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Oh!!! how unbelievably wonderful and caring a PM we must have.

He canceled a holiday to come and be with the Rakyat, and on his  arrival he was whisked off to a school, then he received  one million signatures from the "rakyat" supporting him, many of whom are so faithful to him and ignorant of their own surroundings they did not even know what they were signing.

Why did Najib suddenly cancel this holiday?

Why this urgent need to show one million supporters?

And  if indeed that is the case then time is ripe for him to call elections and he must,  because opportune time like a fruit,  will only become rotten the longer he waits.

In the backdrop is  UMNO, and there  a conspiracy is being hatched, there are people who are impatient, they can't afford for Najib to bide his time as PM, he has to move out fast to make room for them, after all they have ambitions too, but then  Najib  has   not even had a full term yet, in fact he can't even claim this term as his own,  as it was not a term given to him by popular mandate, it was acquired from Badawi, so he is more like an "acting PM thus far," and not a real PM - as a deputy he stepped in, the President Ford type, and I wonder if he is actually going to be the President Ford type, this one borrowed term and then dumped off  for good, a stop gap PM.

Mahahthir has gone eerily silent, you'll notice that after the period I wrote on "Umno under attack from within" Mahathir has been silent and so too his son Mukhriz.

Muhyuddin also seems quiet, what I wrote about did not come from me but from sources within UMNO, and I must admit most of it was acquired from third parties, people who are close with top  people in UMNO.

My sources the 'third parties' are from  UMNO, not high up in the hierarchy but whose domain it is to know in order to garner support for their political masters who sit above them,  I am not claiming this eerie silence within UMNO   was because of my article, not at all,  but my article had the real sentiments and if it could have reached me, the whispers must have been awfully loud that Najib would have himself heard them in the corridors of Putrajaya.

Nevertheless  silence  form the opposing camps are getting louder, Najib is dependent on his not so intelligent cousin who time and time again puts Najib into more trouble than he should and being not so intelligent he keeps  thinking he is doing a fabulous job for Najib.

All other UMNO politicians remained aloof during the Bersih campaign, save for Khairy Jamaluddin who has nowhere to go and then of course the head of that UMNO backed NGO,  Perkasa's, Ibrahim Ali.

Rosmah's role in it all is being magnified to Najib's own detriment within  UMNO circles, she is being touted as the wife who does not know her place, and now the magic blue diamond ring has added fuel to fire and the more the opposition or the blogs highlight these issues, it spreads like wild fire within UMNO, by UMNO men, keen on dumping Najib with greater efficiency then they did Badawi.

Nepotism in the Najib camp seems to begin with with the Plastic Rose, and UMNO members are too familiar with the terms, " nepotism, cronyism, and corruption," it was Anwar who taught them that  years ago and now Muhyuddin is putting it to good use, so too is Mukhriz.

Within the corridors of power, within people so close to Najib, they just feel they have to nudge him out and take his place, and it is happening, it is happening in UMNO save for a few faithful, Hishamuddin of course, his minister of  external affairs,  Khairy Jamluddin who has nowhere else  to go, and some others and a few others who  are  the wait and see types - the typical UMNO mentality,  on the other hand there is a strong   inclination of the west coast divisions and   UMNO branches   to back  either Muhyuddin or the Mahathir/Mukhriz camp, if this goes into the open. In Selangor it is said that the Khir Toyo camp are strongly backing Muhyuddin, the want to see Najib off.

Depending on how a deal is struck, it's either Muhyudiin or Najib who will be the sacrificial lamb for Mukhriz to ascend to power. My friends in UMNO tell me that  Najib is the more likely candidate to be forced out, if he remains he may be a force for Mukhriz to reckon with as Najib is looking to be PM for the long term, a term similar to Mahathir's, and whatever the issues in politics are,   as  the cliche goes, "there are no permanent enemies or permanent friends." In this case it is so fluid, we'll have to wait and see how  this played out.
The latest move by the Minister of Home Affairs to detain and deport French lawyer William Bourdon has added another blow to Najib's own credibility and consequently to that of UMNO and the BN, his detractors in UMNO have another bullet to fire at him, and Najib is looking more fragile both from within and without.

It is reported that the Immigration officials in this case  had boarded the plane and arrested Bourdon on  the plane, he was whisked off to the Immigration holding centre and his fiance Lea Foriester, also a lawyer was initially not allowed to accompany him but later was allowed to do so.

Why is a French visitor refused entry into Malaysia,  the home ministry will have the answers for  sure, it will be said that he has violated the terms of his visa, if he was here on a social visit pass, but if he was here on a business visa then I do not think the Ministry  has any grounds to lay that charge as he is a lawyer representing a Malaysian NGO.

Strategically Najib and his boys have a made a miscalculated move, instead of fighting a fire or allowing it to burn out on its own  thy have added fuel  to this fire that  will keep burning for the long term and its effects may burn a gaping hole into Najib's image the very thing his detractors from within and without UMNO are bent on doing.

Bourdon in an email message had this to say, “Everything is okay. I am so sorry to leave my friends; we fly tonight for Paris. Keep in touch, take care and have courage.” This is the lawyer addressing his friends, no more just his clients. Take courage he says (not the English Bitter), implying he'll lead the campaign in France.

It looks like now he -  Bourdon,  has become part of the campaign and not just the lawyer for the campaign.

Najib's practice of nepotism may be his own downfall, this action is an action taken by the Minister of Home Affairs -  Najib's cousin.

Hishamuddin is ultimately responsible for this action, this  is therefore a forgone conclusion as the Immigration Department comes under the purview of the Ministry of home affairs,  it is very possible that he initiated this action, and I am sure by now Najib should know that he can't leave such important decisions to his not so intelligent cousin who heads the Ministry, this is a clear indication of what nepotism does.

Let us leave Hisham aside now and take a closer look at this ongoing investigation in France, and let us see what Bourdon is saying and why is it there was this need to remove Bourden from the plane, detain him for four hours and then put him on another plane and send him back possibly to France?

This French lawyer was due to speak at a fund-raising dinner in Petaling Jaya tonight and at another dinner in Ipoh tomorrow, he had already given a speech to a packed subscription dinner crowd organised by human rights advocacy group Suaram and read what he had to say at that dinner in Penang.

"Despite many obstacles and although such proceedings are complex and difficult, the truth shall emerge in France and we will expose the corruption related to the submarine deal.

ops scorpene dinner 220711 willian bourdonWe will reveal and disclose details on all the beneficiaries. I am confident that Malaysians can overcome difficulties and I wish you courage," he told 600 attendees at the dinner dubbed 'Ops Scorpene'.

The question that every Malaysian should ask now  is,  has the MACC been honest in its probe if ever there was one on this the Scorpene scandal?

Are there details and names that are to be revealed that have  not surfaced all this while through sheer negligence on the part of the MACC or on orders from the top?

Our MACC seems to be the protector of the corrupt, here in Malaysia you can build a yacht in  gold and remain anonymous or so it seems from what was reported. Any Arab Sheik or European or American even the Chinese would come out and boast about a prized possession like that, but why the reason to remain anonymous in this case by what has been reported to be a Malaysian owner?

Does our MACC wait for report on this or do they go and proactively do a search on this to see if this was purchased by corrupt money?

In the Scorpene case is there evidence of kickbacks received by people who now hold high office or people who have held high office and are "untouchables?"

Will there be any revelations to  counter Najib's own claims in this deal? That now seems the more likely issue at hand and that is why this man Bourdon was sent back home for violating his visa.

Are there more details that will link others to Altantuya Sharibu's murder, murder is a premeditated crime and it has to have a motive, will the motive, or circumstances leading to motives be revealed? 

Najib's sudden return from a Holiday looks ill timed, even if it was done for the best of reasons, his cousin's action leaves more to be read, he can't take too much for granted, he is left with very little option.

He has to go with the one million signatures as a sign of confidence, and face the rakayt come what may, or be cast out by the nation, UMNO included the very party that is so cruelly planning his own downfall the way he is planning that of the opposition and Anwar Ibrahim in particular.

Mr. Prime Minister, "what goes around comes around,"  and tomorrow they - in UMNO may be saying, "you got what you deserved," and the opposition will say "Justice has been served."

You have no time, Mr. Prime Minister, with your one million signatures you should be confident, with the one million signatures time is ripe, but like I said, "time, like a ripe fruit will get rotten the more you wait on it."


                                               AND RIPE IS YELLOW

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