Saturday, January 14, 2012

On the one side UMNO says Sharizat is out

 Sharizat going!! going!!!!go.......

It is crucial times in UMNO, the Sharizat detractors are crying for blood, they want Sharizat out, they believe she is corrupt and that her husband's position as Chief executive of the National Feedlot corporation was because of her position in the UMNO, now they want her held responsible and they want her out.

The part of the wanita wing that wants her out are saying that Mohamed Salleh Ismail - Sharizat's husband, would not have been in  the position CEO of the National feedlot Corporation,  if not for her position and that is very clear.

One UMNO Wanita leader even went as far as telling us, "If she thinks the UMNO wanita is stupid, then she is really stupid, all the play acting might have won the hearts of some people who had come there to the assembly well rehearsed by her for the occasion,  we were taken aback by her stupidity then and she thought she came out with flying colours, we want to save UMNO not destroy it, she like some others are taking us down the drain, and we shall not rest till she is sacked." This comes from an rather well informed and respectable person in the wanita who prefers not to be quoted.

It is not surprising that these days if you begin a blog so many UMNO people will come to you to volunteer information, these umnoputras, are not the type who will cross over but who will gloat over the destruction of any person up the hierarchy, because it gives them scope to move up and this lady readily admitted to that when asked. It is a dog eat dog party now.

Najib is being pressured to get to the bottom of this issue, it's not only the Wanita that want blood here, the other wings including the the youth have decided to fold their sleeves and do the same, as in the youth movement there is Khairy to be implicated as a result and in the highest echelons of the party the Deputy Party head can also get implicated.

Najib is toying with the idea of getting Muhyuddin smeared by this exercise, he is somewhat worried about the implications with Sharizaat as this may send the old man, the mamak on a spin, and whichever one way it goes with Khairy he really does not care.

One party insider says  he can go for all three provided he inflicts as much damage on Khairy as he does Sharizat, paving the way for Mukhriz'  upward opportunity. Notice Mukhriz has been quiet all this while, he's been rather too quiet, so too has his father, and the scheming goes on.

If they successfully remove all three, then Muhyudin goes out and Hisham will be appointed  DPM in his place, that will create an exacting scenario, and pave the way for Mukhriz to remove Hishamuddin after a short spell. See how history repeats itself.?

The idea will receive Mahathir's backing, and Najib does not have to worry about Mahathir, then accept that  he (Najib)can't stay in office as long as he (Mahathir) did..

UMNO's troubles are from within, the party members want what they feel they are entitled to, many who  know they are to be dropped by Najib for the next General Elections, now  question, "why me if Sharizat is to stand."

Sharizat has to go or there will be too much discontent within UMNO   and UMNO will work against UMNO.

In the current scenario Najib must of course see both sides of the coin, Muhyiddin has been a thorn in his flesh, if he can take him out without inflicting any harm on the party he'll be glad, if he can't he may be thinking of inflicting some harm so as to destroy his credibility, so that at the next UMNO General Assembly the deputy can be removed.

Najib does not  think too much about Sharizat, to him she is just a nobody, and she knows that,she is a problem he'd rather see her go, but he keeps wondering how he'll pull that off without hurting the other part of the Wanita - the pro Sharizat part, mending fences with the Mamak tua is easy as long as whatever he does leads to an elevation of position of Mukhriz, other wise he is dead meat.

This is really like the tape from the beginning of a "mission impossible" movie, "UMNO will self destruct at the next General Elections."

For those of you who think it is good news, yes it is, but remember you are dealing with the son of the  man who  used  the armed forces, rural UMNO youth to massacre hundreds in Kuala Lumpur on May 13 1969 in Kuala Lumpur, when the position of UMNO was threatened after the General Elections then, only that this time some Generals are not in agreement with him, they are more educated and they are reasonable gentlemen, not all, but some.

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