Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sharizat's days numbered, other leaders may follow.

According to reliable UMNO sources, there are Najib's supporters including Nazri who are asking him to get Sharizat to step down on the one hand, and there are Muhyiddin's boys who are adamant that this case against Sharizat should be closed, and not talked about anymore, swept under the carpet that is,  to ensure they are not incriminated in the process.

Najib wants' to take the best position that is to get Sharizat to step down, that will portray him as a powerful leader and one who brooks no nonsense, and that he is clean.

Clean? Najib clean?

That he knows is his greatest challenge, the moment he takes on Sharizat others will take on him, Najib is not one of the strong personalities he does not even compare to a pale shadow of  Mahahtir Mohammed, he is not strong enough to handle these types of fixes.

Mahahtir managed to put Mohammed Taib away even after the courts found him not guilty, he managed to sack Anwar although he knew that was an unpopular move and Mahathir could all do this because he held  a tight rein on all UMNO's warlords, which Najib doesn't have.

On the contrary the UMNO warlords hold Najib to ransom and he knows that very well, too well in fact. They have so many cards to play with him, there is the Scorpene and Altantuya case they could resurrect with a combined effort, there is the mamak who is waiting to move his son upward and they'd support that idea at Najib's expense if Najib tries to pull the screws.

There is so much about his own spouse Rosmah how can he take on Sharizat?

Sharizat is distancing herself from her husband in this case, she is not saying there are no corrupt practices, she is saying she is not involved, so if there is anyone to  go after it's  her husband and she has nothing to about it, it's a, "leave me alone," solution she is embarking on.

Now in this situation she has  the ball  immediately thrown into Najib's court.

Can he do the same?

Will he ask Rosamh to fight her own battles and leave him out of it as it has nothing to do with him? (her buying sprees, her involvement in the Anwar case with Saiful etc.).

Can he ask her to explain her alleged involvement int eh Altantuya case by herself  without his involvement?

Or how does he hide all these, sweep it under the carpet that is, and do the same for Muhyiddin and Khairy's sake and save Sharizat in the process.

The trouble is as PM he can't sweep all these under the carpet, his and his wife's alleged issues he has to take it and face it head on once and for all, if he doesn't then there are a lot of questions and doubts that go a begging, and the UMNO warlords have a field day manipulating him and issues, and that is exactly what is happening now.

I am sure he is hoping Rosmah has a  magic wand to wave away all these misfortunes with, the trouble is she has as far as she is concerned and to her and only her that wand is Najib, but alas that wand is of no use to Najib himself.

This  today is UMNO's  delima, its Najib's big headache, Najib has to sort it out, but according to sources he'll move her out, and he has a secret weapon to use agaisnt her, what it is though  has never been revealed.

In a latest move Gerakan's deputy head has asked Sharizat to move out and make way for the sake of the party, Najib it seems can't get the UMNO faithful to do this job for him so it  now looks like the  other BN members will be roped in to assist him.

There are people within the party who have asked her to move, now there are those from BN who are jumping the band wagon, and it looks like Sharizat's days are numbered, and together with this looks like Najib will eventually get more than what he bargained for, the next will be  his deputy and Muhyddin and Khairy Jamaluddin, I suppose.

Is there an uncle working in the background?

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