysia and that too in the richest state in the country, it has never been heard of in Malaysia and yet it happened in Sarawak, the richest state in the country.  The question that goes a begging is, where is all your money Sarawak? Who has got it and why must Sarawakians starve?

Whilst we in the west are privileged to have world class roads and drive on what was and has now been reduced subsidised  fuel, subsidised because we are a net exporter of oil most of which comes from you.

Just take a count of the vehicles both in the East and in the West and you'll realise that the westerners are using your money more then you are. The population in the west is greater, the vehicle count is far greater and so the usage of fuel subsidised by your oil is greater in the west then in the east. Now are you not entitled to some pay back?

Petronas itself, should belong to you, it should not be the plaything of PMs and ex PMs to take and flout like playthings to sponsor F1 races, and cars for the F1 etc. purchase and bear the costs of running losing businesses like Proton, purchasing motorbike companies by one PM for millions and then selling it out for a dollar by the next PM in what seems to be games by our prime Minsters with your money and yet you are not given any accountability of what has happened to your oil wealth.

The least they could have done was to have had the F1 circuit in your state, even that has been parked in the West and Mahahtir's son has a big say in its running.

How much of the Oil revenue has been given back to your state, how come the richest state, houses amongst the poorest in the nation, how come the infrastructure of Sarawak is so backward even Indonesia can boast of better roads and railways, where did your money go, why was it not used to upgrade all that in Sarawak.

Petronas accounts are privy to only a few people, it is not transparent the money could have been siphoned out by individuals, via special contracts and as middlemen and how many of these are Sarawakians and if there are any who are they?

Kuala Lumpur's Twin Towers could have been built by Sarawak money, now UMNO is talking about a 100 storey tower to be the highest in the world, is the money to come in from Sarawak too, or is it to be financed by UMNO incorporated and even if that is the case where does this UMNO money come from.

 Please do not mistake UMNO with the Malay, the Malays are very good people, they are huge victims too, what UMNO says is to be allocated to them is allocated lock, stock and barrel to their cronies, many who claim to have "become" Malays when they are not, these are the majority who enrich themselves with others money.

The government has promised to put in a lot of money for education if they win in Sarawak, do not allow them to pull wool over your eyes. This is to ensure they win in Sarawak, and if they do this one time you are finished, and that is why you can't let the Barisan Nasional wrest your state this one time, SAY NO!!!!!! THE BN THIS TIME AND SAY IT LOUD, IT MUST BE LIKE PENANG DID IN THE LAST ELECTIONS.

Why are they promising you this "If they win?" Damn it, it is your right, they have to give it to you now, no questions asked. You should not allow yourselves to be blackmailed by Najib and his men, you should take them to task instead.

Ask your students who come to the West to study in institutions like MARA, they are hounded and treated as second class if they aren't Muslims, ask them they'll tell you and anyway UMIT is initself a third rate University, what can you expect from an Institution that closes its doors to other races? Many of them we hear, may  be prevented from returning to vote in Sarawak.

How many Sarawakians, Ibans, Dayaks etc. hold key positions in organizations like Petronas, PORIM etc.

How many Sarawakians are there who hold senior positions in government, why is it till today there is no Prime Minsiter from Sarawak or Sabah? Ministerial postings given to your people are insignificant, and even if it is given it is to the Malanau.

Before Taib came to power his uncle was the CM, when the uncle left and before he did there was supposedly a fight between him and his uncle, now another Taib relative has come forward hoping to land the CM's post again, do not be fooled, do not vote him he is a Trojan horse from the same family. Pressmen have been driven out of the state for revealing this at the time Taib came to power.

Now Najib promises to make you the richest state, you already are and were the richest state many years ago, so what is he talking about? He should say it is time to repay Sarawak all that we owe the state, and not that he will make it the richest, they'll do it at your expense, his family and cronies will then own Sarawak, UMNO will own Sarawak, and you'll become slaves again, is that what you really want?

Sarawakians behave liek the richest state, take control of it, and when you are the richest you'll have  the biggest say, take it and take Putra Jaya that should be your dream, make an Iban the next Prime Minsiter, make a Sarawakian the Home Minister, Make a Sarawakian the minster of defense and make a Sarawakian a the Minster of Education, is that too much for you, I think not if the Malay can you can too.

Its time for Sarawakians to awake from their slumber, take your destiny in your own hands, you will speak with authority if you have  the government in your grip, and vote the BN out once and for all.

Do not listen to the evil one who brought Bomohs to try and win, drive him out, your victory wil be ours too, it will be a true Malaysian victory.

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