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Nazri!!! Stop this criminal intimidation

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Yes,  the defacto law minister Nazri Abdul Aziz can stand in Parliament and shout at the top of his voice,  call his MIC colleagues racist and ask them to shut up, yes he can do that, after all they are of the same stock, even his past boss Mahathir Mohammed a/l Mohammed Iskandar Kutty referred to UMNO as a racist party when replying to Nazri, but this Nazri being a lawyer should know that his criminal intimidation of an NGO is going beyond bounds.

Nazri can go on and  intimidate his  MIC Parliamentary colleagues that is what they are in Parliament for to be UMNO's punching bag to impress the umnoputras and give them this false sense of Ketuanan Melayu,  but leave Ambiga alone she has a following much more than his  as an individual, and if he  really wants to see his face in the mirror he has to go no further but  visit these two sites which displays his street  gangster like personality which he  so frequently uses  and is  attempting to use   now with Ambiga,  he has to see what the people in his  own party think of the likes like him - Nazri.  

The two links only reveal his personality, his lack of etiquette, he lack's  finesse,  he is  a sham and an insult to the Malaysian Cabinet and consequently to our  beloved country, in fact he was  significantly responsible for   the performance of  the BN  at the last elections, people like him  make others not only abhor him but the entire BN too. He is  the most fantastic PR man for  the opposition, he is  branding UMNO for Malaysians the way it should be, for that I say keep up the good work Nazri , but don't intimidate us. Jangnn main main.

The very legitimacy of the elected representatives is now in question, the previous commissioner of the elections commission has openly talked about "other parties" being involved in the running of the elections on the instructions of the government.

Muhydin is talkign about leaving that system alone to safeguard the position of the BN, and all new introductions made up by him, the proposed recommendations so far by the elections commission and the committee headed by Muhydin fall far short from what is to be expected to conduct  a free and fair elections. These changes will only benefit the plan that is being hatched to fix the next General Elections.

And yet Nazri  tells  us, "to follow procedure" and see our elected representatives, just  take a look at this link to know who he is  asking us to see.

The issue of the postal and the military vote has not been addressed.

For a very long time now the opposition has alleged that the military and postal vote has been used to rig the ballot box, but yet till this day there has been no transparency as to how these votes are allocated, reliable sources have told us that this is privy only to the PM and the head of the elections commission and they work in concert. If true, this is rigging of the ballot box.

Once the ballot box is rigged it can't be considered a legal election, the representative should have been disqualified and the legitimacy of that representative is now in question. So when Nazri says  go through proper channels is he saying go through these illegal representatives who sit in Parliament?

This this the future of the nation we are talking about, we are not the type who have embezzled the nation,  sit in Public office and then act in concert with the  boss to pull wool over the peoples eyes.

The PM comes out and says all ministers and members of  their family will have to declare their assets, and on the other hand  Nazri  comes out just after that and says "no" giving all sorts of "Cock and Bull" stories and excuses why the ministers shouldn't.

This is not  the first occasion if you remember the PM saying 1Malaysia and Muhydin saying "I am  Malay first and Malaysian second." This kind of sandiwara goes on and onit is done to confuse the rakyat.

 Nazri's latest statement on declaring of assets came with full blessings of the PM, or is he  telling us he is  challenging the PM?

Is  he is  telling us this PM - his boss  shoots from the hip and is unable to see the big picture which he sees - the big picture which will reveal that almost the entire Barisan machinery is corrupt?

Oh come on Nazri, we may not be very intelligent but our intelligence far exceeds that of you and  your Parliamentary colleagues and the Prime Minster himself, and we do not resort to violence, and criminal intimidation.

Criminal intimidation because the the attacks on  Bersih 2 which was so vehemently denied by the police, the Minster of Home Affairs -  the not so intelligent Hishamuddin Hussein Onn were proven to be lies, the act of firing tear gas from both sides on people who were in a tunnel is tantamount to attempted murder, and can be nothing less and now when you say we have to face the law are you implying this same police force with the same tactics?

Remember one thing we do not want to as much as you, to be out there in the streets, but if that is the only way then that is the way we will have to go.

We are a peaceful lot, we have proved it over and over again in the face of a violent police force,  for us  there can be no other way, so stop trying to fool us with these tools you use to quell dissent, the "peaceful assembly bill" if indeed the intent was good, why the intimidation now. "Peaceful assembly my foot" that is what you call it then send the cops to rain gas and chemically laced water on us, attack us with batons, and jail us for no rhyme or reason, "peaceful assembly bill, huh."

If there is a need for Bersih 3 there will be a Bersih 3 I am sure Ambiga will have it  that way,  and we shall be there  benigno numine and Deo juvante.

I am sure your knowledge of Latin after having read law will make you understand what I am saying here, if I used it in the local context, your local UMNOPUTRAS will accuse me of all types of heresy as they so often do.

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    Some real articles to think about for all Malaysians, we are beginning to love you in east Malaysia, if we become independent you will be among the first to be welcome there.

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