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Damn it! Leave says Rafidah

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"Damn it! Don't Leave it to the PM, If you are a problem, Leave!" says Rafidah

In what is seen as attrition Rafidah Aziz the former “Iron Lady”  has called upon her successor or rather the person who ousted her from power to leave, “don’t leave the onus on the Prime Minister to decide for you," she is reported to have said.

In a direct reference to Sharizat in her interview with the Malay Mail Rafidah Aziz the former head of wanita UMNO and the former Minister of International Trade and Industry said, “why are you so hung up about the three week decision? You’re missing the point, the point is damn it, decide, don’t leave it to the Prime Minister.”

“If you are a problem to the party and government please move out! That’s for everyone whether it’s to do  with cows or anything. That’s the most matured way of dealing with your problems.”
Yes,  she did not make a direct reference to Sharizat by name, the above was reported in the Malay Mail today, so who do you think Rafidah was talking about, Little Bo Peep, or the Milkmaid?

The fat lady who is also a big cry baby as big as Sharizat, was quick to dispel questions about the allegations on Approved Permits that was used against her, “there was no evidence and there was no link to any family member (as alleged at that time).

Rafidah who is still a serving Member of Parliament said,  it was unfair to equate the two incidents, this was in the Malay Mail report, so is she saying that there is evidence against Sharizat, I would most certainly think so, and many UMNO big wigs seem to think so too, and as one ex UMNO strong man put it,  “she has the strong arm of the deputy prime minister  and the ex-prime minster (of mamak fame)  to support her, and she does not have a parliamentary seat but is a minister so just imagine how powerful she is?"

Does Najib want her out?

All references to her case seem to point in that direction. The whispers around the PM’s office is that she was asked to go on leave, it was the biggest hint that he wanted her to go, “he has to get her out if he wants’ to get out the non performers,” said  one UMNO veteran, “and if he can’t the others will stubbornly cling on to their positions and force him to drive them out – then all hell will break loose in UMNO and that will not be good for the party.”

UMNO members are already beginning to talk, Najib they feel is not strong enough to hold on to his position and lead the party. 

Are  Muhyiddin’s efforts beginning to bear fruit?

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Carl Kapp the designer caught smack in the middle
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