Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Time for Najib to start working

Attitudinal difference to be noted;
Norway's Prime Minister Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said today, "Response to attacks will be more democracy." 
Compare that with what we get, no democracy, No  Attacks but  the ISA and other illegal detention of innocent people here  in Malaysia.

In the aftermath of the successful Bersih Rally, and even whilst it was work in progress, our Honourable  Prime Minister was addressing UMNO members in Putraya and threatening the citizens of this country,  warning them that he could unleash  3 million people from the ranks of the UMNO membership to rally in KL.

What was he insinuating anyway?

That despite the fact that he said rallies were illegal it was alright for UMNO to do it?

Was he also telling us that he could let UMNO go on a rampage in KL to intimidate the rest of us?

What exactly   were his reasons for doing so?

So that he could still dictate to the elections commission to do what he wants them to do, and that we have to live with the irregularities of the work of  the elections commission time and time again, so that UMNO can rule unabated?

That UMNO could rally in Kuala Lumpur without Police Permit, well that we all know they have been doing it over and over again under police protection.

I think Cameron was wrong when he asked Najib not to go the way of Mubarak.

Mubarak could have taken aa lesson from him on how to be an effective dictator, after all he has a mentor in Mahathir Mohammed and I think the likes of Mubarak and Gaddafi will look like novices compared to him.

Now on his return he has been doing nothing but intimidate and threaten people, either directly or indirectly. When his police force does something he is responsible, when his Minister of Home Affairs does something he is responsible, when his deputy Prime Minister does something he is responsible and that is why he is their boss.

People were arrested just  for wearing yellow and seeking to hand over a memorandum on the Bersih 2.0 demands to him, what utter nonsense, is this the behaviour of a Prime Minsiter in a democratic country?

He was out with his deputy to distribute the national flag to people, hasn't he got more productive duties to attend to.

Time would  have been better spent if he was  to the   MACC to ensure they are on top of corruption cases.

Can he shed some light on the ongoing investigations being carried out by the MACC if there are any?

Can he tell us what he proposes to do after the death by two persons in the MACC offices to ensure no such thing happens in future?

Can he tell us what he is doing to ensure that corruption does not cause hardships to the ordinary folk?

Can he explain the sudden rise of the price so sugar after it was taken over from Robert Kuok?

Can he tell us what impact will fighting corruption have on the national economy?

Can he re-look the scorpene case where a company owned by his wife was beneficiary of a huge commission?

An then we have the case today  of of a lady being arrested, handcuffed, even whilst the doctors were administering stress ECG on her and even though there was  request to remove the cuffs. We all know that when and  ECG is being conducted we should remove all metal objects from  our person, watches even the wedding ring. If the lady dies of heat attack Hishamuddin will come out and shout and swear thet the ECG conducted on her was A Okay.

Does this Prime Minister ever carry out his Prime Ministerial duties, he looks like a chicken without a neck, running and reacting at everything. He seems to be  extremely defensive in the face of criticism  and  instead of listening to  it,  trying to work on it to show the people he cares, he retaliates, threatens and uses his police force to intimidate.

This has to stop, this country needs to be managed, chasing Bona Fide tourists from friendly nations will not solve problems, if indeed he has nothing to hide he should roll the red carpet out for the French lawyer Bourden, because if indeed he has nothing to hide Bourden will vindicate this man Najib, hsi wife and his friend and he will become the nations hero.

In the Altantuya case many pertinent questions were left unanswered, the appointment of the unqualified consultants, the fact that Altantya's immigration records of entry into Malaysia mysteriously disappeared, his role in the whole issue being the Minister of Defense at the material time,and now to drive Bourden away he only makes himself look more suspect.

Why is the ministry of home affairs run by his beloved cousin, so selective, how many Consultants have come here to advice the government and in the course of their work on short visits with a regular visitors pass, why was Bourden individually selected for this honour of being kicked out for "violating the terms of his visa" ?

There are so many issues at hand, prices are spiraling, prices of essential commodities have sky rocketed, price of houses have gone up that it is almost impossible for our working young to afford one, and even if they can it is on a 35 to 37 year loan? He does not seem to be aware of this, he is sitting in the cosy surroundings of Putrajaya and affords the best for his wife he does not understand why people have to be so dissatisfied. The latest alleged Diamond ring saga only adds fuel to this fire surely with a commission anyone could afford such a ring.

Mr. Prime Minister your people are affected, and affected badly, sit up and take notice, stop threatening, stop warning, do something positive  instead.

We  have rights  and so as Prime Minisiter ensure that our  rights enshrined in the Federal Constitution are respected.  That responsibility falls squarely on your shoulders, as Prime Minster of this country.

In short do your work please that's what you are there for or could we have Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Back till you head the elections to rightfully get that position of Prime Minister.

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