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Sharizat is a problem but Najib...

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Yes,  Rafidah is right, no denying it.

Sharizat is a problem a big, big problem.

Khairy Jamaluddin is a problem also  another big, big problem.

Then you have Muhyiddin Yassin a huge problem but.....

Najib is the problem.

So where does that leave UMNO?

These problems will not go away by designing lies to look like the truth, people are no longer ill informed, the alternative media has provided the tool and this reveals everything that a person needs to know before making a decision on who to vote to represent them.

Najib seems to be buried in scandals which he has made little or no effort to challenge to prove that they were only slanderous talk, and has hidden under his office as Prime Minister enjoying the coverage or rather the non coverage about his scandals.

Let's begin with the Altantuya Sharibu case. 

Najib had to have the AG use his powers to silence all accusations made agaisnt him, when RPK make all kinds of accusations against him he refused to take the  bull by its horns and take Raja petra to court, instead he used  the office of the attorney general till RPK took flight and left for London.

In a follow up to that there was PI Bala.

Why wasn't PI Bala's statement taken by our police in London as they promised to, why was he taken in by the police after his statutory declaration, held agaisnt his wishes, brought by a specially appointed lawyer and asked to make a statement after which he was whisked off to Thailand.

Where is PI Bala now?

Why isn't Najib going to testify at the Scorpene hearing in Paris, wasn't he the Minister of defence at the material time?

Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy case, sodomy II that is, Najib was a key player and why did Najib apply not to testify? Wwhat was he afraid of ?  In what context did Rosmah tell Karpal not to bully her at the preliminary stage of he was examining the witnesses?

What has happened to the Port Klang scandal, why was Ong Tee Keat removed from handling it, and why was it MCA went into overdrive to bring to Chuah Soil lek back?

Has Najib compromised the integrity of the office of the Prime Minsiter to the extent he is unable to discipline his ministers?

Is Najib afraid to act against Sharizat, Khairy and Muhyiddin Yassin is the feedlot scandal?

Why is Muhyiddin Yassin deciding whether there is a case or not? He is an interested party or at least a seemingly interested party, he has no business in this case, he has to stay out, he should be under investigation too.

Take a look al lthe three leaders of UMNO are big problems to UMNO, Najib the President, Muhyiddin the Deputy President, Sharizat the head of Wanita the women's wing and Khairy the head of the once powerful youth wing, where dos that leave the credibility of UMNO?

Now has the integrity of the office of the Prime Minister? It certainly looks so and if that is the case Najib is the problem and UMNO  Baru is in its worst problem since its founding by Mahathir Mohammed.


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