Friday, February 25, 2011

"Where's the UN!!!" Cry the Libyans

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The Libyans are disillusioned, the United Nations(UN) is doing what it does best - drag its feet amidst veto after veto which hasn't happened yet and  meeting after meeting before coming up with concrete policies to safeguard the people of Libya.

If the UN does not understand that Gaddafi is no different from the likes  Pol Pot, Hung Sen, Hitler and the rest then the world body is not only grossly inefficient, but is also completely out of touch.

With its membership it is difficult to understand why the UN is slow to mobilise its resources to address this grave situation in Libya. Gaddafi will not think twice about killing his own children for his own purpose so what is it to him to kill innocent Libyans who mean much less or nothing  to him.

That the world at large and the UN in particular tolerated a Gaddafi and continues to tolerate more Gaddafis indicate that the UN has not learned from history.

In Iran there is a cry to kill opposition leaders for peaceful demonstrations, peaceful demonstrations are violently attacked from Tripoli, to Tehran across Kuala Lumpur.

What is the point of having charter after charter with the signatories showing scant regard for what they have solemnly undertaken to uphold.
How long more will the Libyans have to cry for help before it comes, how many innocent Libyan lives must go before the United Nations realises its folly.

The problem with the UN is that it has too much power wrested on so few, America, Russia, Britain, France and Russia have this veto power that renders this body a toothless tiger, probably the time has come for the world to form a new body with equal representation, based on a global policy of human rights where the basic human rights are truly enshrined and against which its membership must act on the instructions of the body.

Leadership in the body must be by election and a council of elected members, to make this more effective.

The globe has shrunk and that is the direction this world has to be looking into, the opinion of this blog is not the answer it is but a suggestion, serious consideration of giving this world body which is a mere toothless tiger more bite is urgent to  prevent wars and the deprivation of  basic human rights and the right to life.
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