Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sarawak latest

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DAP 12 Seats
PKR   3 seats  opposition total 15 seats

8.03 p.m.

PBB 14 Seats
SUPP 3 Seats
SPDP 1 Seat
PRS   3 Seats BN total 21 seats.

DAP 10 Seats
PKR   3 Seats  Opposition Total : 13 Seats

DAP's latest position.
: DAP (9,193), BN (2,603), majority 6,590
Pending: DAP (8,232), BN (3,479), majority 4,753
Kota Sentosa: DAP (8,656), BN (5,839), majority 2,817
Batu Kawah: DAP (832), BN (1,398), majority 566

PKR 3 seats

BN 9 seats leading by 2 seats.

Controversy erupts in Batu Kawah at two polling centres where DAP has won, with the Borang 14 refused to party scrutineers while the ballot boxes have been removed from the counting centre.
"We are contacting the returning officer, and the candidate is lodging a police report," says Sarawak DAP secretary Chong Chieng Jen.
About a hundred party supporters are gathered at the Kuching DAP headquarters where live results are being projected on screens on the street.

Links to follow for the latest results.

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Malaysiakini link 3

Latest results are Dr. George Chan BN's Deputy Chief Minister has lost to Ling Sie Kion of DAP. BN has won a total of 8 seats so far and the opposition 6 seats. 

It's the same story all over again, PAS lost all its seats and  so the results are out so early, what happened if they won, would it have been out so early?

Postal votes which are available before the votes cast at the centers are only brought into count after the votes cast at the centers are counted, as a PAS MP put it is this the BN fixed deposit?
View the link below, to see what is really going on, on the ground.

News is difficult to come by, this blog is being constantly attacked, and we're trying our best to keep it running.

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