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Oh I See (OIC) it may not be confined to the Middle East alone

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The successful Tunisian Revolution has now been overshadowed by the Egyptian Revolution, and people tend to  have forgotten Tunisia.

Tunisia was the the ingredient Egypt required for it to revolt, and revolt it did to the delight of Iran, Syria, Libya and other hard line Arab states. The revolution took the world by storm and the people got exactly what they wanted Mubarak ousted.

The Tunisians did, it the Egyptians followed and they done it too, so now its an Oh I see issue, it seems to be the wake up call for almost all the OIC countries, not Oh I see but Organsiation of Islamic Conference . and we are one amongst them, not forgetting those who took delight in the Egyptian revolution, Iran, Syria, Algeria and Libya. Iran is learning that it was not such a delight after all.

Are there issues in Malaysia why we the rakyat should be sick and tired of this UMNO led BN regime?

Currently and running right now in front of our eyes is the Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy case, and how it takes a new turn almost everyday. How this became one of the first and probably the very first case where the defense was shut out of  the "facts" of the  of the case by prosecution and the judiciary.

There is the issue of Syabas the private water contractor for Selangor, and the Federal government's refusal to attend to the problem that is causing unnecessary hardship to the rakyat.

There is "Interlok", the book to be used as literature text for our form five children even though the Indian community has vehemently  objected to the referrals to Indians in the book. This issue is politics nothing but politics, it is a showcase for UMNO to demonstrate to its members that   the concept of  "ketuanan Melayu" lives on.

Corruption in government, where every child of a high ranking politician, and in other cases brothers, sisters, brother's in law etc. turn out to become millionaires,a s though these politicians have a magic wand once they assume office.

The propagation of dynastic rule in Malaysia, where Mukhriz and Hishamuddin are well placed to succeed later. We have all seen the blatant way in which Mahathir Mohammed managed to elevate his son even though he was discarded by the UMNO delegates who voted Khairy Jamluddin in as youth president

The  undermining of the ballot box as seen in  the Perak State Assembly.

The increase in prices of food and other essential items, including petrol, whilst the government proudly announces that Petronas has found huge reserves of oil off Sarawak, and even larger deposits of LPG.
" Petronas said on Monday it has discovered new oil and gas fields through the drilling of NC3 and Spaoh-1 wells..."

Petronas earning which are kept secret even from Parliament, and what has happened to the millions of Petronas, has it been used to enrich the Children of  ministers, and even bail them out after the 1997 crisis?
Our oil is not the oil used in our motor vehicles, we import that oil as the oil explored and obtained from our shores are of a higher quality and are sold at a premium price to other countries. There is a net gain in this dealings of buying and selling and Petronas is  entrusted to handle it, and the benefits are supposed to be shared with all Malaysians so what has happened to it?

And now to add insult to injury the subtle introduction of GST that is a burden to the rakyat that is already being squeezed by the rising prices of essential goods, are these reason enough to take to the streets?

Yes with these subtly planned arrogant moves that the BN uses to insult the people as in the Interlock case, and insult their intelligence by way of enriching themselves, the AP's that drive prices of our cars sky high, and where the benefits of the NEP were shared by only a few at the top, there seems to be enough to make the rakyat want to take affirmative action, and with the mood of the moment it may just happen,

Now you see whilst the middle east and North Africa erupts, those eruptions  may not be confined only to the Arab world or Africa , it could hit our shores where our students who return from these countries would have benefited from the  experience in Egypt and other Organisation of Islamic Conference countries.

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