Friday, February 10, 2012

Breaking Stories

We have been breaking the news because our sources are good and we do not publish everything we receive unless there is some form of credibility in the story.

We have  been breaking the  news and the good thing is our sources all but two have agreed that if PKR wins they are willing to go public and confirm what they have said.

The other two feel they have  too much to loose if they go public, they do not like what is happening although they are beneficiaries to the present cronyism in UMNO, they welcome a change in that but are not prepared to come out in the open.

On May 11 2011 we came out with the story, "All UMNOs enemies are within" where we highlighted for the first time the Najib Muhyiddn rivalry and how his deputy was using Rosmah to discredit him.

Following that on our July 11 post we wrote about how Najib's time was running out and all the signs to this day reveal nothing to the contrary, it has lent credence to that article.

On January 23 we carried the article,  "Muhyiddin in pact with old foe and that was the most widely read article in toffeesturn.

Then before that  on December 6, we began the story of Sharizat being dropped, take a look at what is happening today, it is moving hastily in that direction.

Today's Star hints on Sharizat's exit, one day after our article  the ever energetic MCA president issued a  statement to Bernama saying MCA was confident that Shahrizat would exercise "her political wisdom"the statement went on to quote him saying, ""She is a senior party leader. We have confidence in her making a decision in the best interest of BN and Umno,"  yes in the best interest of UMNO that is really what he himself did, when he decided  to go for the Presidency of MCA at the behest of UMNO to neutralise the Port Klang Scandal as the then President  Ong Tee Keat was bent on exposing it, or so it seemed.

This statement of  Chua must have some links to Najib, or else Muhyiddin would  have come out guns firing asking him not to mind UMNO business, it is apparent it has come with UMNO blessings.

In the presence of an ineffective head in Gerakan the statement in Gerakan came form its Deputy president  Chang Ko Youn., he has called on Sharizat to vacate her positions for the sake of the party.

His statement is one that is notoriously BN UMNO based - a stupid statement, he said while he has “much sympathy” for Shahrizat who is facing an “unfair and cruel” attack, she should vacate her ministerial post for the greater interest of the Barisan Nasional.

If that is the case why is he asking her to vacate?

Should he not be defending her?

He went on to say, "In the interest of BN, I hope Shahrizat will have the magnanimity to vacate her position as a minister in the cabinet...."

The writing is on the wall, the Malays are getting frustrated millions and billions go out to "Malays" who are actually mamaks, the ordinary Malay gets twopence, and they have begun to realise this, how they have been swindled over the years by this UMNO led government.

Notice Najib's silence, he can't come out with any statement, it will spur an immediate reaction if not from Sharizat then from her supporters. Najib has more to answer for and as the scandals abound the public is getting more and more frustrated with this government.

UMNO members will tell you today, "yes I am an UMNO member that is for my survival, but my vote goes to the opposition that is for the survival of my country," guess that is the mood of so many and it  keeps growing by the day.

Yes the word on the street is Sharizat is going, she will be dropped but in the exercise she will claim she is leaving on her own steam for the sake of UMNO.

Umno gets tough with Shahrizat: Najib issues ultimatum while Wanita members ponder EGM (

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