Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dompok should demand an apology from Rais and Hishamuddin

Dompok should stop playing the passive role to allow Christians to be continuously barraged, harressed, intimidated and bullied by UMNO and the Utusan for their own purposes and to drive a wedge between the Christians and the Muslims.

Dompok's latest statements that "anyone can become a Prime Minister of Malaysia is to appease what has just happened in the latest unprovoked attack on Christians, and the fanning of anti Christian sentiments amongst the Muslims against the Christians in Malaysia, by the Utusan and UMNO in an effort to get Malays who are now no longer pro UMNO to the UMNO fold.

The Utusan has been given free rein to do what it wants to rally Malay support even if it means doing so at the expense of National unity, and senior UMNO ministers have provided the back up support for such issues regardless of the harm it does to national unity and our beloved country, and both Rais Yatim and Hishamuddin have done it, although Hishamuddin has back tracked since.

In the latest episode the Home Minister, Hishamuddin Hussein Onn an educated lawyer by profession jumped the gun and criticised the Christians even before he could direct his Police Officers to investigate and establish the truth behind the matter in which the Christians were falsely accused of trying to make Christianity the official religion of the country.

This move is clearly a political one that has backfired,  it was not so much aimed at the Christians as it was aimed and provoking the sentiments of Muslims in the country, and the majority of the Muslims are Malay so the Malay daily the  Utusan was the tool used for the purpose and the effort, at the expense of the Christians.

After the purported Anwar Ibrahim Sex scandal, fell flat on the face of UMNO, the party decided to try and get PAS to split ranks with the Pakatan, but PAS stood firm, knowing the type of politicians in the UMNO fold, God fearing men are decent men,and they will not do things that are not right and what UMNO is doing is blatantly wrong,  deceitful and crooked, so UMNO has to look for like minded people and they have got them in their fold in the other Barisan parties, but ehy want the Malays who are fast deserting UMNO for Pakatan based parties.

Having failed to put a dent on the Pakatan Rakyat, and their inability to get PAS back into their fold the next course of action was to create bogeyman, a bogeyman so big and so dangerous the Malays would  all rally behind UMNO as the champion of  what they call the champion of Religion Race and Nation. This is the clearest case of UMNO using religion to influence the Malay, and using it wrongly.

The bogeyman was again the Christians, they successfully used it once against Semangat 46, Mahathir used it, these seem to be all Mahathirian (Mahathirdan) tactics, and it worked now they tried it the second time an it looks like it failed. (It's either the Christians or the Chinese, they tried the Indians via the Hindu Temples and failed)

UMNO is desperate for Malay support as  the educated Malay and the young Malays  are now distancing themselves  from the corrupt, the deceitful and the arrogant, they are now going back to their roots of being a proud people, proud of their race and proud of what has been achieved in Malaysia, and will not let anyone not even UMNO destroy that for them.

Christian ministers in Parliament must voice their discontent against these ministers for using Christianity and Christians as their punching bags, as the tools with which the instill fear on the people, they did it with making the Chinese the bogeyman, and MCA sucked up to them, they did it breaking Hindu temples and MIC sucked up to them, they are now doing it by intimidating an harrassing the Christians and the Christian ministers are sucking up to them. These are all men in the same boat as long as they are in the Barisan they can't be trusted.

Gerakan has come out and demanded that Utusan be investigated and prosecuted, the demand is nothing more then a mere statement unless they say, "if you do not do it we shall pull out of this coalition,"  only if that is done then it is a demand, and demand they must if there is to be any credibility left in the leadership of that party.

Dompok if he is sincere will issue an ultimatum to the Barisan, to arrest the editor of the Utusasn, close the Utusan down for a period of time like Mahathir did the star during ops lallang, and if  Hishamudin and Njib do not comply resign from the BN, is Dompok serious enough? he can't sit on the fence he has to come down and take a stand, or he is just one of them playing the same game.

It is people like Dompok, Pairin and other ministers in East Malaysia who can make the difference, the Gerakn can make a difference the MCA ministers can make a difference if they are serious about us being Malaysians of equal rank, but alas they have all accepted their fate as second class Malaysians.

But get one thing straight Dompok, Soi Lek and Subramaniam may be second class, but  we are not we are all  equal Malaysians,  "Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara, Malaysia Berjaya," and no one can take that away from us.

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