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The Oh I See (OIC) wave widens as hardline states experience massive protests.

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Yea the the wave of protests in the Islamic world is widening, tyranny is no more acceptable to the people whilst the tyrants fight back in typical style to supress the will of the people.

Even the hardline states of Iran, Libya, Syria and Algeria have not been spared.

In Libya  alone latest reports indicate more then 175 deaths with the number increasing as the Libyans show sign of letting up on both sides of the divide.

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is confronting the most serious challenge to his 42-year rule as leader of Libya by unleashing his army on unarmed protesters.

Al-Zahf al-Akhdar a pro government  newspaper warned that the government would "violently and thunderously respond" to the protests, and said those opposing the regime risked "suicide".
All communication with the outside world  has been cut off, and the web is trying to defy this ban with Google offering the Libyans a route to report what is happening.The main  center for revolt in Libya is Benghazi.

Libyan strongman Gaddafi is under siege from his own people they have had enough of him, he on the other hand has ordered his army to shoot on sight, and there are no international observes in Libya.

In a short message from Tripoli,  my Libyan friend Omrani tells me this is it, the Libyans are not giving up  now, this is exactly what he said, "if we let this man go now, we will remain slaves to his will till he dies, so we want to see him die sooner rather then later,  whichever side o fthe coin you pick we shall die, we prefer to die with courage and respect rather then as Gaddafi's slaves" similar sentiments were echoed by another friend Trabulsi, which incidentally means Tripoli.

The revolts in Libya are mainly centered in Benghazi, Bayda and Tobruk and there seems to be no trouble in Triploic although the people seemed to be very tensed as there is no saying how Gaddafi reacts said Omrani.

In Algeria demonstrations are organized by the Co-ordination for Democratic Change in Algeria and in the latest demonstrations the people were said to number 10,000 and the riot Police 26,000 that makes it 2.6 policemen to an individual demonstrator, how absurd can it get.

CDCA is demanding an end of the government of Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Algeria's president, citing the same problems as the Tunisians did,  of high unemployment, housing and soaring costs, and they want him out immediately.

In bahrain Sheikh Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa, the crown prince, had earlier in the day ordered the military to withdraw, and assigned the Police to be  responsible for enforcing order, the Bahrain News Agency reported.

Soon after the crown prince's directive, protesters attempted to stream back to the roundabout, but were beaten back by the police. According to the Reuters news agency, about 80 protesters were taken to a hospital after being hit by rubber bullets or teargas.

Thousands of protesters have reoccupied the Pearl Roundabout in the Bahraini capital, Manama, after troops and riot police retreated from the symbolic centre of their anti-government uprising.

Trouble is still brewing in Iran but a blanket news blackout is making it difficult to get any news feeds from Iran. the same apples to Syria.

The hard line states of Libya, Iran Syria are willing to order the shooting of innocent peaceful protesters in order to remain in power.

In a very recent development, PAS has organised a rally in Keddah yesterday in a show of strength, one of the highlights of the rally was the announcement that actor and songwriter Bob Lokman (below), originally from Kelantan, has joined PAS.

Kedah MB Azizan Abdul Razak, then addressed the gathering, and spoke of the important role of the youth in ensuring that PAS and Pakatan Rakyat continue to rule their respective states.

Azizan then addressed the gathering, and spoke of the important role of the youth in ensuring that PAS and Pakatan Rakyat continue to rule their respective states.

He cited the recent revolution in Egypt that dethroned former president Hosni Mubarak, calling on the people to exercise God's will in fighting a cruel administration.

Toffeesturn is not in favour of an Egypt type revolt we have too much  to loose, but agrees that if the Barisan does not address urgent change that is the way it is bound to go.

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