Monday, April 4, 2011

A pose for a Najis and his plastic Rose

Obama & Palin 'Dancing With The Stars'Image by Photo Giddy via Flickr
I am unwell and on doctors orders to take a rest. I shall still try to squeeze in a column or two in what is after all, a passion.

Please enjoy some of the older articles if you are around and do let your friends know about this blog, Howl has a classic which I am not releasing as yet, its all about porn something so common these days.

I hope to get well soon, my spondylolysis coupled with a shoulder injury is really hurting and I find it hard to sit by the computer.

I hope to be up and about as soon as possible. In the meantime,  I'd like to advice all of you to keep away from propaganda machines like , "The Star"and "The new Straits Times." Of course as you all know the NST is owned by the New UMNO, everything there is new.

The picture featured is Obama and Palin,think what happens if a certain Najis and Plastic Rose posed like that for us. 

I may be sick but I still think of Najis and Plastic Rosmah.

Since we are into dancing, ever hear about a "Christian Dance?" Well I am a Christian but am yet to hear of one, we dance yes but we do not have any Christian dance as far as I am concerned.

According to the articles on the links provided below, the authorities in Malaysia  are saying that since it originated in Jamaica, and a is also widely popular in the Phillipines a Christian country they suspect the dance 'poco-poco'  is Christian and are telling Muslims not to do that dance.

What nonsense, can we say the same for the middle eastern Belly Dance then?

Really  people need to have their brains put into the washing machine, don't you think so?
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